It seems like whenever a holiday rolls around in the US, all of the major developers put their catalog of iOS games on sale in an effort to ride a wave of publicity into the top app charts. Electronic Arts is no stranger to this practice, and in observance of a very special holiday this Winter they have dropped a huge number of their games down to 99¢. Yes, that's right, EA is having a sale to celebrate forum moderator ImNoSuperMan's birthday. Just kidding. It's a Christmas sale. Or rather, a "Holiday" sale.

Whatever the politically correct reason for this event is, the bottom line is that you can get a ton of EA games for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for just a dollar each right now. (Note that some of these titles actually launched at 99¢, or have been that price for a while, but have been added to the list anyway):

iPhone/iPod touch Games:

iPad Games:

Whew, that's some list. If you still have a few dollars left over after the absolutely ridiculous amount of new releases this week, there are definitely some gems to pick up out of this selection of games for 99¢, especially for iPad gamers where some of these games have been drastically reduced. You could practically buy every iPad game listed here for the regular price of Madden 11. That's just insane. Also, don't forget that you can peruse our brand new price drops forum for all of the latest deals, and can also pick up the universal Appshopper app [Link] which was recently updated with push notifications letting you know when price drops and updates hit while you're on the go.

Note: These links are for the US App Store only, but the EA sale is worldwide. If you happen to be outside the US market, then these links will not work for you but you can find these games by searching in your country's App Store.

  • ImNoSuperMan

    The. Most. EPIC. Sale. EVER !!!!

    And I'm just saying this coz EA held it just to celebrate my B'day. You're wrong jared. It haz nothing to with Xmas at all. Its just coz of me !!!

    • Anonymous
    • Theorioles33

      This is EPIC! I bought a ton of stuff last night for my iPhone and iPad! Good job EA!

  • Aros2k

    Mirrors Edge 😀

  • Dyscode

    It´s only in the US?

  • Dyscode

    It´s only in the US?

    • Steven Wilson

      No the UK prices are reduced too..

      • Dyscode

        In Germany not...yet...

      • Dyscode

        Forget that!!!!

        I always forget, that EA US Links don´t work in the German AppStore since the distribution here is EA Netherlands!!! Not EA.
        If you go there everything is ok!


  • Dyscode

    It´s only in the US?

  • Ron Krukkert

    Dutch prices to!

  • SantaCruz

    Happy birthday, ImNoSuperMan!

    But...srsly??? Yesterday i bought Simcity Deluxe for my iPad, wich was just released. And one day after release there is this ridiculous price drop?? This is not a good move from EA. I can't help but It feels like i have been betrayed. Sure enough i won't buy a game from EA at full price.

    • Icepulse

      That's why you need to install the Appshopper app, then get an email when prices drop. I'd never pay 10-12 for an old port.

      In all fairness, they're in the business of making MONEY! Should they announce a big sale, a week in advance? That's senseless. Should they NOT have sales? Equally senseless.

      If you're an impulsive app-buyer, or "early adapter", them's the breaks. Holding it against EA is absurd.

      • Chris Matchett

        In the case of Sim City iPad the price cut was so brutal and early that a line was crossed. As you say the smart response is to never instabuy an EA app again and never pay full price. I know they did this to dominate the charts before the freeze but I'd expect a dent on their profits for the next year,.

      • Anonymous

        Thing is I DO use appshopper, and SimCity was duly added to my 'own' list when I purchased it on the 13th.

        You can imagine my surprise when on the 15th I get the notification. An update? I thought (hah hah hah, I must've been high, an EA app getting an update? inconceivable.)

        48 hours on the store and it drops down to 59p. Well, F£$%^&* you E.A. Battlefield Bad Company 2 launched at 59p as part of the sale, much to my surprise. I don't see why they didn't just launch SimCity Deluxe HD at 59p.

        Why does every publisher EXCEPT E.A. have special launch prices to reward the early adopters, not punish them?

  • Anonymous

    So...what's the best Need for Speed game? I hear Shift and Hot Pursuit are both really good but I only have room for one more game!

