Capcom's Street Fighter IV [$9.99] is the gift that keeps on giving. First they released Zangief and Cammy as a free update, and later they added both E.Honda and C.Viper. We just got word from Capcom that this update gravy train isn't stopping anytime soon, as they just announced Sagat will be the next fighter included in the game. Also, since they've been releasing these updates with not one but two fighters each, it wouldn't surprise me at all for them to announce another character soon.

In addition, the way local multiplayer works is being tweaked. From the sounds of it, whenever two devices are running the game with Bluetooth enabled as soon as they get in range of each other they will auto-connect for some multiplayer action. We thought Street Fighter IV was great in our review and it's really hard to not get behind a game that has seen so many substantial free updates with even more on the way.

  • Sesquipedal

    I like it, but at the same time I feel as though they simply EXCLUDED them from the beginning, and used "new content" as a publicity thing.

    I suppose it is, regardless, better than them not putting them in the game at all though 😀

  • powersurge

    How about adding universal support? Give us iPad owners some love and we will reward you with sales!

  • x999x

    online multi, c'mon even if its wifi only for cripes sake :

  • bettagetbackonthebananaboat

    I hope the second character is that big fat guy from SF4

  • jason

    We NEED online multiplayer!!

    this game is missing its full potential.. most games run multiplayer fine now, especially the 9.99 games

    Sagat is A+ hope akuma is next

    • Ablar2

      Well Jason as well as you ,i was also hoping for the second character to be Akuma , but for those of you who haven't seen the pics about this update that have been flooting the net since early today , it appears that the second character to tag alongside Sagat on this next update is none other but Dee Jay.

      Although Our Good Fellas from Capcom haven't stated anything about this , you can clearly see Sagat tearing Dee Jay's behind on this pics . take o closer look to the fifth screenshot ,Cruise Ship Stern Stage;

      Again Capcom haven't said anything about the second character , but they wouldn't put Dee Jay there just to show off Sagat's moves.they could have put Ryu or some other character already on the roster right?

  • Robotron2084

    I would like to see animated backgrounds added for (I guess) 3rd and 4th gen devices that can handle them. I can accept that this port uses sprites instead of 3D models, but the backgrounds look so dead.

  • Vaseem1

    The last two freebies between announcing and availability took forever....will i be waiting for 6 months again for this update. Please Capcom just announce and release within 7 days!!! or keep your trap shut!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, demanding free content?!
      Aren't you all special and such.

      • Vaseem1

        Listen genius, the point I am trying to make is Capcom should announce with a release date...thats what i am demanding a RELEASE DATE! I have paid plenty of money to Capcom since 1984!!! Knob!

    • Luis

      Just be glad you got the two updates were free and hopefully this one will be free.

      • Vaseem1

        Missing my point buddy, don't care if the update is free or at a cost, i just hate announcements without a firm release date.

  • EastsideStompers

    I prefer playing SF2 on the emulator Capcom released. It's more fun, and the backgrounds move!

  • erb

    How does SFIV play on the phone? I tried the Capcom arcade and its simply too intensive to run on my lowly iPhone 3G. Is it of comparable polish (e.g. lacking). Didn't try the iPad yet. Yes, the iPad is where i want to play this title!

    • Anonymous

      I really like this game, oddly enough more than the console versions. I'm not a fan of the iPad conversion. The buttons are so widely spaced that it makes it hard to hold the iPad and perform the special moves.

      It's a handicap but I use it when playing against my girlfriend on her iPhone 4. The bluetooth sync is a little buggy at times but thankfully the game itself does not suffer from lag (iPad vs iPhone).

    • Anoano

      much much better than SF2. I have both game and am addicted to SFIV on my iPhone 3G, so I had high hope when they released SF2. Alas, I deleted after my first try. Too choppy and laggy, the controls aren't crafted for iPhone too (that's what makes or breaks this kind of games despite fluid framerate).

      Trust me, if you're a fighting game fan, this is the best game on the Appstore, so don't miss it if they have another sale.

      • Harejordan


        Is SF2 really that bad on your 3g? I mean it plays perfectly on my 3gs. I'm actually wondering is it really laggy? Because when someone gets hit by a projectile, the game is supposed to slow down, like it did in the arcades. Hell, whenever someone gets hit the game slows down. And all the weird hitboxes and animations are all part of the original SF2.

      • Anonymous

        SF2 runs great but sounds bad on my iPhone 4. I don't recall crackling sounds when a match loads. Plus the controls are really bad, regardless of how I position the buttons.

  • battle born


  • lolwut

    Hope they fixed the bluetooth multiplayer lag. :O

  • Cat Astrophy

    Capcom is owning all the other non-indie developers when it comes to proper game updates.

  • Dkatsafouros

    I really don't understand why this game is getting good reviews. let's see.
    1) When it was first released it had only 4-5 characters. Now it'll have close to 10. What's the big deal? Normal street fighter games have way more than that.

    2) the backgrounds are still. They could easily have some multi plane backgrounds with animated elements. Even super-NES had some...

    3) the animation is a horrible 15fps fest. I haven't seen so poorly animated characters for years. And wer're talking about the main ones not background art.

    4) the menu layout is done by a graphic design student. Uninspired design and poorly thought out menu system.

    5) no online gaming. It's 2010. Not 1985.

    And a final personal point
    6) extremely bad music. People tend to love retro music but it seems to me they went that way because they just couldn't be bothered to make a proper soundtrack. Again it's 2010 guys!!

    Just because a company starts adding the content it should have in the first place doesn't mean that we should get excited. It's a poor game and it needs a lot of love to make it good.

  • Harejordan

    1. There were 8, now there are 12 characters, then with Sagat and Deejay, there will be 14. Have you played this game much?

