Pardon the messiness with this one. Earlier, Subatomic Games sent us word that it pushed a new update for both versions of Fieldrunners [$2.99HD] to Apple. We're still not sure what's in the iPhone / iPod update, but we do know the contents of the iPad update, which is live and has been, apparently, for more than 24 hours.

So what's in it? As the headline so boldly states, new maps, new towers, and a new same-screen multiplayer component have been added. Specifically, the update adds a total of five maps, three of which are single-player only. The other two maps (which are takes on the added maps) support versus and cooperative, same-screen multiplayer.

Each of the single-player maps adds a new tower to the mix. Subatomic shot us a list of all of these:

Plasma Tower -- creates combo attacks when used with other plasma towers!
Shotgun Tower -- fires a devastating volley of drill bits.
Lava Tower -- incinerates all nearby fieldrunners in a giant wave of fire.

While the exclusivity might be a bummer for the iPhone and iPod owners out there, take comfort in the fact that you might also be getting these three single-player maps and turrets. Subatomic wasn't clear about this point at all, so we've tossed an e-mail to the studio to confirm the contents of this supposed update. We'll let you know as soon as we know.

In the meanwhile, check out this screen of a level that could be yours, provided the smaller-screen App update gets what we think it will. Basically you're looking into a window to the future if our hunch is right. But, again, we're checking with Subatomic.

UPDATE: Still waiting for word, but the information we can confirm is up there.

  • Nori Silverrage

    Wow... Us iPhone/iPod users helped get them where they are today and they are showing favoritism towards the iPad (I'm guessing since they can charge more)... Co-op/multiplayer is one thing that might actually make me play this game again. New maps, while cool, don't do away with the same old same old feel that I get after a while.

    • Anonymous

      I'm sure it's not a conspiracy. This was one of the first iPad releases, so they probably have a enough iPad-owning customers to warrant upgrades.

    • Cameron W.

      They promised iPad owners exclusive content from day one. This isn't exactly a surprising development.

    • Brandon Ludwig

      are they saying the iphone users won't get multiplayer or the new maps?

  • Nano Byte

    Huh? " content within the next four days ... might not see it until December 28..."

    I received the update (iPad version USA) yesterday (2010.12.16). Confused.

  • Anonymous

    Guys, the update is out... Was out a few days ago... Check your source!

  • Anonymous

    Besides that... This article is a bit misleading. It's same device multiplayer. Which obviously would be silly on a smaller iDevice. That said, my family tried it out and it's pretty fun, although not really "competitive", because it's basically whoever lasts the longest. I enjoyed it.

  • Brad Nicholson

    Yeah, yeah, trust me, this inaccuracy doesn't bother you as much as it bothers me. We're sorting this all out as quickly, but as accurately as we can.

    • Anonymous

      It's ok, we understand. The past few days I'm sure have been rather insane 🙂

  • Cooper

    Just came out on iphone

  • ERIC

    isn't there an unwritten rule that if you're telling people about your big update, you should add that it's mostly in-app-purchase? (not TA's fault, they probably didn't know)

  • Starfires

    How about retina graphics? t seems to be one of the last hold-outs for this.