    • Apollo

      Man, get both! You can't go wrong with either for only $0.99!

    • Evan

      Yes, get both. They are both worth .99, and once you finish one, you can play the other.

      • Anonymous

        OK you twisted my arm. Both it is!

  • Eddie

    SantaCruz - early adopters get to play the game, well, earlier. I caved in and bought Reckless Racing back in November, a day before the price cut, too, but I'm glad I paid full price because I think the game deserved it.

  • Noxina

    Not in Germany 🙁

  • Szmatefy

    What abou tother countries? Like Hungary?

  • Alexander Barus

    New Zealand got price dropped too. Just click and type at the iTunes Store search box. I feel like I'm in heaven !

  • Deamon34

    Good thing I waited to buy Sim City ipad......Oh wait!!! Epic list, Epic!

  • Tylerhof

    Is there a reason Mirror's Edge for iPhone isn't on sale in the UK D: ? The iPad version is even on sale!

  • DotComCTO

    Thank goodness I had a lot of cash in my iTunes account! Between last night's mega release of games and EA's sale today, I've bought a TON of games! Gotta love the iOS platforn. 😀

  • Apollo

    WOW, this has to be one of the best sales ever! Thanks, EA. 🙂

  • James Wagner

    This kind of sale from a company known for gouging their customers? I'm in shock.

    • Icepulse

      In perspective, it's funny how $8-&12 is now considered "gouging", when only 5 years ago, the lease you would pay for a handheld game (of any quality) was $20-$35.

      I'm referring to DS / PSP of course; cell phone games weren't even worth mentioning.

      We're spoiled by the occasionally good 99¢ game price-point that the advent of the iPhone heralded.

      • Anonymous

        And remember, before the iPhone, I remember many Palm OS games that cost $15-25, easily - especially from the more commercial publishers - Handmark's various games were $20 - hell, PocketChess Deluxe from Handmark for Palm OS still costs $19.99 at PalmGear.

        It's really pretty remarkable how the expectations have changed. Any PSP or DS game is going to cost in the $25-40 range, but we're now seeing really epic full-fledged games and you'll still see people complain if it costs $10.

  • PuerV

    Any suggestions for iPhone games that look okay on the iPad? Sometimes they scale well, but sometimes it's pretty awful. Any good suggestions?

  • Remi Online

    oh man that is just great!thank you EA!

  • andrzej raczynski

    man, i went through that whole ipad list one by one and found a justifiable reason to convince myself not to waste a single buck on anything 🙁

    some of the games i played on the pc, so why spend the money here, others had reviews that make it sound like crap, and then the rest i could care less about even for free.

    all that aside, just reaffirms my belief in not supporting devs on release, price gouging early supporters up front.

    • swarmster

      There are very very few industries in which the price of a product goes up over time.

  • Steve

    It's not a "holiday" sale, it's a CHRISTMAS sale!

    • ScatterBack


    • Joshua Wyatt

      Exactly, what the hell is up with this politically correct bullshit about not calling Christmas 'Christmas' anymore? Even Christmas carols are now called 'Holiday carols' when the carols themselves still tell the story of Jesus being born.

      In New Zealand we still call it Christmas 'Christmas'—but I'm getting this message loud and clear from the US. You guys get more crazy every year, I swear.

      • Silentboy

        Its strange how we can have a conversation when you are the only person in the world.

      • ScatterBack

        Oh, quit it with your "I'm offended everyone doesn't properly acknowledging our sky man"-schtick.

    • Jon

      Or maybe it's for New Years as well?

  • GodSon

    HA! This is great! Thanks EA!!!!

  • DnP

    Ultimat Mortal Kombat 3 fro EA is out 🙂

  • DnP

    +e 🙂 sry

  • Anonymous

    Great sales for games I don't want. 😀

  • Greylord

    iPhone version of Mirror's Edge not discounted in Spain. What gives?.

    • Anonymous

      Let's hope us Europeans will still get the Sale...

      I really want Mirror's Edge but I won't pay ~£3 for the game 🙁

    • ImNoSuperMan

      Mirrors edge for iphone is not on sale in any of the international stores. Only the US version is on sale.

