Ever since it was announced that Battlefield Bad Company 2 would be coming to iOS, our forums have run rampant with speculation and anticipation. While the Halos and Call of Dutys of the world get most of the spotlight, the Battlefield franchise has had its own dedicated following of hardcore players for years. This same group of players is very keen on not having their beloved franchise butchered in the transition to iOS. At a recent EA Mobile event, I finally got the chance to actually play Battlefield Bad Company 2. While my overall impression of the game is positive, the good news also comes with some bad.

Let's start with the good. Bad Company 2 will feature a single player campaign comprised of 14 missions spread across the typical environments, such as snow, desert, jungle, etc. The missions can be quite lengthy and are full of a variety of different goals. You'll be able to drive several different vehicles during certain missions, including a tank, a turret-mounted armored truck, and a helicopter. The controls are spot-on, both on foot and while driving vehicles. They utilize the familiar "touch anywhere" virtual analog setup, with icons for throwing grenades, crouching, and aiming down your sights. It's all very minimalist and unobtrusive, letting you get a good view of the action taking place.

The graphics in Bad Company 2 have been largely criticized in our forums ever since EA released screenshots of the game. After seeing the game in person though, the criticism is unwarranted. Bad Company 2 looks great and runs smoothly, and while it doesn't quite approach the visuals of something like Modern Combat 2 [$6.99], it's certainly far from a bad looking game. It runs in high resolution with detailed weapon models and environments. It won't blow your mind, but it exceeded my expectations.

So, are you ready for the bad news? First of all, the trademark destructible environments that Battlefield is known for will not be making it to this portable outing. That's not entirely surprising given that this is game running on a mobile device and the technology to offer something like that would be quite taxing. Still, I did have my fingers crossed that they would find a way to pull it off, but it just wasn't meant to be. At least not in this release. You'll come across vehicles that can be blown up and explosive barrels and the like, but the majority of structures and objects will not be affected by the carnage.

The other somewhat disappointing aspect to Bad Company 2 is the multiplayer. It's online over WiFi or 3G, or local over Bluetooth, but will only support 2-4 players in regular deathmatch and team deathmatch game types. Again, this is a far cry from the competition, but that doesn't mean it won't end up being fun. Also, as of this writing vehicles will not be a part of the multiplayer, which is another trademark of the Battlefield franchise. I'm told that it's something that is under consideration and could change in the future, but the game will most likely ship without this feature. Another thing that was unclear during the preview was whether there is any sort of class structure to choose from, but my gut feeling is that there isn't.

A rep from EA was kind enough to let me film her as she demonstrated a bit of the single player campaign in Battlefield. While a noisy, dimly lit bar isn't the ideal recording location this video should give you and idea of some of the game mechanics:

Even with these negative points there is a saving grace with Battlefield Bad Company 2, and that is that the game is a blast to play. It's easy to get wrapped up in bullet points and feature sets when talking about a game, and it would be hard for anything to measure up to the current high-water mark in iOS FPS games that is Modern Combat 2. But the bottom line is that even in the short amount of time I spent with Bad Company 2 it was a lot of fun. The multiplayer seems a bit basic, but I'm really looking forward to the single player campaign. Plus this is EA's first attempt at an FPS for the iPhone, so there's the possibility that the experience will be improved over time with updates or in future releases.

Bad Company 2 is slated for release sometime this month, so it won't be long before we can put the final version through the wringer. Until then you can join in on the active discussion in our forums, and we'll bring you more of Battlefield Bad Company 2 when it hits in the coming weeks.

  • Thefunkhunter

    This game is a smack in the face to battlefield fans. Horrible graphics and quite possibly one of the worse news is 2-4 player multiplayer only deathmatch mode. Battlefield franchise has always been about massive multiPlayer and capture points. Ea sucks

    • Leonick

      Well, one of the points when the created the original bad company was to create a singleplayer experience, guess they aimed more for that here...

