We've been kind of going crazy with Infinity Blade news lately, but it's hard to not get excited for the first real game to come to the iOS platform that utilizes Unreal Engine 3 technology. Sure, Epic Citadel [Free] is an excellent display of the power of the platform, but it's little more than a tech demo. MTV Multiplayer also had some time with Chair creative director Donald Mustard and they were able to get even more details regarding just what we can expect of the game.

Mustard confirms that the castle in Infinity Blade is in fact different from the one found in Epic Citadel, and went on to discuss the sword fighting nature of the game:

Mustard's goal with "Infinity Blade is to "make a real sword fighting game. A game where it's not just mashing buttons or pressing A to unleash an attack." On the iPhone and iPad, Mustard and his team found an ideal platform for the concept. "It'd be perfect to use this touch screen to where, basically, I swipe on the screen, and I've got this dude who swipes with me. We can actually make a sword fighting game where, if an attack is coming in at a funky angle, I can swipe my sword into it and parry the attack away."

He then goes on to describe Infinity Blade as "a blend between 'Karateka,' 'Dragon's Lair,' 'Punch-Out,' with a whole bunch of other 'Chair-ness' thrown into it." We'll be able to explore the castle for loot in between battles, and while we knew there was going to be free post-launch updates, I don't think anyone expected the amount that they're planning which Donald Mustard is describing as "like a constant stream of free content," citing games like Pocket God and Doodle Jump as examples of how well updating works.

If you're as excited as we are about Infinity Blade, be sure to read the full interview and if you haven't already, take a look at the trailer we posted earlier today.

[via MTV Multiplayer]

  • http://dendory.net Dendory

    A lot of hype is being made around this game. Seems like graphics is driving that hype too. We still won't know how "good" of a game it is until we get to try out the controls.

    • tsharpfilm
    • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

      sssshhh! Just drink this and you'll be fine! It makes shiny thing irresistible!

      • tsharpfilm

        Yeah, it's shiny. But I also see a really awesome sword fighting game with an intuitive control scheme. I can't wait!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grant-Butler/529725117 Grant Butler

    Not excited anymore now I know it's on rails.

    • http://twitter.com/Alienmario Alienmario

      it's not

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grant-Butler/529725117 Grant Butler

        Yeah no freedom in combat : boring.

      • http://twitter.com/Liveinwords Bryan

        Actually it is πŸ˜›

  • Bang

    "We'll be able to explore the castle for loot in between battles"

    Cool. I was starting to think we weren't going to be able to explore.

  • Hammonds Mark

    Seems like the developers are trying to dominate the media with hype I for one will be waiting for reviews

    • tsharpfilm

      Are you trying to suggest that there's some kind of conspiracy? The developers of Infinity Blade have powers over the media?! Lol.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it turns out Epic is really controlled by the Republicans.

      • jondon

        There's a reason they call it the liberal media...

      • Hammonds Mark

        No but they do have the power to feed the media little tidbits of videos that show so little of actual game play to aloe people to assume what the game actualy is wy not just come clean and say "it's a limited turnbased style game with bits of rpg elements but we are going to imply it is a full fledged rpg dungeon crawler with full roam of an epic Castle where you can go from shop to shop building the ultimate charecter to fight with in multyplayer combat.

      • Ezekiel

        hahaha you kill me Hammonds! you kill me! mate, how much work do you pretend they put on when a game comes out and 2 minutes later it's hacked and ready for download on some obscure site? even Carmack said he lost money with the iPhone, besides; it's just a phone. The problem here is some people thought they where buying an xbox but instead they just bought a phone for the price of an xbox.

        A console game is not possible because a) the price of development doesn't match the price of the game b) an iphone game is hacked every time you blink your eyes, c) it's just a phone; they should aim for casual games which are really shinnying on the iphone for the first time in history instead of just looking forward for something that won't be happening.

        It's a hell of a phone, but not a console. I have ALL, iPhone4, iPhone 3gs, psp, ds, ps3, xbox and believe me, the iphone has the BEST GAMES out there for casual gaming. It is really amazing how far it has gone and the possibilities are just amazing as well, but don't expect to play gear of wars on the iphone (that was just hype IMOH, like Epic Citadel too....LOLZZZZZZ)

      • Hammonds Mark

        I agree with you on all parts I'm simply stating they should just show the game play not feed the public hype and teasers to illicit sales. By them making a free diamond demo like citadel the having to scale down to a point n click rail system will harm there rep in my eyes. Also hyping me up to buy somthing while misleading me in actual game play will cause me to never purchase from a company. And there have been some epic console worthy games on the iPhone in the past eg(nova) I am willing to drop graphics for content any day. Pretty is only good for a short time. How often do to launch citadel demo?