  • Anonymous

    Didn't BC2 come out yesterday?

  • Anonymous

    Didn't BC2 come out yesterday?

  • john denton

    The none-reduction for Mirror's Edge iPhone in the UK is a bummer. That's the one I really wanted! 🙁

  • Tomoé

    Buying all of the iPad games I want! AWESOME VALUE YO.

  • tcn

    Quick, buy them all! 🙂

  • evan

    shame ipad monopoly isnt 99c

  • evan

    shame ipad monopoly isnt 99c

  • Anonymous

    Mirror's Edge still 4Eur in Germany... can't wait until it's 79cent 😉

  • Anonymous

    It's called "holiday" season because... it's a season with several holi(holy)days.

    It's simple inclusivity and nothing whatsoever to do with 'political correctness'.

    /Rolls eyes

    • Joshua Wyatt

      I get your point, but it doesn't cover everything. What I'm talking about is the fact that 'Christmas carols' are now 'Holiday carols', and you can't even say "Merry Christmas" anymore, it's "Happy holidays" even if you're referring only to Christmas. It's pretty a blatant, and recent, development.

      • Silentboy

        If you know that the person celebrates Christmas, go right ahead and say "Christmas." Otherwise you don't know what they celebrate.
        Also, Ive never heard of holiday carols, and I live in this "crazy" country that gives a crap about including other people.

    • Jared Nelson

      Ummm it was a joke. Lighten up. I was poking fun at the trend of the last several years where retailers have urged their employees to not say "Merry Christmas" to customers but rather "Happy Holidays". This included not putting up specific Christmas decor in the stores, like Santa or Christmas trees.

      I don't know when a bunch of suits got together to deem Christmas offensive, but I think it's pretty ridiculous.

      • jewbuddhuslimindusikh

        dude, did it ever occur to you that some of us are not actually Christians? And don't give a s*t about christmas? And get really sick of, and even occasionally offended, when people automatically assume we are Christians?

      • Anonymous

        Some people actually find it more offensive that a serious Christian holiday is co-opted by commercial interests and turned into cheap decorations that have little to do with the actual meaning of the holiday, primarily to get people to buy more stuff.

        As much as there are people who get offended by any notion of stores trying to not offend their non-Christian customers by treating Christmas as a more "secular" holiday, there are also people who are offended by what the modern celebration of Christmas has become and the commercialization of it (and hell, this is hardly a new sentiment - it's practically the whole point of "A Charlie Brown Christmas").

      • Anonymous

        I wasn't taking it as anything other than a flippant remark in all honesty, but I hear enough about this sort of thing to feel the need to address it 🙂

        Seriously; I was helping my mother clear her loft (attic) out and we found banners & cards from before I was born which had "Season's Greetings" and "Happy Holidays" on them. It's not new, but people kicking up a fuss about it seems to be. Means people who otherwise might not have paid any attention to it start noticing it and thinking it's a big change.

        Besides, I'm not religious but I don't have a problem wishing them a "happy whatever" - but "Happy Holidays" gets the message across and is inclusive, so why not?

        Anyway, the US is one of the most religious countries on the face of the planet so you've got a long way to go before anything's under attack, frankly!

  • Anonymous

    Well… now I have some nice games for my iPad 2, whenever that gets released. Normally I wouldn't buy something for a device I don't even own yet, but this sale is just too good.

    • ImNoSuperMan

      Agreed. iPad games on sale here are worth grabbing even if you dont have the iPad yet.

  • Carz

    Smart idea cause as i remember didn't the app stores charts freeze last Christmas, so im guessing the they are assuming the charts will freeze over Christmas again so they are making there games cheap to get them on top of the charts and they jack the price up before the charts freeze so there games will be on the top of the charts for the Christmas season.

  • ipaddad

    Not reduced in the Australian store as of 30 dec

  • ipaddad

    Not reduced in the Australian store as of 30 dec

  • ipaddad

    Not reduced in the Australian store as of 30 dec

  • BilgiSpot.Net

    Great !