    • Assassin

      this is iphone's so i don't care about what you said

    • Shooterexn

      You´re a fucking dumbass

      • Assassin

        I'm only interested in Single player so don't call me a fucking dumbass

    • Daniel De Villa

      I also hate this game, I played it and it was terrible, if you want real FPS games on mobile, try MC3 Fallen Nation and MC4 Zero Hour, both are great. BFBC2 mobile is horrible, I can't believe you have to pay $7 for such a horrible game, spend $7 on either Modern Combat 3 or Modern Combat 4 or just buy both.

      • Daniel De Villa

        MC2 is way cooler than this, the bolt-action snipers in this game are semi-auto but in MC2, they put it properly as bolt-action.Also no one in the squad speaks smart, and the lip-syncing is horrible in this game.Also the missions are too short, there's no music playing in battle, and being injured in this game doesn't look very serious, the Modern Combat series has everything BFBC2 on mobile lacks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grant-Butler/529725117 Grant Butler

    I'll just stick to BC2 on PC.

  • E_Domina

    Well, it's their first attempt. I'll see how it turns out later and I might actually get it

  • IMNS

    It doesnt look all that bad. I'll get this if for nothing else then just to support EA's efforts here (should be a better decision than supporting activision by buying thier joke of a minigame known as CoD zombies for iPhone I guess).

    BFBC2 (console version) is an awesome game and the only game I have for my PS3 (actually I bought the PS3 just coz the BFBC2 vids looked so damn awesome and I couldnt stop myself from splurging for a console just to play this game even though I knew I'm not going to play much on consoles).

    This is nowhere close to the console version, but to expect that much is ridiculous to begin with. I did wish it was atleast as good as MC2 but anyways. Hopefully the game is fun enough and EA will continue supporting BFBC games for iOS.

    Btw, anyone knows if the game is slated for iphone and Ipad both this month or its just the iPhone version for dec?

  • Silentcorp

    I'm all for more FPS's to be released on the platform, but why even call it a BF game? The series is defined by it's large scale, vehicle driven battles.

    Now it's no longer large scale, and has no vehicles in MP?! Huh?

  • Dgrams2003

    It will be fun single player, and I'll pick it up when it drops down to a buck on sale someday... The graphics look okay for a phone. Everyone has to remember that this is NOT an Xbox360/PS3.. its just a phone. But I agree.. Online multiplayer has always been battlefield's strong point. Back to the Xbox 360 I go for now.

  • http://twitter.com/Olonnais Mario Isla

    Are you in some kind of party just playing on your iPhone??? C'mon!

    • E_Domina

      it says above that it's a bar

  • http://twitter.com/Olonnais Mario Isla

    It looks great, but I'll wait for a price drop to get it 😀

    • Decoy Octopus

      It's reasons like waiting for a price drop is why there aren't more higher quality games in the appstore.

  • Crish

    I´d prefer the control style Gameloft has created for their games. Especially the lack of a fire button turns me off. Well, MC2 is good enough to keep me entertained for time it takes Gameloft to make the third on. 😉

    • Oddball

      u can change the settings for the controls to appear

  • Rylin

    2-4 player online play really killed this game for me

    • Rapaleeman

      While that may be somewhat true, I like the fact you can play over 3G. Can't do that with many shooters. The only one I like that supports 3G is Archetype.

  • Anonymous

    When they sat down and said "what should we have in a Battlefield iOS game?", wouldn't multiplayer with more than four people be high on the list?

  • Hammerguy4

    c'mon, EA should know that it is the multiplayer that built the Battlefield series! WTF!! ONLY 4 PLAYERS AND NO VEHICLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DONT RELEASE IT WITHOUT PUTTING A LITTLE WORK INTO MULTIPLAYER OR ITS GOINGTO BE A DISGRACE!

