While our iPhone game of the year took tons of deliberation, the iPad game was far more clear cut. Since the device's release, we've yet to really see much in the way of killer iPad-exclusive content. Most developers instead have somewhat understandably have chosen to use the iPhone and iPod touch as their target platforms, then either eventually release a universal update or a completely separate "HD" version of the game. 2D Boy really knocked it out of the park in releasing an iPad-exclusive version of their hit indie PC/Mac/Wii game World of Goo [$9.99]

We really couldn't say enough good things about it in our review, as adding a multitouch interface to the game enhanced overall gameplay more than I could ever have imagined. On the PC/Mac, you built up huge towers of goo balls utilizing the mouse pointer, which seems to be impossible to go back to after being able to hold a single goo ball with each finger while panning the camera around with the other hand.

If you own an iPad, this is a game you need to have. If you've played World of Goo on another platform, it's still worth playing through again just because of how much better of an experience it is on the iPad.

Runner Up: Plants vs. Zombies

We had a great time with Popcap's Plants vs. Zombies [$2.99] for the iPhone, but we thought the game was substantially better when played on the iPad with Plants vs. Zombies HD [$6.99]. Very similar to World of Goo, we enjoyed Plants vs. Zombies a ton playing on our computers, but with the multitouch screen of the iPad, the game turns in to something else entirely.

Plants vs. Zombies is an incredibly casual tower defense game that's easy enough for people who have never played a tower defense style game to get in to with any more explanation than the tutorial offers, yet deep enough for even hardcore players to get in to. Progressing further in to the game unlocks additional seeds to use to plant your defenses, and the seeds you choose offer a surprising amount of variation to the game and it's balanced well enough that you can generally focus on using the seeds you like instead of using the seeds that are the "best".

This is a game that everyone with an iPad needs to own, and it's available on so many platforms, if you haven't yet you really need to try Plants vs. Zombies on something.

  • FPE

    You must be joking! Have you guys lost your gaming spirit or what?!

    • http://twitter.com/NoSuperMan ImNoSuperMan

      Did you really play the game FPE? Would love to know what other game is anywhere close to World of Goo on ipad in your opinion.

  • http://twitter.com/NoSuperMan ImNoSuperMan

    World of Goo is totally worth every single cent of the US $ 508.99 you'd pay to buy the game and the iPad (cheapest one) to play it. 'Nuff said!!

  • http://twitter.com/gods_monsters BD

    Osmos for Ipad anyone???

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rafael-Debes/1065965117 Rafael Debes

      you saying that because iTunes said that. meh
      World of Goo and Plants vs Zombies owns Osmos

      • http://twitter.com/gods_monsters BD

        I am saying that because I have those 3 games on my iPad. Maybe you should play them first and then reply people's comments.

      • Fygo

        And just because you said it makes it true? I have all these games and imho Osmos is the weakest of them.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Osmos was definitely in the running.

  • FPE

    Yes, I have it and apart from being a good case on multitouch controls ... it is just the usual game.
    There are other genres that have also shown the platform potential, boardgames like labyrinth or game books or tilt to live hd. Even classics like puzzle quest shine more on iPad then on consoles.

    • A. Pitty

      There are a few killer boardgames for iPad. I for one think that Carcassonne would have been a good pick for GOTY.

  • MyName

    It's only been out for 2 weeks...

  • bones boy

    P vs. Z may be the most absorbing and complete time waster I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Props to Popcap!

  • Jay

    "If you own an iPad, this is a game you need to have." Not at $10 it isn't.

    • Sambo110

      It's only $10, for a great game that probably costs more on other platforms. Stop being so cheap.

  • Starmonkey

    Ya know, there are gonna be people who agree with this decision and those who don't agree. The thing is, this is TOUCH ARCADE'S decision as the game of the year, so those who are denouncing the quality and love put into world of goo need to grow up. It deserved this just as much as any other iPad game no matter how recent it came out. Osmos and PBS are excellent games as well, but only one can win. I love world of goo and I adore it's polish. World of goo all the way!

    • Starmonkey


  • A. Pitty

    The multitouch interface is a nice gimmick, but it's obviously just another half-done port. For example the level names still use mouse over events so they blink in and out of view when you tap them, far too quickly to be read. Trying to have multiple accounts is frustrating because it's just a quick hack to use your game center name, which means every save slot gets the exact same name.

    I really wish this award would have gone to one of the games designed and built for the iPad first and foremost. What a shame.

  • Sdwe

    No love for Trucks & Skulls? That game was built from the ground up for iPad, and ported later to other devices. The multi-touch editor is the best out there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547858344 Jeffrey Draper

    From the article: "If you've played World of Goo on another platform, it's still worth playing through again just because of how much better of an experience it is on the iPad."

    I had my doubts, and $10 is $10. But I took the plunge...and... It is SO well worth it. I'm having a blast re-living the game in this new way. It's like the game was built for the ipad and now there is no mouse getting in the way. I recommend that you consider it now. Yeah, in a few months (maybe sooner) there will be a price drop, but think of all of the goo you could be touching in the first days of 2011!

  • Anonymous

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