Chair Entertainment's Donald Mustard has shared some spectacular news with the folks over at Joystiq. The first update to Infinity Blade [$5.99] is due out at some point next week and it'll add a total of five new weapons, five fresh shields, five helmets, a brand new set of armor, and a new foe called the "Marrow Fiend" to the action RPG.

Mustard calls this a "booster pack." It's the first of two planned, the second of which will see a release at some point in January.

Chair hasn't been shy in the past about its plans to support Infinity Blade post release. Online competitive support has been promised, in addition to new items, areas, and monsters. As for when we'll see those new areas and multiplayer? Well, these might take a bit to create considering that the Infinity Blade team is only 12-men strong and quality is a serious priority.

But that doesn't mean Mustard didn't have anything to share on that front. Speaking about new areas, Mustard said "There will be new areas to go to, the story will be evolving a little more as you see what the God King is really up to, and we're going to let people down into the dungeons." He added that these new foes in the dungeon will "make the [current] enemies look like nothing."

Ah, so exciting. Anyone else tap out their current character and itching for some new content? Surely I'm not the only freak out there.

[via Joystiq]

  • BrainGame


  • Joel

    I only just got started with the game, but I'm excited for updates. More of a good thing is always welcome, and Infinity Blade is a good thing.

  • Eddie

    I hope they'll clean up the Game Center mess, too, banning the cheaters and fixing the achievement bugs.

  • Nat0N

    The idea Of being able to go down Instead Of up when you get to the elevator That takes you to the godking would be awesomeeeee!!

  • Anonymous
  • Koushi_inaba

    Anybody know why the iPad version looks less impressive compared to the iPhone 4 version? Just because the iPhone has more RAM or are there more hardware differences?

    • Karzak85

      More pixel density on the iphone 4 than the ipad. Thats why

      • Koushi_inaba

        No it's not just that. If you compare both, the iPhone version has a neat light and metal effect on the warriors. Not so on the iPad. So it's graphically downgraded though both devices have the A4 chip.

      • afterlife

        Memory.. ipad has 256mb ram only, iphone4 has 512ram.. i remember there's an issue on epic citadel when they had to lower the texture quality on ipad and ipod touch 4g because they both have 256mb of ram only...

      • Koushi_inaba

        Ah I see, so it is the RAM. I remember Epic Citadel and how the figure in the church didn't look like shiny copper on the iPad while it did on the iPhone 4. That's a bummer. I wish you could get your saved games from the iPad over to the iPhone.

      • Xxzedenxx

        its perfect on the ipod 4g which has 256mb of ram they most likely didnt works as hard on it considering the percentage of ipod and iphone users

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  • Jorooo

    Awesome i got every single equipment masterd now and i´m only 200000 away from buying the infinity blade so, y ´m ready for the update

  • Tcheng00

    I max everything out and can't go beyond level 40. The final boss is at level 200. Just not fair!

    • Angel Player

      Buy the infinity blade. I killed the God king already =) level 14.

      • Anonymous

        You killed the Lvl50 God King. As you reach levelling milestones, he appears to jump 50 levels. I'm also facing a Lvl200 GK, and am almost at the point of affording the $500k Infinite Blade 🙂

      • Anonymous


        Don't need the infinity blade for that, I killed him at level 14 with the Aeternum. Main reason this worked is I had one of the healing rings to recover nearly all my health halfway though the battle.

        I don't quite get why the game keeps restarting with a new bloodline though - once you kill him, you become him, but then there's a new bloodline and everything starts over. That despite the fact that interesting things happen (spoiler so not mentioning) which make it appear as if the story would go on from there.

        I played again to see what happens if you join him, which is when he gained 50 levels and defeated me. Now I have a lvl 100 GK...

      • Ds80688

        the GK does not cap at 250. i beat him 5x and he is at level 300 now

  • Paul Bergman

    I also max everything out, so excellent news that the update is around the bend! 😀
    Now I'm just grinding for gold...

    And yes the Game Center high scores must be fixed it's very weird people get like 2 million victories a day :O

    Is it the jail breaking people that mess things up?

    • Anonymous

      Was wondering about that too... several people with level > 2Bn... that's silly.

      Apple should fix this mess. As it is the Game Center is useless.

  • Slaanesh

    I love the potential in Infinity Blade to create a sub-genre of adventure game/casual RPG.

    I love the fighting. And I actually like just tapping to go between 'rooms'. Kind of sick of walking in games - espec on iPhone.

    But does anyone else think, Chair/Epic could take this engine and do a bunch of adventure quests/mazes to traverse collect objects and fight NPCs. The fighting style is really really fun

  • Jaweiss

    This game is ok. It certainly is graphical marvel no doubt. However, the gameplay is repetitive and shallow. There really isn't anything to do or experiance after your first walkthrough. The game becomes very boring, and old quickly after that.

    • Paul Bergman

      Well true it's repetitive, but what makes up for it is the grinding for gold to buy new weapons and the RPG elements. For me it's all about reaching that next level or saving up gold to buy that new armor.

      And it doesn't hurt that it has killer graphics 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The new gear keeps me coming back 🙂

    • Christian Heidarson

      I have to say I find the fighting quite deep. I keep getting surprised by new moves from the opponents, by increasingly clever feints, more intense sets of hits and also surprised by myself. Sometimes when I block four or five attacks in a row I feel this is the closes I've got to a true "light-saber" simulation.

  • Frej Lorenzen

    Kinda need it... I have mastered all items, i'm lvl 40 and don't really have anything to do now...

  • Phil MacNevin

    I basically tapped out my character within 24 hours of the game being released in Canada (except for the infinity sword, i'm just shy of mastering that, but haven't played it in almost a week). The new items and monster are most welcome 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The game looks just fantastic but it's begging for a longer story. I don't see how that's a problem given that they already solved the hard stuff.

    I imagine there will be IB2, and it will continue the story after you've become God King, and there'll be some aliens invading or something.

  • Dragonmaster901

    Why isn’t this game going to be compatible with all ipod touch/ ipad versions?

    • Leonick

      Not exactly sure what you're asking, it's compatible with all the newer devices, the once with the hardware to run it.

      • Dragonmaster901

        why cant this game be compatible with later ipod touches? An itouch 2g should be able to handle the graphics of this game