Developer THQ Wireless is flexing their Star Wars license once again with the announcement of Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner. THQ has brought a number of Star Wars licensed games to the App Store, including Star Wars: Battle for Hoth [$2.99/Lite] and Star Wars: Trench Run [$2.99]. This newly announced Falcon Gunner game takes a slightly different approach, unsurprisingly placing you in the gunner's seat on the Millenium Falcon and having you blast away at enemies in an augmented reality style overlay.

We've seen these kinds of games before, but admittedly Star Wars: Falcon Gunner looks to be a fairly high quality effort with a nicely modeled gunner interior and the wonderful authentic Star Wars music and sound effects that I'm such a sucker for. You'll be able to point your device's camera at anything and watch the onslaught of TIE Fighters and other enemies come gunning for you, which leaves open the possibility for some humorous dogfighting locations (“Imperial TIE Fighter heading straight at us from the litter box sir!”).

Of course if you aren't in an area that features an appropriate battle environment, Star Wars: Falcon Gunner will come equipped with some pre-rendered backgrounds where you can play as well. This video shows Falcon Gunner being played with New York City as a backdrop:

Not many other details are known about Star Wars: Falcon Gunner at this time, though THQ is shooting for a mid-November release. Though the game won't necessarily need to use the camera since it has the option of built in backgrounds, it looks like it will only be compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and 4th generation iPod touch which are all camera equipped. We'll have more from Star Wars: Falcon Gunner as it gets closer to release later this month, and you can drop by the upcoming games thread in our forums for some discussion on the game.

  • Corey Watford

    Looks awesome-I just hope for retina graphics

  • Joe

    As morbid it as it sounds, I was hoping the guy would've fell off the building, and he was still playing, thinking he's getting closer to using those proton torpedos.

    'Stay on target.'

  • Gert

    As the content of the background image doesn't seem to really influence gameplay, I think this is not yet wat AR *could* be.

    Or does it?

  • Anonymous

    Looks cool against the city backdrop - hey was this footage taken in Chelsea? Looks close to home.

  • Bill Keeter

    hahaha... Oh man, this would be awesome playing on the steps of Lincoln with the rest of washington in the background.

  • E_Domina

    AR should use the background and find points in the area for depth and have enemies like pop out from "behind" the scene

  • albert

    to say the crop of star wars games on iphone are craps is an understatement. this one is no different.

  • BuffyUp

    I'm a huge fan of the new sprout of AR lately, so I'm liking this. However, I just really, really want to cut that hanging skin off of his right nail, but that's just me. ^_^

  • shadowtracer

    Rather see a KOTOR-like game ported than these attempts at simply branding a generic game. Anyone could do this sort of work. What makes Star Wars is story and character.

  • ZeroCorpse

    So the definition of "augmented reality" is "uses the camera feed for wallpaper"..?

    Because that's all that's happening here.

  • Mcginnjoe

    ZeroCorpse nailed it ... not an augmented reality game at all. As a real AR developer this pisses me off. AR is an exciting new game space, we don't need THQ muddying the waters with this crap.