Rovio Mobile is still attempting to court the four or so people on the planet that don’t own Angry Birds [$.99 / HD] proper. The beloved creator of the ever-popular physics-based puzzle game has just released two new “free” versions of the title that, in contrast to the Lite versions, feature no content from the actual release version. In fact, Angry Birds Free [Free / HD] offers brand new, never-before-seen levels.

In total, it's twelve levels split into four episodes. The App also supports Game Center and, just like the full, yet free Android version of the game, ads. I suppose if the game doesn’t convince you to pony up $.99, perhaps the Nike promotional stuff might. Or, hey, how about these super-cute kids:

Photo courtesy of The Review Crew

Think of this app as an updated demo of the core game. Rovio, as you well know, has vigorously supported Angry Birds with content over the last year, dropping in new level after new level and new bird after new bird in a constant stream of free updates. This demo reflects that. If you still haven't taken the plunge, definitely give this a look. Or, hell, give it a go if you're just looking for more levels.

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    @ the picture -- uh oh i sense someone crying in 3... 2...

  • DarkMess1ah

    With the board game, the plush toys and everything else these guys are releasing, has it jumped the shark yet?

  • Jay

    Are they going to update Seasons to actually include the Christmas levels without needing to be online to download them every time you want to play them?

  • Corey Watford

    Im still not gonna buy this game until the FULL Retina overhaul background, birds, and all.

    • Anonymous

      Sigh... Comments like this annoy me. Better graphics won't make the game better. Dollar purchases shouldn't be swayed by something like this.

    • Anonymous

      You really want retina graphics on a .99c game? Seriously?

  • Geronimo

    I wish you'd stop brown nosing devs who all they've done is take a popular but simple game mechanic and made it a bit better, you talk like they painted the mona lisa or something!

    Anyone could make levels for a these knock em over with a projectile games, which incidentally was made popular with the Box 2D engine when it was converted to flash... oh well.

    • Scott Colbert

      No one's forcing you to read the article. *sigh* Some people's kids...

      • Anonymous

        Some people I know feel like a lot of the content these days are more akin to PSAs than objective content.

        Funnily enough, Brad is one of the better writers on the site, and he's getting yelled at for posting this!

  • BBD

    I'm proud to be one of those 4 or so. I tried the lite and I honestly don't see the appeal.

    • ZORG

      Me too. Where are the two others?

      • Anonymous

        I have it, and it's cute...but that's about it.

        Every time I play Angry Birds I just want to go back home and play Boom Blox for Wii - it's ten times better. There are a lot better games for the iPod to showcase - but you can't deny that it has become a phenomenon, and haters will just have to deal with it.

  • Anonymous

    That's some clever marketing. They are getting way too much coverage.

    • blah

      agreed. I dont know why this needs a front page article. Who gives a rats ass if angry birds FREE gets 12 new levels.......

  • omg

    whats the difference between the FREE and LITE version?

  • Thomas

    Angry Birds IS alot of fun, but come on... Move on. It's still just a small slingshot game with little else to it.

  • Koushi_inaba

    I can't believe how popular this game got. Even Slash tweeted about it and Conan mentioned it lol. I like the light versions but I can't see myself buying it yet either, sorry.

  • TheLastPixelArtist

    Boring and getting more boring every day. How many games out there? How many reviewers does TA have now? Where are the reviews??? TA just feels like a press outlet with forums these days.

  • Suckmyjohnny

    It is NOT a board game at all Where is the board?


    I love the game personally.
    I managed to get 3 stars on all the levels on the iPad version (pre eagle).
    There is some real thought into those levels.
    They are the perfect mix of just barely out of reach.
    There is a lot more to each level than the haters take the time to see.

    I also think the eagle was a great way to add new playability to EVERY level for only a buck.

    Just my 2 cents

  • Kgodesign

    love the game - very well made - good sense of humor - use of sound - physics, the way things break apart - could go and on - see how they got it so right !

  • stich

    I love this game1