Classic-style 2D platforming games can be a great fit for the iOS platform, that is, if the controls are sufficiently responsive. Ravenous Games, the developers of Cave Run [$1.99], have a new 2D platformer on the horizon, and while I can't yet comment on how good the controls are going to be I'm definitely sold on the visuals and style. The story goes that a group of mad scientists have banded together to form - you guessed it - a "League of Evil" and are hellbent on causing general mischief and mayhem throughout the world. It's up to you as a Special Agent with unique acrobatic abilities to do something about stopping this threat. The pixel graphics and chiptune music in this trailer are right up my alley, and the gameplay totally gives me a Mega Man meets Ninja Gaiden vibe, which is definitely a good thing:

Currently League of Evil is scheduled for a February 3rd release, and will feature a whopping 60 different levels to play through. In fact there is already a Flash version of the game available that you can check out here, and if that version is any indication of what to expect then the iOS version of League of Evil should be simply awesome as long as they nail the controls. You can drop by the upcoming games thread in our forum where the developer is constantly posting new screens and info, and we'll be looking forward to checking out League of Evil when it launches hopefully in a little over a month.

  • Justin.™

    Looks like Super Meat Boy

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it's like Super Meat Boy meets Megaman's slower moving cousin.

  • Phil Baxter

    Yep, like Super Meat Boy, or N+. Both good (but very difficult/frustrating) games. Both also would be an order of magnitude harder without physical buttons.

  • Nate

    Will Bad Horse be a playable character?

  • battle born

    awesome. now I'm off to play this instead of working...

  • YoureAMessy

    Yeah, this looks like Super Meat Boy. I think I've played this before.

  • Fsdf

    if they nail the controls - i'm a fan. love super meat boy on xbla - imho - one of the best games that came out this year.

  • Msilver123

    My cuz is the creator