The same company that brought us Mr. Potato Head and Risk is poised to release a new peripheral for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will -- wait for it -- bring 3D gaming to the platform. It's called "My3D," and yes, it looks as strange as it sounds.

News of this device comes straight from a recent AP report, which spills a few beans short of a proper legume salad. My3D, in a nutshell, is a snap-on and wear device that renders Hasbro content into eye-popping 3D. How the device will render this content isn't being talked about at the moment. But, it appears as if what Hasbro will be able to make into a 3D experience is set to be somewhat exclusive. The AP report makes a specific mention that users with My3D will have to browse some sort of in-app store to be able to find content that will work with it.

The 3D craze is hard to get behind because of price alone. Just hit a Best Buy and cruise the 3D HDTV aisle if you're not catching our drift, but My3D won't be crippling pocketbooks or crushing hearts. It hits next spring at an agreeable $30, according to Hasbro.

To be perfectly clear, My3D isn't strictly a gaming device; Hasbro, as MacRumors notes, has plans to use it for other bits of entertainment content like TV shows, movies, and weird interactive app experiences. Great, I say, but will we be able to play Flight Control with it? How hard will our loved ones laugh at us while we have a My3D strapped to our skulls? Ah, these are the questions we should be asking ourselves before we dive in.

  • Dendory

    Oh please, that's just bringing that fad way too far..

  • DonkeyKick

    I hate 3D technology; only a few things pop out of the screen.

  • Darthslim108

    So Hasbro's answer to the Nintendo 3DS is some big bulky 3D binoculars that you strap to your face? Good luck selling that.

  • tsharpfilm

    I bet it's cooler to play than it is to look at. I'll keep an open mind about it.

  • LBG

    Errrm....... WTF?
    And it's not even the 1st of April.

  • Netsquash

    Oh yeah, I like it no matter how stupid it looks. GIMME GIMME GIMME

  • Brandt

    Oh yeah! I'm going to love holding those things on my face for 2 hours straight! (sarcasm)

    • LBG

      Actually you strap it to your head. Think how cool you'll look. You could pretend you're Sam Fisher with his night vision goggles (sarcasm)

  • EastsideStompers

    "Ah, these are the questions we should be asking ourselves before we dive in."

    Either that, or just do yourself a favour and get a 3DS in March, unless of course you like looking like a total turnip...

  • Greg Feingold

    Hey. Don't knock it before you tried it. I know plenty of people who say 3D is stupid without ever trying it, but every person I know that I show the 3DTV at my Best Buy to agrees that it's pretty darn cool. Keep an open mind... You don't know what this thing is, cuz I guarantee you no one here has tried it...

    • Anonymous

      Dude if you don't think slotting your iphone into a set of toy viewmaster looking goggles is stupid, then you're stupid. Also someone already did try this, with the PSP. Also the Virtual Boy, the Atari Jaguar (never released), and countless other "stick some goggles on this thing or your head to get shitty 3d" products. No one is "knocking it without trying it," they've tried it before and it was retarded.

      • Greg Feingold

        Something tells me you are a bit older than the target demographic of these things.

      • Scott Colbert

        There has yet to be any peripheral touting 3D ability that has ever worked or been successful. You don't need to try this to know it's more of the same old fail. For 30 bucks, you're simply not going to get quality. The 3DTV's you mention should tell you that much alone.

      • Greg Feingold

        True... I've never seen a peripheral that worked well for this. Buying red and blue glasses won't do anything special to an old TV. And I never said I believed this would be a success... For all we know this could be a crash and burn. I just think we should wait and see before saying it will be "highly retarded".

        *For the record, I wouldn't be caught dead with these in public. My little brother would. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I'm 5, is that within the target age range?

    • ImNoSuperMan

      Which model exactly? I've seen quite a few of them and to me they all looked crap.

  • Scott Colbert

    Wow, reminds me of the old viewmaster I had as a kid.

  • Snake

    Been done before on PSP. Look up Metal Gear Acid.

  • Vulture3


    Wait... Hell no. God no. What the fuuuhhh...

  • shadowsfall

    Can't we just get one of those glasses that comes with a 3D movie you've watched? Like the paper ones that has a red and a blue color wax thing on it.

  • Declan

    if it comes with a free copy of avatar I might buy it....

  • Robotron2084

    This silly piece of junk is getting support from an actual company, and yet we can't get a freaking simple little gamepad accessory?! I don't give a rat's buttock about 3D, but I do care about some decent controls. *sigh*

  • hawkmankt

    3D Face Time. "No, Mom, put some flippin clothes on! Jeesh!"

  • Aaron Sullivan

    With the retina display it could be pretty nice. I remember trying the VR arcade units back in the day -- yep, virtual reality -- and was so disappointed because the size of the pixels on the screens that were next to your eyes was terrible. It was pretty much impossible to be immersed. Retina display reduces that problem immenselyIt doesn't have to be very expensive. The effect would be pretty impressive by simply keeping each eye from seeing one half of the screen. The software would render the correct angle for each eye.The biggest problem is interactivity. Looking around yourself at a virtual environment with the perspective changing via accelerometer/compass/gyro should be pretty impressive. But how do you then DO something in that environment. :o/ Needs a button or a second device to make it more interactive. Should be fun to try at least once.For 3D _gaming_ the 3DS will have clear and tremendous advantages -- no glasses needed, buttons, more buttons-- except that you'll have to own an additional device and use card based storage.For those people that hate 3D so much and feel compelled to troll, please just close one eye perpetually and keep it to yourselves. Thanks. 🙂 I keed, I keed.

  • Mwhite67

    This is the dumbest looking thing I have ever seen. Idon't understand how they expect you to play games with the iphone stuck inside of some binoculars held to your face. Are you just supposed to tilt your head left and right?

  • Darren Cheong

    Wow.. reminds me of my Virtual Boy 😀

  • Gerald

    "How the device will render this content isn't being talked about at the moment"

    Red & blue? 🙂

  • Adams Immersive

    That looks pretty crazy, but with the iPhone’s gyro and accelerometer, this could be a very cheap virtual reality HMD. Very, very, cheap! And low-res. But I don’t care—if I can look around and see a game world all around me, that sounds like fun!



    Paaalease bring Glover to iOS or any gaming device. This was such a good game!

    Oh my god!

  • Andy_Mars

    Let's not forget that Hasbro brought us Transformers.

    Still looks stupid.

  • Rick

    they should stick to making sugar filled gummy sweets.

  • Vidkid72

    Am I one of the only few looking forward to this? I love gadgets and especially inexpensive gadgets. Would I wear this in public, no. Would I wear this at home to play, yes.

    With that being said, I would like a gamepad peripheral though. Somebody has to step up and make one. I can't believe we've gone this long without one.

    • JamesRobertDobbs

      I agree. I don't care about the looks, I'm not a fashion model. If the thing works well (and I'm guessing like most electronic 3D goggles, it won't) ... I could see having a really good time playing a dungeon crawler in 3D.

  • JamesRobertDobbs

    And I agree, yes, gamepad c'mon!

  • Aros2k

    3D is truly awful. People getting behind this pathetic fad don't even realise that it has been tried already once before and failed.

  • jason

    Nice spectrometers... this doesn't touch the 3ds.. pathetic almost, those look like kaleidoscope goggles..

  • E_Domina

    looks horrible. really a giant hunk of rubber and plastic strapped to your face just to look ridiculous to see something probably pretty bad anyway

  • Guest

    Snark! Snarky snarkity snark. Witty ironic comment. Hatey hatepants, snark.