Minigore [Free / HD] is less of a game and more of a legend, at least on the TouchArcade forums. The developers somehow managed to drum up a level of pre-release hype that was unlike anything I've ever seen before, spawning dozens of threads, some going on for hundreds of pages, and the infamous Minigore dog image. Following that, quite literally every dual stick shooter that was released for quite some time was immediately compared to Minigore, with people from both sides of the Minigore love/hate fence duking it out in the comments of every story that was even vaguely relevant. I still don't understand it, and I'm not sure I ever will.

Since the initial release, Minigore has been updated several times. These updates enhanced the graphics, added Game Center, threw in some new playable characters, and implemented so many character tie-ins with other iPhone games it bordered on ridiculous. If you were around for the Minigore release phenomenon but never made the plunge and actually downloaded the game, here's your chance to see what all the fuss was about. If this is the first you've heard of Minigore you should download it anyway because it's still what I consider one of the better dual stick survival shooters out there.

  • musyne

    For 48 hours it seems. Be quick!

  • Anonymous

    Great news for gamers. Buzz around him seems to calm down

  • Tray

    Game is rubbish just like doodle jump and all the other crud that people drool over here.

    • Angus

      I agree, most games praised on here seem to be no better than free flash games. Also I love that how if anything that costs over 59p is labled a rippoff even if it is great. bunch of lamers imo

      • Silentcorp

        Agreed. "Arena" based dual stick shooters are just sooooo stale. I'm not talking all "dual stick" games, just the "arena" type. These forums seem to praise just about any indie game, yet they crap on anything that costs over a certain amount of cash. Weird....

  • Anonymous

    All their updates are fluff and filler. The game needs content not new skins. Seems like the devs have been resting on their laurels too long.

    • LBG

      I agree. It seems a bit too overrated when you consider how little content there is compared to most other games. And what happened to Hardgore? I hope that's still in development.

  • GiHubb

    I never understood why people liked MiniGore so much, it's a simple survival dual-stick shooter that doesn't even have barriers. Solomon's Keep and Solomon's Boneyard which are by far superior never got the same amount of attention which is a shame.

    • spidey

      I certainly loved SK and SB. And as Hodapp suggests, am downloading minigore to see what all the fuss is about.

  • Dammster

    Agree with posts above. I never liked Minigore too much. And they are promising multiplayer for a few years a I guess :/

  • Dammster

    Agree with posts above. I never liked Minigore too much. And they are promising multiplayer for a few years a I guess :/

  • torsktunga

    Yep. Minigore and Doodlejump and others alike are very overrated indeed. Great graphics thought!

  • torsktunga

    Yep. Minigore and Doodlejump and others alike are very overrated indeed. Great graphics thought!

  • EastsideStompers

    MiniBore epitomizes that niche in the app store that I have endearingly dubbed 'Crap Games'. I suggest iDracula if you like this kind of stuff. Much more fun.

  • Realrick

    "Legendary Dual Stick Shooter", give me a break. I love iOS games for the most part, but like others have said shit like this doodle jump, and all of those shitty endless runners are so regressive that they make PAC-man look next gen in terms of content and playability. it begs the question why this site praises thes lumps of turd so much.

    The app store is full to the brim of crap like this, I see no need to call it a "Legendary Dual Stick Shooter"

    • Eli Hodapp

      If you read the article instead of just the headline you'll see why I described it that way.

    • TFEccles

      Hooray! Four manure references!

    • Cookies

      I'm guessing most of the people who are complaining about this are only here because they rage quit Black Ops from getting beaten by real gamers. Seeming as this was one of the first truly good and replayable games on the store "Legendary Dual Stick Shooter" is probably the best title for it.

      • Hernsmith

        Real gamers?

      • Cookies

        You're right, that doesn't work. real gamers play good shooters.

  • Shatnershairpiece

    You know what I love? Not caring about this game even if it's free. Must have been some kind of mass delusional hypnosis that overhyped this in the first place.

  • Cookies

    Frankly I don't see how you can't love this. It's still the game I play the most on my iPod, sure the updates need a little more content, but it's fun, great to pick up and play for a couple minutes to an hour or 2 and still looks better than alot of the games out there. Plus, trying to unlock Master Evan is actually a challenge, more of patience than skill, but a challenge none the less. Add a couple more levels and maybe a multiplayer and this is the best app in the store.

  • Willemcush

    I think they should just get the damn update out instead of jacking around

  • eggzbacon

    Its the dog!

  • Mr T Bailey

    Why can't we just all get along?