      • Mwhite67

        "Mustard and his team found an ideal platform for the concept. "It'd be perfect to use this touch screen to where, basically, I swipe on the screen, and I've got this dude who swipes with me. We can actually make a sword fighting game where, if an attack is coming in at a funky angle, I can swipe my sword into it and parry the attack away."

        Could you explain to me how that sounds like a point and click rail system?
        Also the Epic Citadel Demo wasn't meant to be played often, it was meant to showcase the quality of their engine on the iphone.
        I swear, for the best looking game ever on a handheld device there are so many haters on here without even playing it. After playing Shadow Complex I have confidence in Chair to make a fun high quality title. I will reserve my judgment until I actually get it in my hands.

      • Anonymous

        Swipe on the screen and the guy swipes his sword. Sounds like vampire origins to me and that was hardly awesome boss battles. The comparison to Dragons Lair worries me, as I was never a fan of those games back in the day. They weren't very interactive, and had zero replay value.

        I'm hardly expecting Fable on the iPhone, but I feel the hype will match the graphics and little else on this game.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1335603011 Greg Feingold

        You make a REALLY good point. As long as it is as easy as it is to steal apps, we will never see an iPhone game with a console production scale.

      • BruteOutlawz

        Piracy is on all consoles and handhelds but they dont stop making games because of it. i for one would be more then willing to pay high prices for bigger and better games. Theres already console quality games on the idevices (modern combat 2/prince of persia ww/streetfighter 4) so the only way is up in my eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I'm going to wait until Mutant Bash TV comes out.

  • Koushi_inaba

    Im very unhappy about the "point to move" crap. I want real freedom like it was in their tech demo πŸ™

    • http://twitter.com/DaKleine Mark

      Point to moove is in Epic Citadel too. What is most likeley ment here, is that you can also tap on a place and the player will walk to the place you tapped. You can do this in Epic Citadel. Try it.

      • Koushi_inaba

        Yes I know that you can point to move in Epic Citadel as well, I'd just like the alternative as well to move around freely. Fingers crossed the same will be for the final game.

  • Quiverfull8

    I've already read some details about this game that are really disappointing for me. According to this article (http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2010/11/03/shadow-complex-iphone-chair-infinity-blade-epic/), it sounds like this game is going to be a rail-type game, with limited freedom of movement and exploration -

    "With your finger, you can look around, and there are different touch points in the environment, and when I click the point, I see cool cinematic shots of my character moving through the environment. While he's doing that, if I see other branches, I can click on those. If I see treasure I can click on it.".

    I don't know about all of you, but I was hoping it would be something like a third-person view, and I could just walk around and explore. Now it sounds like one of those cheesy DVD games where you click on what road to go on, and he automatically walks over there, and then stops for you to choose another path for him. LAME! I also don't like this whole idea of "touch here to walk over there". I want to just have a virtual joy-stick in the left hand corner to walk around, like in Epic Citadel. I really hope I'm wrong, and that there will be a lot of free roam exploration; but I won't hold my breath.

    • Danno Bonano

      Download and use Epic Citadel. Not at all what you are envisioning. You can use dual-stick and/or touch to move your character.

      • Quiverfull8

        I do have Epic Citadel. I'm glad that they have the touch AND the joy-stick movement options, but it doesn't sound like Infinity Blade will have the joy-sticks. Also, in Epic Citadel, I could walk wherever I want, but it sounds like Infinity Blade will be more of a rail-type game. If Infinity Blade is going to be like Epic Citadel, I'll love it. But if it's as I fear, and it's more of a rail-type game, I'll be very disappointed.

  • tsharpfilm

    Sounds like Chaos Rings on steroids. I'm totally going to impulse buy like a teenager on this one.

  • swarmster

    I have to say I'm surprised by how good this game is sounding. I really expected "slightly more involved tech demo" after the first little battle mock-up they showed months ago. But it at least sounds like they're putting some actual thought into how things are going to play.

    I mean, it's about time we have someone trying something new when it comes to movement in an environment. Dual-stick shooters and FPSs with their virtual analogs work, but that's all. They work. New things need to be tried to find something that works really well with the platform, and at least they're trying. We'll see how it turns out.

    The attitude toward regular content updates is certainly refreshing.

    And the fighting sounds great. I was thinking it looked a bit like Punch Out, which is always fun, but his implication that you'll be able to/have to swing in arbitrary directions is even more interesting.

    And of course RPG elements are icing on the cake.

    • Quiverfull8

      You may not like the joy-stick options, but that's all I ever use in these type of games, and if they don't have it, I'll be really disappointed.

      • tsharpfilm

        I haven't used swipe controls much either, but I'm willing to try them if they've been implemented well.

