Gaming industry veteran and recent rocket scientist John Carmack is no stranger to the TouchArcade forums. Originally, he polled our userbase regarding controls in both Wolfenstein 3D Classic [$1.99 / Lite] and Doom Classic [$6.99] and later he asked the community what kind of features they thought should be standard in iOS games to create a console-like technical certification requirement document of sorts. With the recent release of RAGE [99¢ / HD] John once again stopped by the forums to participate in the discussion, and just recently created another thread asking for suggestions on improving RAGE on iOS devices.

Some interesting things have been revealed from Carmack's post. Starting things off, he flat out admits that the game isn't going to be turned in to a free roaming game. John goes on to clarify, "There are a lot of technical and design reasons for it, so if you really can’t stand the play style, we will have to do without your purchase. I would like to do a more open game, but this isn’t going to be the series for it." Also, the team is going to be looking in to gyroscope controls.

The guys at Id are hard at work squashing bugs from this release, and John even mentions the potential for two more iOS games before the full version of RAGE hits consoles late next year. Carmack mentions his initial concerns about the file size of the game, but after seeing the majority of people downloading the HD version, he plans on pushing up the size of future titles.

It all sounds pretty awesome to me, and we absolutely love when developers take time out to take community feedback on any game (especially someone with the e-cred of Carmack). If you've got something you'd like to see tweaked, changed, or otherwise improved in RAGE, now is the time to post some feedback in the thread.

  • Gavaphone

    Please, block menu/pause button when using the D-pad... is frustrating! Make it only works when finger release D-pad.


  • pile

    add more levels and add car level when you drive and kill mutants


    • Chris Lucas

      Now that's a good idea!

  • Szarky

    Game Center + Gyro.

  • Pcaeh

    1) RPG elements eg) gun upgrades
    2) Game Center (In your face score system like in the new NFSHP for consols)
    3) New maps + DLC
    4) Fix Bugs on iPhone 4 HD version

  • MelonMasher

    Dues leave your suggestions in the forums not the article comments; doesn't anybody read anymore?

    • Bobby

      Read? This is the internet. You must be new here. 🙂

  • MunchGorg

    More expensive please, 2 dollars is a gift

  • Jim

    Needs more vuvuzela.

  • Anonymous

    I might have bought the HD version, but it has now been deleted due to the mahooosive file size. That and the fact that I'd completed it in an hour. Streetfighter and GTA are massive, but are long lived so are worth it.

    • Anonymous

      ...and how exactly did you acquire the game without its purchase?

      • Adams Immersive

        I assume (and hope!) he means he DID buy it. Like: “Chocolate might be my favorite food, but I’ve still decided to give it up."

      • Anonymous

        Yes Adams Immersive has got it. that's what I meant. Reading it back I can see the confusion. (also, chocolate IS my favourite food. 🙂

        I might add that I'll be keeping it installed on my iPad, the difference there though is 64gb total capacity on a device that can't record HD video, and 32gb total on a device that can. IMO Rage HD takes up to much space on the latter, space I need! and it doesn't offer enough bang for the byte.

  • swarmster

    I hesitate repeating myself from the main thread, but STATS! Of all kinds. Everywhere.

  • Zapdash23

    Needs to use the gyro more effectively - you cant play with the screen perpendicular to the ground

  • Termitarium

    Game center support, achievements, and stats please! For that matter all Id games on game center please!

  • Tcrown

    John how about a status on whats going on with Rage for Mac?

  • Scott

    I know this isn't Carmack's cup of tea.. and I doubt it will ever happen, but what's the deal on the violent video games? I mean as long as I can remember (wolfenstien 3D) id has ALWAYS made violent video games..

    If he were to read this, I would say.. have thought about maybe taking a break from the violence for a while? maybe trying something different?

    just my $.02


    • Anonymous

      All I can say is that I'd be shocked and disappointed if their next game was Hello Kitty Island Adventure or something similar. id, keep doing what you're doing. 🙂

    • swarmster

      You seem to be forgetting id's best game series, and one of the greatest of all time, Commander Keen. You couldn't even kill the aliens (a la Mario, etc), just stun them.

    • Chris Lucas

      There are plenty of other devs out there filling that niche. Let id do what they do.

  • Tcrown

    It's a pretty massive kick in the nuts to hit the pre order Rage in Mutant Bash TV on the "Apple" iPhone and see Windows, PS3, XBOX 360 and no Mac.

    Very disappointed with id.

    • vimy

      We want a MAC port.

  • MelonMasher

    Add a sword and have the mutants throw fruit - call it Rage Fruit Mutant Ninja mode!

  • Nick

    Better controls, almost unplayable with current ones! If you want a game with great gyroscope controls, look at gamelofts nova and modern combat series. Also, although this is probably a wish, online mode where you can battle mutants with people across the globe. Upgrade weapons, and more levels. Thanks John for listening to actual consumers.

  • vimy

    i got this as soon as it became available

    things I like
    1) Graphics and sound are state of the art
    2) mood of world and setting are outstanding

    things i didn't like
    1) Game is on rails.
    2) cumbersome to aim, in particular against targets on the far flanks of the screen. Controls are pourly placed
    3) very short experience with no replay value but a very large file size, no reason to keep it on my phone

    My Recomendations
    1) remove the rails. even if it means down grading the effects the rails hamper any depth of gameplay.
    2) more gameplay
    3) downgrade emphasis on graphics perfection. upgrade depth of gameplay and story. In otherwords, your games dont need to be visually perfect if that means they are lacking elsewhere.

    As it stands, two hours of entertainment followed by deletion from harddrive.
    Rage is like a plastic manaquin girl, she looks hot but ya cant do much with her worth a damn.