  • Hammerguy4


    • Wrenchdude5

      CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • LBG

    I don't think it'll be anywhere near as good as MC2, but I think I'll probably get it for the single player if the price isn't too high.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NXE2HFA34J7UK4G3BXTL2WO3H4 Dfsdhkjh Hfkjsd
  • Anonymous

    I am disappoint... I'll probably still get it but at the very least I was hoping for online 4v4 matches or even 8v8 (I'm greedy)... It's just not battlefield without at least 2 full squads, or 2, 3 man squads... It's a start at least!

  • Evanbboy

    First off, I am SO SO thankfull that EA's finnaly getting in the mix. Second off, I think its a great first try for a FPS(iphone FPS's are WAY better than DS's). I personly think this game will be as good as mc2, or will atleast compeat. I am also so glad cod is'nt probibly ever, acording do activision anyways, come out. And does anybody have any other info on moh for iphone, all i've herd is its comming out before summer next year, anyways... Good try EA.

  • Anonymous

    After watching the short video...I think EA should have tried to create a new IP for the iPhone with this engine. It looks like an alright game, but not a Battlefield game.

    The first few seconds and you are walking down a narrow closed path...not battlefield at all. And 4 player multiplayer? OK for an iPhone game but not for a battlefield game. Plus no vehicles (Although with 4 players I don't think there would be much of a point.)

    Back when BF1942 came out I loved the game because of the huge open levels and the possibility for massive 64 player multiplayer battles with jeeps, tanks and planes. Then the series moved in a different direction with Bad Company, adding a story and destructible environments. Good but I still miss the large scale battles. Unfortunately for EA this has none of that. And I will have none of this.

  • Anonymous

    This serves all you whiners right. All the whining about how Gameloft was cloning and copying from other games, now you're seeing an original port and i see people struggling to hide their dissapointment.
    I hope all the Gameloft bashers put their money where their mouth is and pony up the cash for this one. People who just want really good and full featured FPS will stick with the NOVAs and MCs of this world, clone or not.

  • nizy

    Firstly, I'll get this for the single player, which even with a poor conversion of the console game would be better than any of Gameloft's single player fps.

    And as for multiplayer, you guys need to grow up. Having more players doesn't necessarily make a better game. If they design the levels to utilise the 4 player limit, it can still be very good fun. Need I remind you that 1 of the greatest all time multiplayer fps games had a 4 player limit? That game was Goldeneye.

    • Daniel De Villa

      You're insane, Modern Combat games have great campaigns and multiplayer

  • Anonymous

    2-4 multiplayer is a bit disappointing, but the game doesn't look all too bad at this point. Too many whiners in here...wait until it comes out before making any premature judgement on the game itself whether it's going to be a good or bad game.

  • http://twitter.com/sicmx Sic MX

    Does this offer support for Gyro aiming like in MC2?

  • Rosh

    Sorry, but w/o the destructable envirements, I'm just not interested.

  • Evanbboy

    You guys realy need to remeber, about 9 months ago people were begimg for online multiplayer, and it came out, but it absulutly failed, untill about 2 months after(this was mc1). NOW look at where gameloft is. You guys haven't even given this game a ghancrle to come out and your already whining about how bad it is... Gameloft has been making FPS's for over 2 years, and there first game was Brothers in Arms. Why don't youguys, instead of whinning, support their efferts to bring gamers(youguys) there best franchise's to the idevices. I don't understand how you can expect more from a game that has'nt even come out yet...

    • Assassin

      you made a mistake , BIA 1 is TPS not FPS

      • Evanbboy


  • Catcrapzy

    And when is coming ? (day and month)

  • Randlgames

    I CAN NOT WAIT!!! Bad Company is 1 of the best on other consoles let's see what they can do! What day is it coming, I wish you could pre-order games.

  • Shift

    the singleplayer is ok , but the multiplayer needs more advantages , like the console/pc version of the BF multiplayer is huge , big map , lots of players magnificent battle , ...... i hope when BF BC 2 for iphone is released , EA will make an update , maybe more maps , more players , more weapons or even vehicles (vehicles is the best path of BF multiplayer , my opinion)