By this point in time, after two and a half years of the App Store, I find it hard to get excited about a new Papi Jump/Doodle Jump/Mega Jump/(insert word here)Jump game. There's been some great ones to be sure, but it's also one of the most overdone genres in the entire App Store.

But given the pedigree of developer Team Phobic, who have given us popular titles like GravBot [$1.99/Lite/HD] and Bounce On 2 [$3.99/Lite], I was definitely curious to see their take on this particular game type. Pleasantly, Bounce On Up [Free] is actually one of the best examples of an endless high jumping game, with some strategic twists on the formula and the lovable Bounce character from the Bounce On series.

Bounce On Up starts out familiar enough, with a Santa hat adorned Bounce tasked with jumping skywards up a series of multicolored platforms. Tapping the screen makes him jump, and each platform can only be bounced on twice before disappearing. Bounce can also collect various powerups, such as a limited use jetpack or a ninja bandana that gives him a limited number of super jumps.

One of the clever aspects of Bounce On Up is using the different colored platforms to build up a score multiplier. Jumping on 3 of the same color in a row creates a 3X multiplier, and each additional same-colored platform jumped on after that keeps on increasing it. This adds a great risk versus reward element to the game, as sometimes you will go for a more dangerous maneuver in an effort to keep your combo going with the potential of falling into the abyss and ending it all in an instant.

With cool powerups, a strategic multiplier element, and charming graphics, Bounce On Up is worth taking a look at even if you've previously had your fill of this type of game. It's a universal app that's ad-supported and free to download, and for 99¢ you can disable the ads through IAP. Also, there's Game Center integration for achievement and high score tracking. Players in our forums are really enjoying the game as well, and for free there's no reason not to give Bounce On Up a download.

TouchArcade Rating

  • Marky

    I sure don't mind another jumping game as long as they bring something new to the table. They are still fun to play. What i don't like about this one is the art style but i will give it a try.

  • TKO

    Oh boy .. *another* endless jumping game! But, a look at the video has me interested. Dammit Apple store! Stop taking my money! :p

    • Jatyu

      But its free...

      • TKO

        Oh now, don't go bringing logic into this. If everyone did that we might get agreeable online forums! :p

  • Speed22

    So borring...

  • Max Shamko

    what a stupid name

  • Montyseth

    i am bored of jumping games. Seriously guys(developer) dont make repetitive games

Bounce On Up Reviewed by Jared Nelson on . Rating: 3.5