Hey International Gamers, Go Download ‘Mirror’s Edge’ for Free (Not in All Markets)

Sometimes some wackiness arises due to having different iTunes and App Stores in different countries around the world. Sometimes games aren’t available in certain markets, and likewise sometimes price drops don’t affect every market. In this case, EA Mobile has dropped the price of Mirror’s Edge for both iPhone and iPad to free for a day, but the catch is it’s only in certain markets. So far, it seems most of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are able to download either version of the game for free. The US, Canada, and most Asian countries seem to be out of luck.

While TouchArcade is a US-based website, we figure we have a big enough international audience that this sale is worth mentioning in the hopes that some of you will be able to nab the game for free. We couldn’t possibly check every single App Store to see who has it for free and who doesn’t, so your best bet is to just check your very own store for the game. If you’re unfamiliar with Mirror’s Edge for some reason, check out our review of the iPad version or our review of the iPhone version to score some knowledge on what the game is all about.

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