Riven: The Sequel to Myst [$5.99] might have just been ported for the last time. (Eh, who are we kidding.) Developed in 1997 for the PC, Riven has seen releases on the Mac OS, Pocket PC, the original PlayStation, and even the Sega Saturn. This morning, Riven was released for the iOS a little more than a decade after its original creation.

As its name outright says, Riven is a continuation of the Myst series. It's a point-and-click adventure locked in a first-person perspective, much like its forerunner. And it features a similar approach to puzzle design and basic world navigation. Essentially, you're a walking monkey wrench that can fuss with levers and various other mechanical devices in addition to being able to decipher codes and symbols.

If you've played Myst proper or Myst [$4.99] iOS, in other words, you'll probably feel right at home with Riven.

Our forum members have been pretty excited for this port and seem happy with it thus far, which is to be expected. Cyan Worlds, the original developer of Riven and Myst, are the dudes making Riven iOS possible. They kind of know what they're doing at this point, you know?

  • Smegley

    I don't understand the first sentence. I'd say it's more than possible....?

  • Rad

    If they new what they are doing wouldn't they have made this a IPAD or Universal release?

    • Anonymous

      They're still determining the best way to do an iPad release, rather than do it half-assed. I copied and pasted this from Uru Live's forums in the Riven thread, I'll do it again here:

      1. Will there be an iPad version? I'd like to know if should wait for it, or start playing iPhone riven ASAP.
      2. Will iPad riven, if it is ever released, have 608 by 392 size for its renders?
      3. If I play iPhone riven on my iPad, will it display 608 by 392 or 480 by 320?

      It might be easier to answer these in reverse order:
      3) With this version of Riven (the iPhone version), on the iPad's iPhone simulation, the display will be either 480x320 or 960x640 - your choice. However, the images are 608x392. So, depending on how the iPad's iPhone simulation works, when you select 2X (the 960x640) it may take advantage of image's higher resolution, just like on the Retina display. But I am not sure. Check out Mystdee's images taken from an iPad in 2X. [It doesn't]

      2) If by chance we do an iPad only version of Riven, the images would still be in 608x392. However, I would think if we did do this we would give you the choice of displaying in the original size or expanding it to more of the screen (which may look pretty close to what it looks like using the iPhone version on the iPad in 2X).

      1) That is the million dollar question... or at least the $5.99 question (heh). Like I have said we are still discussing that. We'll have to take a look at what it looks like and just how much better it is. We don't want to just make an iPad only version just to make one, it should be significantly better. Another option would be to make a universal app that would recognize that it is on an iPad and do some things to take advantage of the iPad and it would just come as an update to this version.

      • Adams Immersive

        Thanks for the info.

        I never played the original Myst series, but I played RealMYST, and following that up with Riven on iPad sounds ideal! I’ll keep an eye open for more news. (I don’t even have an iPad yet anyway.)

  • Jb

    Sweet!!! Been waiting for this. Enjoyed the Myst version on my phone...