We've made a number of posts over the last few months regarding a fan-created, iPad version of Sierra's graphical point-and-click adventure Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter. What makes the effort particularly interesting is the fact that the game is entirely web-based. Load the URL in Mobile Safari, save a bookmark to your Home Screen and -- voila -- you're a tap away from playing a true classic on a device more suited to the style of gameplay than anything that was available back in 1986.

We're happy to report that developer Martin Kool has completed his effort and shared the public URL where iPad-toting space cadets the world around can get started on this excellent adventure. The game can be found right here:


Our observations of a pre-release version stand true for the final product. You tap the home screen icon and the game loads completely seamlessly without any additional work. It's crazy just how fast and easy the whole process is. The first time you load it up, there's a small load time, but as soon as mobile Safari starts caching parts of the game it's just like playing the actual computer game. There's even multiple save slots, and accessing them is as simple as rotating the iPad in to portrait mode.

The game features the same, relatively blocky graphics as the original. And, to the retro gaming fan in me, that's a splendid thing -- but getting them to render unaltered in the iPad's browser was no walk in the park, it turns out.

The only complain I could offer is the lack of sound effects that were present in the original -- a challenge of in-browser, HTML / Javascript gaming that the developer indicates he hasn't addressed "yet." I spent a brief period with Space Quest in days long past, and I can say that what the developer has delivered here, despite that complaint, is all that I remember and then some. Now, I confess that I'm more of a King's Quest man at heart, but that's no matter; Martin recently indicated that once Space Quest was complete, he's moving on to The Black Cauldron, King's Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry.

I would encourage any iPad gamers who counts themselves among fans of adventure to give Space Quest for the iPad a try.

Fans of the effort should visit Sarien.net's forum where Martin is soliciting opinions on an official iPad adventure series as released by Sierra.

  • Jim

    I gotz it in iDOS all legal like.

  • David

    Bring on Police Quest!

  • Lol

    im sorry but i have no intrest in playing old pc games from the 80s on my iphone

    • http://twitter.com/appstoregamer Mike

      Cool story, bro!

    • EzeKiel

      I'm sorry but you will have to, because most of the iPhone public aren't 14 year old, they are mature men and women who happened to live on that period of time. There are plenty Angry Birds and Modern Warfare to download if you don't like to, but since you bash a developer effort so easily without even considering the time he put into this project it makes me think you are nothing but a brat.

      No one, I repeat, NO ONE who has worked at least one hour of anything (washing cars, serving people at a restaurant, as a nurse, in burger King or any other job) would move his tongue so quickly to bash another person hard work.

      And since I'm not considering the fact that you might be a 30 year old on your parent basement playing Call of Duty just for the sake of having hope in mankind, I will consider the fact that you might be just a spoiled kid.

      Next time, have a bit of respect for other people's work.

      "Lol", you don't have interest in 80s games? well, too bad, because other people does, and they are good paying customers.

      My respect to the developer and to TouchArcade for bringing the story up.

      • Gustavo Monteiro

        EzeKiel: you, sir, gave me some faith back on mankind. Thought I was the only one echoing rage at these stupid jerks who think too much of their own opinions.


    Thats to bad that you dont want to play it LOL.....you probably would not get far anyway. It did take some intelligence and creativity ..... thats how we were back in the day. Todays kids are worse than Gerrys Kids.

  • RogerW

    If they only could adapt the aspect ratio to the iPhone as well. (it runs nicely, but part of the text is off screen, and there is no pitch to zoom support)

  • Meme

    I have traveled to the cinema, queued all day after reading what was on and now I am am angry at all the other 'happy' queuees,
    "I have no interest in watching the latest film at the cinema".

    Whay would you post on a page about classic 80s games on the ipad that you do not want to play classic 80-s games on your iphone ?

  • Thaurin

    After loading my save game, all the buttons at the botten half of the screen disappear, making the game unplayable. Am I the only one? If this keeps happening, this unplayable for me without saves.

  • wb

    WOO HOO! I loved the work he did on the PC, and am excited to see it on the iPad!

  • Lol

    well i am in my late 40's and did play all the old games on my 286 pc , but like i said , no desire to do so again.

  • Bryan

    I encounter the same error. I haven't a clue where to contact the developer, but it really makes this game pointless.

    • Bryan

      Same error as Thaurin above, that is.

  • bionic cheese

    "No one, I repeat, NO ONE who has worked at least one hour of anything (washing cars, serving people at a restaurant, as a nurse, in burger King or any other job) would move his tongue so quickly to bash another person hard work."

    if only people were decent as you picture it here Ezekiel,but i feel thats not the reality...
    on the other hand, thats the net, and that is why we see things that range from this case of insensitivity to pure coward trolling, eithr way- i learned not to bother with those kind of responses.

  • Bcovington1977

    Unfortunately it doesn't load in iPad mode - the screen is almost too small to
    see anything. Is anyone else having this issue or am I doing something wrong?

  • Oskargunn

    Is there no sound?