This Wednesday's list of game releases is particularly crazy. The good news is, two of these games are free, so you might as well give them a try. Here's a list of things that just popped up on the App Store that we think are worth a look:

Baseball Superstars® 2011 Pro, $0.99 [ Forum Thread ] -- We has a blast with both Baseball Superstars 2009 and 2010, and expect 2011 to be just as awesome. Great arcade style baseball gameplay is paired with light RPG elements which will make any fan of filling experience bars wonder where their entire day went.

Zombie Crisis 3D, $4.99 [ Forum Thread ] -- A cool looking rails shooter that puts players in charge of slaughtering countless zombies by tapping on them. Throughout 21 levels you'll encounter 4 different bosses and 3 types of weapons.

Lil' Pirates, Free [ Forum Thread ] -- IUGO and Capcom teamed up to create this pirate-themed freemium game. You'll be able to tweak out your ship, recruit crew members, equip them however you'd like, then engage in ship to ship battles. IUGO and Capcom have had a track record of making some pretty cool games, making Lil' Pirates totally worth checking out.

CAPCOM ARCADE, Free [ Forum Thread ] -- Street Fighter II, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, 1942 and Commando are all packed in this freemium emulator. You can either play them using tokens which will allow you to play three times a day for free. Alternatively, you can buy additional tokens for more plays, or the games outright for additional plays.

Necronomicon, $0.99 [ Forum Thread ] -- Based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Necronomicon is part collectable card game, part roleplaying game, and part board game. Judging by the trailer, Necronomicon will likely greatly entice any fan of Cthulhu Mythos.

Animeals, $0.99 [ Forum Thread ] -- Physics games are almost always a lot of fun on the iPhone, and Floop seems to be no exception. In the game, using a variety of different tools you blast acorns in to the mouthes of hungry squirrels (and other animals), who oddly enough just stand there and expect to be fed.

Paperboy: Special Delivery, $0.99 [ Forum Thread ] -- I'm not really sure what to think about this one. Glu has taken the classic game of Paperboy and added a story mode, new graphics, new gameplay, and some kind of upgrade system that will allow you to use special skills while out delivering papers.

We're going to be powering through all of these games, producing as many reviews as possible. If you can't wait until then, swing by any of the forum threads where people are already posting their impressions on each of the respective titles.

  • Ryeley Kuykendall

    Eli in the first paragraph you say this "We has a blast with both...", thats a typo. Just thought I would point that out to you. 😀

  • Biff Sleen

    CAPCOM ARCADE... Wow… Capcom really needs to hire a designer to work on their iOS team. This is such a mishmash of classic and well-designed original work and default, butt-ugly system fonts and lo-res images… I don't know where to begin. It's all just thrown together as if it's a sample project with developer placeholder graphics. Unbelievable this made it to the store in this state.

    Can sum it up with: great concept, awful execution. Just like Sega, they are CHEAP and in it for a quick buck.

  • TheeGravedigger

    Well, I'll give the Necronomicon a shot. Sounds like a good game. I'll post my thoughts on the forums eventually.

  • Anonymous

    SO now we got 2 paperboy games on the store..WOW

    • Colin Colin

      Nope, just the one.

      • Anonymous

        Does it support Retina display?

  • Anonymous

    Capcom are a bunch of a$$holes. THey are charging 99 cents for 10 tokens...

    • Steph

      Exactly .. thats what my point is to ... they not fun ...

      My all time favorite is :
      1) Word With Friends
      2) Word Score
      3) Angry Bird

  • EastsideStompers

    I bought Capcom Arcade. Ghouls 'n Ghosts was beckoning me: ) I am normally not a fan of the Freemium concept at all, but I think it works here for two reasons:
    1) You are given the choice to purchase the games outright for a very reasonable price if you think you might be devoting a lot of time to a particular game.
    2) The games themselves are simple arcade fair, without all the long-term leveling up nonsense of most Freemium games.

    It is, as a lot of people have already mentioned, a bit of an eye sore to look at, with some downright hilarious typos in the help section of SF2, but hey, it's the game itself that counts right? G+G plays out as nicely as can be expected, despite it being a little stuttery every so often (Touch 3rd gen). I recommend 'normal' screen size, and shifting around the controls so they don't obstruct the view quite so much.

    Overall, I'm just chuffed to bits to be able to play the original G+G again: )

    • EastsideStompers

      One query though - If I delete the app from my iDevice and reinstall it, will I have to pay for G+G again again if I already bought the full game?

      • BulkSlash

        Don't worry, you don't have to pay twice! When you move to a new iDevice just tap on the In-App purchase again and it will ask if you want to pay 59p (or whatever the price), just choose "yes" and it will then come back saying you've already purchased it and asks if you would like to re-download. Tap yes again and it's yours without paying. It's a bit inelegant because until the last moment it looks like you're committing to pay again, but so far all DLC I've bought has worked in the same way.

        I think the one limitation is you have to be using the same iTunes account, but it's probably quite uncommon for people to change accounts.

  • Phil Baxter

    Capcom Arcade needs a lot of work. Even on an iPhone 4 the emulation is laggy with a poor frame rate (especially in Street Fighter 2) and sluggish controls. There is a very noticeable lag between pushing a button and anything happening on screen.

    Plus the interface is incredibly ugly.

  • Greg Feingold

    Any of these universal apps?

  • Eddie

    Lil Pirates is boring as hell.

  • Steph

    CapCom is a rip off ...

    I am still looking for a game that can match 'Words with friends' or 'Word Score' level of fun. They are so fun, challenging and addictive ...

    But the games like capcom like play couple of times and you never touch it ... Guys add some fun and challenge to your games ......