      • Quiverfull8

        Oh, well I do use the swipe to look around, but I also use the joy-stick to move.

      • tsharpfilm

        Like someone said, this might play like Fruit Ninja. πŸ™‚ Lol. If it does, that would be fine with me. I love that game.

      • swarmster

        I don't dislike joystick controls, I just think that having a device that consists entirely of a big, responsive touch screen is a unique opportunity to try something new. Joystick controls work, but there is a subtle sense that they're a little hacked on and cover part of the screen for long periods of time. Often that's fine!

        But shouldn't a new device type have some new control schemes? Isn't there the potential for improvement?

        Show me a gamer and I will show you a person stuck in their ways. It always seems so ironic to me.

      • Anonymous

        Gamers stuck in their ways... The success of nintendo wii, playstation move, and the hype around kinect would seem to indicate that gamers are in fact, always open to new things.

        Pity the wii failed miserably to have any good motion based games.

    • Anonymous

      Swipe controls will be great on the iphone but on the iPad it's just a recipe for RSI. Personally I find swipe controls uncomfortable on the iPad because I have to move my whole forearm to make em, and then I get bored real quick. It's not comfortable. I remain cautious for this.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JZIZ6NLYZDGC52DL4QEVBIALMU Hackmodford

    I'm not sure anymore... I'd really like a game with virtual dpads and buttons. I just want a console experience.

    I'm going to wait...

    • http://twitter.com/Liveinwords Bryan

      We still have Aralon to look forward to

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSH34UP6R2TTHTDQ2UQIUCHGNU andrzej raczynski

    excited now that they mentioned the ipad! πŸ™‚

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSH34UP6R2TTHTDQ2UQIUCHGNU andrzej raczynski

    excited now that they mentioned the ipad! πŸ™‚

  • Mickey Mayonnaise

    Donald Mustard is the best name ever.

  • trystero

    Hmm... it's not exactly on rails, but it definitely reads similar to that... The Dragon's Lair comments don't give me a lot of hope ( I adore Dragon's Lair, but it wasn't what I was looking for in this game ). Can it really be much fun walking around a deserted castle picking up goodies without any conflict and then fighting a boss, rinse and repeat? Not sure...

  • CyberData4

    Well, if people were willing to pay $19.99 for a game maybe we'd get FULL FLEDGED games with hundreds of hours of content, amazing graphics and all the bells and whistles. But why do that when the average iPhone gamer will crap their pants at the notion of paying for than 99 cents for a game. This is why it's limited. We'd rather throw piss off birds.......

    • Incredidude

      More like if people were willing to pay $50, because otherwise I don't see why any dev in their right mind would develop a big-budget game with all the things you mentioned just to sell for $20 on the Appstore when they could sell it on consoles and the PC for almost 3 times that.

      Also, don't forget that hardcore gamers are still a niche market on the iDevices. Sad truth is, most people would rather play Doodlejump than Aralon.

  • Virolak

    thats why I wish ipad had its own games and apple marketed more as a game machine than an iphone sidekick. It has better battery life, screen bigger so fingers dont get in the way, fingers also dont get in the way of speakers or sound, etc. yet all its games are iphone games nothing made for it.

  • Slighmd

    On rails = killed the hype for me. I thought it was gonna be like oblivion. At least there's still Aralon: Sword and Shadow

  • thebleeptruth

    I really don't understand all this negative reaction over such a groundbreaking game. About 90% of the games on the App Store are casual or pick-up-and-play games and there's obviously a reason for that. If you guys want hardcore gaming, then why the hell did you get an iPod Touch/iPhone or an iPad?! If you're looking for God of War of some sort, go stick to your PSP. I could care less if Infinity Sword is mostly on rails battles with in-between point and click adventures. I think the real keys here are that there should be (i) a great background story, (ii) a ton of battles, (iii) a really cool fighting system that allows parrys, counters, a nice amount of moves (swiping/touching gestures rather than idiotic button mashing is ideal if they could really execute on a complex battle system, that they seem to have in mind), (iv) side quests, and maybe (v) an extra special chapter for another character in the story. Regardless I am very much willing to buy this game which will likely cost as much as Chaos Rings HD.

  • TacticalScout

    FFFUUUUUU- for once I thought this was going to be a decent RPG game for the iPhone. Something similar to Oblivion perhaps...that's the impression I got from Epic Citadel.
    But now he says it's a mix of 'Karateka', 'Dragon's Lair', and 'Punch-Out'....I'm not interested. They are oldschool arcade-style fighting games...a castle to explore, is that it? I was hoping for at least a few different, imaginative environments and quests.
    Only the 12 year olds can be fooled by the shiny graphics. I guess I'm going to wait for Aralon: Sword and Shadow.