Dead Space for iOS appears to be as promising as it is pretty -- which, in hindsight, is a weird thing to say considering the experience boils down to blowing off the limbs of space aliens with gruesome space weapons. But, whatever, the game looks great and, as you'll soon see, so does the iPad version.

Just a few moments ago, publisher EA Mobile busted out two drool-inducing images taken from the iPad build of the game. It also left a note for those of us with the high-priced tablet to look for Dead Space for iPad on the same day it launches for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Thanks, EA Mobile!

Dead Space is an atmospheric horror joint with a strong focus on action. I actually ended up digging the hell out of the console version of the game for its ability to conjure feelings of hopelessness, captivity, and dread instead of the alien-killing part. That's so not Brad Nicholson, I know, but the sound and art design are absolutely brilliant and rattled me much more than I like to admit. To be fair, it's impossible to tell at this point if the iOS versions of the game  will have me wondering if I should really open that door to see what's inside or not, but I definitely want to give them a shake.

  • Anonymous

    "It also left a note for those of us with the high-priced tablet"

    "High-priced" tablet? Compared to what, exactly?

    • Nigra

      A normal computer, I guess... I'm getting an i3 notebook for the same price.

      Not intended to argue, just that's what came to my mind that they used to make the comparison, which isn't fair too... Galaxy Tab is a little piece of expensiveness

  • YoureAMessy

    Looks nice.

  • SirAwesome

    ipad games are looking awesome, i must suffering through the waiting game untill the ipad2 comes out 🙁 cant wait!

  • Berylium

    I too found the “high-priced tablet” comment to be strange. I mean, it’s less expensive than a contract-free iPhone, right? Yet I haven’t seen any comments about users with the “high-priced phone”.

  • Jacen

    This looks better then everything the Nintendo 3DS will have at launch...including Resident Evil Revelations.

    • Anonymous

      And what a lot of people forget is that those are dedicated gaming machines. The iPhone is a smart phone that plays amazing games!

    • Jacielrivas

      No it dosent 3DS looks better

  • Anonymous

    I played through the game on the PC and as much as I thought it was boring and predictable, those screen shots are amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Me... my iPad... Some headphones for the atmosphere... Playing all night. I can't wait.

  • Han

    This looks better than everything on the Wii, and most games on the X-Box 360.

    • IPA

      Apple Fanboy?

  • Kenan .

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  • Neodoru

    Don't get your hopes too high, I bet it will be on-rails!

    • Miguel

      doooh, it's been more than confirmed that it won't be "on rails" there's actually a video showing the gameplay @_@

  • Yen

    Neodoru, you're a moron, it WILL NOT be on rails, go and watch the video of the game on youtube.

    • Neodoru

      Then it's awesome! Btw... do u call anyone who's wrong a moron? Try growing up!

      • Shift

        They called you moron cuz you're , you said us not to hope about none on-rail and you're fucking wrong

      • Lkfd

        Chill out man.

  • Butmac

    Hahaha! I LOVED the part where you were like that's SO not Brad Nicholson, like we all know you!

    Also, high priced tablet comment.

    Bang up article.

  • Ftgyhfg

    But Ipad IS a high priced silly little tablet.

  • Guest

    Looks great, just hope the gameplay isn't boring, as can't really tell from the demo vid on YouTube.

    Any mention of a release date yet? Or price?

  • Xanitos

    This is pretty much the best looking handheld game that I've ever seen. The 3DS wished it looked this good.