New ‘Pizza Boy’ Update Adds New Levels and Bug Fixes

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Oh hey, speaking of retro-style 2D platformers, my current favorite of the bunch Pizza Boy [$1.99] just got a pretty nice little update. Pizza Boy was released back in September, and when we reviewed the game we noted its wonderful 16-bit style pixel art and absolutely spot-on controls. In fact I would say that Pizza Boy has the best controls out of any traditional platform game on iOS that uses virtual buttons. About the only thing we didn’t like in the game was how positively short it was, and as enjoyable as the gameplay is in Pizza Boy it just feels like it ends much too quickly.

Developer Acne Play realized this shortcoming and has rectified it somewhat with the game’s first ever update. They have added additional levels to the game, but you’re going to have to work for them. As you traverse through the original levels, you can now seek out and collect 8 different keys hidden throughout the game. Each key then unlocks one of 8 new bonus levels to play. For a game that originally came with only 12 levels, an additional 8 is quite a nice thing, and is good incentive to replay the original levels over again.

Also part of this update is the badly needed critical fix to the P-I-Z-Z-A letters that you can collect in each level. Some levels were missing certain letters, preventing you from collecting the entire word, and this update rectifies that. Also, there are new monsters and graphics along with general bug fixes and optimizations. If you like 2D platforming games, you owe it to yourself to check out Pizza Boy, and there is a forum thread full of positive impressions to back that up. I’m happy to see Acne Play adding new content to the game, even if it did take a few months, and hopefully they won’t stop here and will come out with additional updates for Pizza Boy in the future.

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