Now this is a curious development. According to the PlayStation Blog, Sony is on the verge of releasing an official PlayStation iPhone app. In the initial version, which is launching "very soon," players will be able to connect to PSN to see their trophies and see what their friends are doing. In addition, you'll be able to browse through game listings, get hardware information, see announcement, and then share those things via Twitter, Facebook, and Email. The free app is also going to be updated with "tons more features" in the future.

What's got us scratching our heads about this is that it's no secret that the iOS platform is a fierce competitor not only to the Nintendo DS, but also to Sony's own PSP. Historically, console rivals have taken great pride in the exclusivity of their associated networks. You can't access PSN via a Xbox 360, much like how you can't access Xbox Live via a PlayStation 3. Microsoft has even had apps removed that connect to Xbox Live profiles.

Either way, we're incredibly curious what these additional features are going to be. Just for the sake of wild speculation-- The Psx4iphone emulator available for jailbroken devices can run PSone games at respectable frame rates on newer iOS devices, meaning that eventually this PlayStation app could technically be capable of running the same PSone classics currently available for sale on PSN. Realistically, we don't ever see that happening, but at the same time... Who ever thought we'd be playing Sonic games on a non-Sega console?

We'll have to wait and see what this app evolves in to, but in the meantime, I can't help but wonder what Marcus thinks of all this.

  • ejjib

    LMAO We'll have to wait and see what this app evolves in to, but in the meantime, I can't help but wonder what Marcus thinks of all this. XDDDDD nice one

    • Anonymous

      I think Marcus got an iPod Touch a long time ago 😛

  • NeoTrunks

    Sony, please let this also have remote play for the PS3.

  • MrSpud

    If you can't beat them, join them!

    • poesmij

      haha bullshit, psp maybe shit, but ps3 is something apple will never achieve!

  • Rasmus Andersson

    The money is in traditional gaming is in the consoles anyway (well..except for Nintendo), so it's not that surprising.

    • Anonymous

      So I guess you don't know that most of nintendos money flows from it's handhelds right? Don't make things up just to comfort yourself.

  • oneWAYup7

    I don't really know what to make of this, i'm just glad it's gonna be there and will be using it as soon as it's released.

  • Thomas

    So this is what Windows Phone 7's Xbox Live hub is, but then for the PS3 and iPhone?

    • Anonymous

      Not really. The Xbox Live hub for Window Phone 7 is where you get access to games.

  • LBG

    So does this mean that the iPhone isn't just for texting our Grandma?

  • Anonymous

    Don't you think it's 99.98% certain this will just be a web portal to their blog pages, nothing more?

    • Rasmus Andersson

      If you bothered to read the source you would have seen that they posted exactly what you can do:

      Check out your PlayStation Network trophies and keep up to date with your friends’ games and online status.

      Discover all the latest games, news and hardware for your PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation 2.

      Read all the announcements on the European PlayStation.Blog.

      Share your favourite products or news with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail.

  • Anonymous

    Don't you think it's 99.98% certain this will just be a web portal to their blog pages, nothing more?

  • Anonymous

    I don think its very fair to say that "Microsoft has even had apps removed that connect to Xbox Live profiles."

    As far as I'm aware, and as your own linked article informs, Microsoft has only requested the removal of Xbox Live apps that charge. They seem perfectly content to let free ones stay on the app store.

  • Anonymous

    aaaaw i thought it was a PSone emulator when i read the headline =/. I wanna play resident evil 4 on my iPhone without jailbreak ^^,

    • Joshua Wyatt

      Dude, even if it was a PSone emulator you couldn't play RE4. It's a PS2 game.

  • Superslovak

    so first Sony wants us to "step our game up"

    now they want us to download their iPhone app?

    I'm at a loss for words Sony.

  • Anonymous

    I don't see anything unusual about this. The iPhone is one of the biggest gadgets on the planet, with the App Store being the biggest virtual marketplace... and Sony are displaying their name on it, probably along with a load of info on what's so great about their hardware and services. That's good advertising.

    • MyName

      I agree with this. Sony needs their name out there now more than ever what with their PSP2 coming out next year and their current standings in the portable gaming scene.

  • andrzej raczynski

    game listings and hopefully game trailers would be neat, the rest..."franly my dear, i don't give a damn."

  • BlueFrog

    A couple of things that need attention brought to them...

    This is a project coming from Sony Europe, not Sony North America, as that's the EU blog that's being talked about, and it's going to display EU information. The "Marcus" commercials are created by Sony North America - Marcus probably doesn't even know what's going on in EU.

  • Hurley12032

    I know this is out of place but it was the fastest place to comment...
    mortal kombat game just came out today, wasn't sure if ya saw it.

    thank you for the amazing constant coverage!

  • superslovak

    sorry Sony, im too busy texting my grandma to download this

  • Blasteroid

    Yeah, nice, but --- will Kevin Butler be in it?

    "When they said: You can't beat Apple, I said:
    Don't just beat'em, join'em, hahahahah..."

  • mamamamia

    Confirmed: Apple is buying Sony.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what that little S___ head Marcus thinks about this?

  • Steve Belli

    Wow, that's incredibly bizarre. They run ads slamming the iPod Touch/Phone as a gaming device and then want to release an app on it? If I were Apple, I'd say f*** off.

  • Steve Belli

    Wow, they run ads slamming the iPod Touch/iPhone as a gaming device and they have the balls to submit an app for it? If I were Sony, I'd say f*** off.

  • Steve Belli

    Wow they run ads slamming the iPod Touch/iPhone as a gaming device and have the balls to submit an app for it? If I were Apple, I'd say f*** off!

    • Carl

      Guess what, Apple does the same thing to Microsoft and Microsoft does the same thing to Apple. Do you know what happened? They both made products compatible with each other. This is why you are not a part of running Apple with your attitude.

  • Steve Belli

    Sorry for all the posts! Thought I was editing it not reposting it!

  • Bill Keeter

    Well who ever thought Amazon would make a Kindle App when they're also selling hardware. It's turned into a cash cow for them. ...So here's hoping a Sony marketing guy took note. Probably not, but still.

  • TheKinggKoopa

    It's slated to be released before Xmas in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain.. But not the US. And no mention of the US anywhere on the blog the real question is..When will we see this beauty here in the states?!!?

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    Will we be able to play Lame Castle with this app?

  • BeRadical

    I sure hope so, Lord Gek 🙂

  • Mangopulp

    More than likely this thing would be used to engage people in the psn, try to draw some of the people playing iOS games to sony's side of the table. No way will it run psone games, sony being a relatively money grubbing corporation (anyone remember the firmware updates for the original PSP, how it took them years to add a basic web browser and decent media capability, which they were talking about having in the run up to release?), it won't sign away profits by putting a psone emulator on the app store. That would be like shooting the psp/psp2 in the foot.

  • Steve

    This is a big surprise to me considering that Sony refuses to make a Mac OSX version of Media GO. There is no way for me to purchase downloadable content for my PSP on Mac... and from what I have heard Sony will not bother. Maybe there is hope if they make an App for the new Mac Apps Store? The conversion might be less hassle?

  • T0dk0n

    When Sega realized their defeat in the console world with the Dreamcast, they decided to give up on their own and focus solely on developing games for other consoles. This change in focus has done them well in the past few years, and their use of the iPhone only makes sense. Just thought I'd point out that it's not so surprising they're embracing the iPhone.

  • Bob

    That's not actually correct technically you can use the PS3s browser to connect to xbox .com and send messages to your friends...