The Lego games have been insanely popular on the PC and home consoles, which in turn has spawned an entire bookshelf full of Lego games from a ton of different intellectual properties. Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and even Batman have all been the recipients of Lego games in the past. As silly as it sounds, the Lego gimmick is actually a lot of fun as every game involves some kind of building, smashing, and lots of 3D action.

We just got word from Warner Brothers that they're bringing LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in the not too distant future. The game already exists for pretty much every platform capable of running a 3D game, and it only makes sense for it to wind up on the App Store as well, especially with the impending release of the next installment of the Harry Potter movie series. Other versions of the game have been well received by the gaming media, so if the port to iOS devices is good, we should be in for a really fun time.

No word yet on a specific release date, but since the movie is coming out on the 19th, I'd guess LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 will be available somewhere around or before then. I've got my fingers crossed that the game does well, especially if it means they'd bring the rest of the Lego action adventure games over to the App Store. The console game supports split screen multiplayer, and while Warner Brothers hasn't mentioned any multiplayer plans for iOS devices, the thought of Game Center-powered online coop Lego games has me really excited, regardless of how unlikely its inclusion may be.


    Whack bring Indiana Jones or Star Wars not harry potter

  • The Theory

    I have the PS3 version of the game... but depending on reviews I'd definitely considering picking this up, as well. Partly because this sort of game generally makes for a nice portable experience... and partly because my PS3 broke and really am missing playing this. haha.

  • Noah

    Oh fun! I played a demo of one of the Star Wars LEGO games, and had a great time! But if I had to choose between HP, Indy, and SW, you recommend what exactly?

    • Danno Bonano

      They are all good. Don't forget Lego Batman either. The question is:

      Do you like Wizards, Space Stuff, Treasure Hunting or Heroes? It really depends on which theme you would enjoy the most.

      • Noah

        Well... I enjoy all of those genres. Are the games all similar to play in
        actual gameplay terms, and the only difference is the licensing/content?

      • ejjib

        yeah, but i think indiana jones has the most bugs. indy is may fav ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Jacques B.

        star wars is the best imo.

  • The Theory

    Noah, I've spent time with all three franchises... and I'd have to say the most satisfying to play is Star Wars. The sword-play is just perfect and satisfying. The whip in Indiana Jones and zapping with a magic wand in Harry Potter is fun... but doesn't have the same punch to it.

  • Zoet

    I had been wondering why there were none of these Lego games on iOS: they are easy, huge (in the case of Lego Star wars), and lots of fun. I really hope they do include some sort of co-op multiplayer even just bluetooth or wi-fi, as co-op is central to these games; and that it is the full game, not a half-hearted watered down version.

  • Darthslim108

    Yes! I'm definitely going to get this, and I hope they follow it with Lego Star Wars!

  • Michael Wootton

    These would be phenomenal to play on the iPad, they're all huge games with tons to do. And since Apps are updated often (usually), it would also give me hope that the developers would fix the various crashing problems that plague the console releases still (especially for LEGO Harry Potter).

  • NightHawk64345

    I hope that it is indeed the full game as it appears to be, instead of this worthless port of Lego batman:

  • DotComCTO

    Wow! Having the Lego franchise come to the iOS devices would be outstanding! Accio Lego Harry Potter! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Anonymous

    Five words: Better Not Be Watered Down

  • imusic

    Woo Hoo!! Love the Lego games. Now here's hoping for Star Wars, Indiana and Batman. All were fantastic, and there no reason they can't play at full graphics, full content on the current gen iDevice.

  • Dan

    I like :-)))))))) Cant wait...

    Dan -

  • sobbles

    will it work with 2g ipod touch with 4.1 ios?