One of the worst things about being an American is that you're unequipped to talk soccer. There's a total of 12 outliers in the US who actually understand the sport, but I'm pretty sure every single one of these freaks play for Team USA. I mention this because I wanted to give you some perspective for this post, which from this point forward, will be all about Championship Manager 2011 [$6.99] and, as a result, my inability to bring up something insightful about the simulation games'… footy-ness? Awesomeness? Something-ness?

Right, so, Championship Manager 2011 for the iPhone (a soccer game) has received what appears to be a solid update that should make the, uh, Champ Man simulation experience that much more fluid and smooth. According to the notes, this update has fixed several crash bugs, as well as the iPad movie issues that have been locking people out of games. It also improves something called "Player Position effect." Now, apparently, playing a soccer player out of soccer position in a game of soccer will "have a greater impact on the team's overall [soccer] performance." Lastly, soccer scorelines have been refined to produce more authentic soccer game results.

Whew. Glad that's over. Eli and I flipped a coin this afternoon. He called both sides, which left it up to me to write this post. We here at TouchArcade treasure our international audience, so we thought you'd like to know, at least, that this game has been updated. Sorry for being stupid Americans, but if you really dig soccer as much as FOX News says you do, well, certainly this post served a purpose!

  • HipHopTouch

    Thanks, that's quite a funny post. We do love soccer a huge amount, but we all know a certain game called Football Manager is the better sim.

    That said, Championship Manager is a lot of fun on iPhone and it's good to see an update.

  • Jonnyp25

    Just FYI, it's called football not soccer -mainly because it's played with a ball using your feet! Unlike american football played with something that is barely a ball using your hands. Just because Americans want to steal the name for a game they insist on forcing the rest of the world to call it soccer. Why not change the name of your badly named football to something more sensible like 'throw ball' or 'catch oval' instead?

    Rant over...

    • tak437

      Football was given the name "Soccer" by the English, NOT the Americans. Its short for association, as in the Association Football.

      • Jonnyp25

        That is true, but it is not commonly used unless trying to appeal to an American market. The fact that we invented the name is irrelevant, it's the fact that because Americans want to use the name for American Football they insist we call it Soccer when it is known as Football.

  • Brunocm

    Brad and Eli.

    I am from Brazil and I can be your soccer advisor. Just PM me if you want any help whenever you guys need.

    I will be more than happy to help you.

  • Overzero3

    Funny how americans call "football" a game that is not played with the foot and dont use a ball...ate least not in the traditional concept of ball beeing a round,!
    And yet, we got soccer all over the world...or is it the other way around?
    I dont blame you guys for not gettin *football*...its cultural, most of the other countries dont get baseball as well so its ok...

  • BBD

    "One of the worst things about being an American is that you're unequipped to talk soccer."

    One of the bigger perks, if you ask me.

  • Anonymous

    Why don't you appeal for specialist writers when you don't have the expertise to review it yourself? I'm sure there are a few of us that would happily write a review/update preview on Champ Man.

  • Mark007

    Could you please talk more about the game and less about your soccer "expertise"?

  • Evelia Cerda

    With the World Cup just hours away the excitement is almost unbearable, I’m a huge fan of the World Cup and it’s a real reminder of why we all love football.

  • Sandro Corsellini

    Ahem, Brad...12 outliers?
    A Soccer Team is made up of 11.....

  • Johnny123

    It's funny because football (as it rightly is, you kick the ball with your damn foot people) is the most widely-played sport... ever.

  • Popo

    Really bad "review" about this update!
    If u dont know nothing about FOOTBALL dont write about it,
    cuz it only makes u look stupid.
    Like in this case.
    Be more professional next time.

    • nunoman

      Totally agree with you. There is also this great game, football manager by sega / sports interactive.

  • Jimny21

    Quality of this site is deeply falling...

  • Guest

    I like the mix of serious reviews and hilarious posts. Some of your jokes have made my day, keep it up!

  • Aros2k

    quality does seem to be taking a bit of a nose dive. Time to freshen things up with some new staff?

  • Jas

    Love the humour guys..... keep it up 🙂

    Yes, humour, not humor 😛

  • DoctorFedora