This one comes as a shock. In an age where gargantuan mega-corporations are gobbling up smaller development studios for prices reaching into the tens and hundreds of millions, everyone seems to want to play the guessing game of who the next acquisition will be. But I don't think this one crossed anybody's mind. Australian developer Firemint, who have been making games for over a decade but struck it big with their iOS titles Flight Control [99¢/Lite/HD] and Real Racing [$4.99/Lite/HD] in 2009, and more recently with Real Racing 2 [$9.99] in 2010, have struck a deal to buy fellow Aussie developer Infinite Interactive, who have existed for twice as long as Firemint and are most widely known for their Puzzle Quest series.

The juicy details regarding pricing weren't disclosed, but it sounds like a happy venture for all parties involved. Infinite Interactive will consolidate its team into Firemint's in their newly expanded Melbourne offices.  Steve Fawkner, founder of Infinite Interactive, will take on a management role at Firemint and continue working with his current team on a project that is already in progress. All games developed by the newly combined studios will be released under the Firemint name. It sounds like Steve Fawkner and Firemint founder Rob Murray had been flirting with the idea of collaborating on projects at various points over the last decade, and now with the combined power of their respective studios they will be able to do just that.

We'll be eager to find out exactly what kind of projects will come from the new-look Firemint, and until we get any further information regarding new titles you can drop by this discussion thread in our forums and leave your opinion about this latest merger.

  • Keslus

    I2 was Pillaged.. Let's hope there's a Warlord left in the ruins..

  • FitCamp

    Buying a company after releasing two and a half games?
    Wow, this world is sick!

    • Don

      "(...) who have been making games for over a decade". Sure, this world is sick and screwed with dumb people who can't read.

      • Sumatori

        LOL! 😀

    • Bamorama

      Two and a half succesful games (+ some other mobile phone crap)
      Yes it is sick, because its against the principle of indie developers. It kills creativity like we saw in the past.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Cool, hopefully Firemint can the talent @ II back on track. Every game after PQ1 they developed has been garbage...including the obnoxiously slow-paced and overloaded with pitstops (you want to sneeze? time to solve a puzzle!) PQ2.

  • TheTheory

    Who did the comic?

  • Conner_36

    Loved the comic!

  • Conner_36

    Loved the comic!