    Sorry if it sounds harsh, not my intention, just want to be as honest as possible regarding my opinion.

    • Jweaver911

      Still... 2 hours of entertainment and bragging rights("this is what my phone can do") for 2 bucks ain't bad.

      • Vimy

        app store is full of gee wiz stuff already, some of it, like Citadel, free

        99 cents or 900$, the price is irrelevant, charge whatever you want ID, just give us something worth while and we will buy,

        For me, its not a price issue, hell, for any one over 12 the price issue is mute

        For ID, it should be a Pride issue. To maintain there high standards and not let anything subpar make it to the market place.
        This app is technically, a beautiful work. There is a lot of effort and skill that has gone into its development.
        But its a pour game, and from the prospective of a gamer, not worth 2 bucks.
        There are less polished titles in the app store that frankly blow Rage out of the water, even though comparitativly, they look terrible and sound worse.

        Assuming ID doesn't update
        After two hours will anyone still be playing RAGE. Would you really have occasion to show it off. Is it worth occupying 750 megs of space.

        I know I will keep call of duty, gta, NOVA, Sandstorm, Quest, Ravensword, GOF, SOG,Madden, NHL2k11, PES etc etc, and so much more
        This one,
        No reason to keep it on my hard drive.

        Give us a game ID, not a tech demonstrator. We know what you can do allready, weve been with you since the early 90's, we know your the best artist, the best technology designers, that you invented multiplayer code,that you created FPS, that you created curved surfaces and that to this day no one can compete with your tech savy.

        But I still want a true, honest to goodness full experience, when I pick up a title.
        This title is just empty
        I am disapointed. I think your better than this.
        I would rather pay 30$ for something worthy than through a buck or two out the window.

    • Chris Lucas

      The rails / gameplay limitations are that of the controls, not the graphics.

      • vimy

        they are the limitations of the programming.
        its a technical issue.
        the rails where put in place to finish the game faster. and cheaper while maintaining the great visuals.

  • Aros2k

    Needs gyro support before I purchase

  • heluva

    move the pause button to the top and take out the rails

  • Szarky

    Can anyone comment how the current controls compare to full gyro controls like Eliminate: Gun Range?

    • x999x

      I'm fighting with the tilt controls. After getting used to gyro controls I find tilt counter-intuitive to say the least.

  • Russel Johnson

    How about make the game less shit? I downloaded it and thank god didn't buy it.

    • B34$T

      I really wish there was a report button for comments like this.

    • backtothis

      you really need to be banned.

  • renderman

    I like N.O.V.A. and Modern Combat series and I think that gameloft create the best method of control in FPS on iphone. Rage engine have huge potencial to be something more than just "on rails". I would like to see full single campain on it even it will cost 9.99$

  • Anton Soccer

    simple... off rails

  • Anton Soccer

    i find it rediculous that it has to be on-rails. Infinity Blades graphic look 2 times as good and it is not has more freedom

    • Phil Baxter

      Infinity Blade is a one on one fighting game. You don't get to move about at all.

    • Chris Lucas

      Infinity Blade isn't running at 60fps

  • Phil Baxter

    Personally I think the on rails approach is ideal for the iPhone. Games like Nova which go for a virtual dual stick scheme never play very well, and your thumbs obscure the screen most of the time. They're a chore to play, and a clear case of developers completely failing to understand the limitations of the platform on which they are working.By contrast the on rails approach with tilt aiming keeps the screen clear, meaning you can a) see what's happening, and b) see the amazing visuals. Plus it turns the game into something suited to shorter play sessions, which again is ideal for a hand held. I'm sure I'll play the X360 version of Rage, in all it's open world glory for dozens of hours, but I'd never want to do that with an iPhone game.So for me the only thing that could improve this game is some DLC for more levels. The three that are there are great (although the first two look pretty similar), but they can be completed pretty quickly. DLC with some outside environments, and perhaps a level set on one of Rage's dirt track races with vehicular shooting would be fantastic. And I must say it's quite a treat to get Rage and Mushihime-Sama on the same day. Makes the line-up for the PSP and DS look pretty basic.

    • Saraf

      i disagree phil
      i think if they took the game off the rails,
      it would last about 10 minuetes

      they put it on rails to force a slow pace and limit interactivity

  • Chris Lucas

    Move the pause button to the top of the screen. I accidently hit it about 20 times while playing on the bus 🙁

  • Lam

    I'd pay any amount of money to get this game off the rails. Money's never been an issue for me. I suppose it comes down to what the current iPhone 4 can and can't handle. Looks like iPhone 5 hopefully will be off the rails. It's still a great game for the price point. But overall, lacking replay value and gets 3 "mehs" outta 5.

  • Me

    I don't know if any of the comments mention this above but when you hook a video-out adapter up to the game it will actually display the game on your big screen TV! This is really amazing. The only issue is you can't see the game controls on your device but you still can play the game.

  • shure

    An option to enable/disable the vibration.

  • jtravis

    the ride was too fast, i think its better for the game if we'll be able to pause here and there, to collect loots and appreciate the surrounding.

  • Is that you, mother?

    All i want from life at the moment is Doom 2 on my iphone. Is that too much to ask? Is it?

  • Michael Speer

    This game would be great if it was off rails, Had multiplayer team death match or capture the flag, and had an online upgrade system for weapons like call of duty. Any FPS without these nowadays is obsolete gameplay wise unless your making a shooter like bioshock or fallout. Vehicles would be a plus.

  • Wfwef

    A game doesnt have to be all violent to be fun.

  • Afwaefafwae

    Id only makes tech demos, not games. 🙂