Engine licensor and creator Unity has surely put a hop in Dicework Games and Crescent Moon's step of late. Yesterday, Unity's own award show wrapped up and the two studios' turn-based RPG, Rimelands: Hammer of Thor [$.99], took home the award for Best Mobile Game, according to Develop. This is a huge deal; the engine is widely used by solid App Store developers for their own financially successful and technically solid games.

And if you want, you can check out this award-winner for a lower-than-normal price. For a limited time, you can grab Rimelands for a measly $.99 instead of the usual $4.99. That's not a bad slash considering the well-earned acclaim that we can substantiate with our own review.

In other related news, developer Crescent Moon is working on a universal update for Rimelands that is set to hit before this Christmas. We spoke with Crescent's Josh Presseisen this morning about the update. Here's a list of what he said to expect, and do note that it favors those who have finished the game:

  • Native resolution support, including higher-resolution images for cut-scenes.
  • Bug fixes and AI tweaks
  • New end game content, including more challenging bosses, art, and a dungeon that resets itself after you finish it.

The cost of this update is, of course, free.

  • spidey

    I had this in my wishlist... and hadn't bought it primarily because I have other games on my iPod that I still have to go through. And now I can get it at .99 cents.

    It's amazing how many games I have managed to snare free or at a sale price like that!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JZIZ6NLYZDGC52DL4QEVBIALMU Hackmodford

    I agree... this is one of the better games I've played on my iDevice. It had me hooked till the end , not by the story but by the gameplay.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSH34UP6R2TTHTDQ2UQIUCHGNU andrzej raczynski

    no brainer at this price, and with ipad universal update in the pipe, its pretty much a 'must own'.

  • Big Albie

    Two words sum up Rimelands...solid game!

  • Fokion

    Nice to see Rimelands getting some recognition. This is one of the best mobile (not handheld) RPGs I've ever played. I'd definitely like to see more games like that. No problem paying premium pricces for premium content.

  • Julietjaxx

    The discount model works... I wasn't sure if that game would be something for me when I read the reviews on it's release. For 99ct I tried and loved it, and would be willing to pay for downloadable content such as new levels.