    2. Yea the backgrounds are still, but does it really make a difference in terms of what you're buying the game for. Yes the SNES had moving backgrounds, but they only moved like 2 frames in an animated gif.

    3. I'm playing on a 3GS and it runs at more than 15 frames. Unless 15 frames is that smooth.

    4. Do you really care that much about a menu? It gets the job done doesn't it?

    5. Yea I wish there was online gaming, but if you wanted to play online, might as well get a Xbox or PS3.

    6. Another personal opinion, but when I play, I'm not really concentrating on the music.

    All personal opinions on the game, just wanted to give the other side to your argument.

    • Dkatsafouros

      1)For the first 6 months of the games life you were playing with the same 7-9 opponents. Does that sound exciting to you? Do you honestly think that I'll be playing the same game day after day like I was at the beginning till they introduce the complete game?? It's too little too late.
      It should have been released with the 14 characters that they are introducing after nearly a whole year of the games life.

      2-4-5-6)There's a recurring theme in your answers (for this post I mean). You don't seem to care about anything other than the absolute core of the gameplay. You don't care about the backgrounds, the music, the menu, online gaming. All these things contribute to a good gaming experience.
      If none of those were important we would be still playing 8 bit games and watching silent movies in cinema. (I'm sure the answer will be " I still play 8bit games from time to time")

      3)You really need to watch some animations. If you think the character animations are 30fps you're mistaken. This is not smooth animation.

      5)Your argument about the online play is silly. No I don't want to buy an xbox just so I can play online in street fighter. And just because I don't have an Xbox doesn't mean that I don't deserve a good gaming experience. The platform supports it so the developer could easily support it as well.

      • Anoano

        I bet you don't have the game. Haters will be haters, or maybe you're just a jealous indie developer who fails to make any decent fighting game.

        All those points have been discussed in the thread by the way, and everyone eventually agrees it's a great game.

        There's so much more to game than moving background, it's called gameplay and this game has it, supported with the best ever control scheme for a fighting game on iPhone.

        But then again, it's pointless to argue with someone who doesn't even have money to buy a $10 game.

      • Dkatsafouros

        I like the 2 kinds of responses a lot of people have when someone says they don't like a game.
        First is the "You're a hater / child who can't afford the game" and "you're a competing developer".
        Guess what. I'm neither of those 2 things.

      • Harejordan

        1. Give me a fighting game where you don't fight the same 7-9 characters over and over and over. Hell you could take the platform SF4, sure there's 35 characters to choose from, but playing against people, you're still going to fight the same characters over and over again. You could even play arcade mode against the computers and you're still going to get the feeling that you're facing the same characters over and over.

        3. Animations, I dunno, pretty smooth to me on my 3gs, what device do you have? Show some examples, maybe when Blanka hits with Ultra after popping the opponent in the air with his first hit, fps takes a small hit, but doesn't affect your play since you can't control anything anyways at that point.

        5.Offline is just fine for me, but I guess you would prefer online play. Unless you want laggy play, I don't think Capcom is going to go past local wifi/bluetooth. True this platform does support online play, but have you ever played a fighting game online with lag? It's not very fun and I'm sure this wouldn't be either.

        To the rest, yea the core of the gameplay is what makes this game. Not the music, backgrounds, menus. Without the gameplay, well you don't have much do you? You could have nice textures, music, moving backgrounds, but unless the fighting game itself is good, it's just not fun. Have you tried the Soul Calibur ripoff from Gameloft? Looks nice, but horrible game, and yes I bought it. Again a good gaming experience is subjective. This game works for me, you, not so much.

        This is just the way Capcom works. They put out a game, if it garners enough sales, they'll add to it. SF4 did really well, so their giving us a bunch of free characters. SF4 on the xbox/ps3/arcade did well, so they produced SSF4, and now theres SSF4:AE. Unless you don't play SF4 at all...then just know this is how Capcom works.

      • Luis

        I think SF4 is one of the best fighting game i the appstore i mean if you don't like the game why you even bother buying it or even getting the updates. Just delete it and play other games that you think are good

  • Gospel9

    The new characters are of course welcome, (especially Sagat!!) but I was hoping for non-static backgrounds... Playing this in online multiplayer? No thanks, I rather stick with arcade controls for that (and I wouldn't want to have de-syncs in a game like this).

    • Anonymous

      Non-static backgrounds may adversely impact on the fluidity of the gameplay, especially on older devices. It is this solid gameplay aligned with the numerous combos possible ported from the console to the tiny device which makes it a remarkable app; that being said, alternate ultras would be pleasing (yes, give Guile Sonic Hurricane!).

      Furthermore, I think whether they add more costumes or perhaps more modes, the addition of characters is the most appealing, though I doubt they will add the full cast.

      In regard to Dkatsafouros:

      It is simply a well polished app that effectively mimics certain aspects of the console version. You must be reminded that this is a portable phone version of the game, thus the limited character choice. Capcom’s endeavour to provide continual free character updates displays their commitment in bringing most of the cast to the game anyway.

      The menu layout is nothing special, though not entirely horrible as you speak of it. One touch to select, another to confirm, very straight forward. Button size is adequately sufficient and there is no problem of unresponsiveness.

      Finally, I would like to comment on the soundtrack. Actually, it is the soundtrack which retains the authenticity of the entire Street Fighter series. Heck, I play Guile VS Guile in “Free Sparring” just to hear the theme.

      I do not blame you, perhaps you are not an SF enthusiast, but there IS a soundtrack for SFIV. These tracks are remixes of the original themes for each individual character, which dates back to a good ten-twenty years or so. These have been implemented into the app, along with separate stage themes and rival themes.

      Anybody who has been in the SF scene for awhile would recognise the music and relate it back to the character in an instant.

      Not trying to start a flame war, but just my need to express why the app is generating so much positive attention.