It was just a couple weeks ago that the highly anticipated top-down racer Reckless Racing hit the App Store. We really enjoyed the game in our review, noting that it was one of the most gorgeous racing games that we have seen and the arcade-style gameplay was a ton of fun. Despite being kind of light on content, Reckless Racing was a solid purchase for the launch price of $2.99. Now it's become an even better value, as EA and Pixelbite have decided to drop the price of Reckless Racing for the iPhone to 99¢ for a limited time.

At this price, Reckless Racing is a must download. The iPad version remains at its original price of $4.99, so if you own two devices and currently only have the iPad version then it would also be a great time to double dip and pick up the iPhone/iPod touch version for just a dollar. You can check out our original review of Reckless Racing or visit the thread in our forums for more information, gameplay videos, and impressions and we'd definitely recommend taking advantage of this 99¢ sale while it lasts.

  • Rocco Menzel

    Not even a couple of weeks. This is a stupid policy. The other way around would help the App Store a lot more. Starting with a launch price and then getting more expensive with time and updates.I'm not complaining, I'm an early adopter and like it. But actions like these are not good for the store. They educate people to wait and pay even less.

    • Alchemistrpm

      There will always be early adopters. People pay to play it sooner. The same people buying new games for $59.99, while many get it used or at a lower price down the line.

      • EastsideStompers

        The difference being that 'down the line' in app store terms means, often, getting a better bug free game with more content for a cheaper price. I can understand why that would grate on some peoples nerves tbh.

  • Anonymous

    Hah! Patience wins out. I'll donate the extra $2 to the Ronald McDonald House.

  • Anonymous

    bought both versions - and for well under $10 (combined) there's really no better value in iOS gaming - if you're a racing game fan.

    ...what i would like to see is a bit of Gamecenter love and maybe the track pack from the ipad would make for some nice $.99 DLC for the iPhone.

  • HurrDurr

    Numba 28 on the first level in hot laps 😉 The army jeep owns

  • pwetpwet

    I am getting suspicious with newer releases, how does this game run on an iPhone 3G?

  • KlickTock

    Price drops like this soon after release will be damaging for those who want to launch premium product on the store. We'll always be wondering "will it drop"?
    Looks like the $1 game won't be going away for a while.

    • Nick Papageorge

      It's frustrating and beneficial for everyone. For me, because I didn't pick it up, I had no hesitation in picking it up for a dollar.

      But I've been pissed before having spent the full price and having it go free or on sale shortly afterwards..

      That said, it's simple marketing. I know this isn't a brick-and-mortar store, but it's like a fire sale on an album in iTunes, or whatever. What timing is good? What works? Does everything either need to stay free or $1?

      Sigh. It's a confusing situation for consumers, but it's something that sure makes it enticing for people such as myself to say "Oh hell yeah, it's cheap! I HAVE to pick it up now!". And a lot of people don't care where the price has gone/come from, they just see it was on sale and snap it up...

      Simply put, it's a system that is flawed from the get go and allows for no consistency... so I guess we'll just wait to either see if it drops, or if it's from a really good dev like that KlickTock dude, then we just buy it day one because we care about the devs and want to support them.


  • Olfoshack

    bought this two days ago. I wont be so hasty with other EA games in the future if this is how they do business, poor

  • HawkEyeTS

    Ugh, this is really annoying. I figured since it didn't go on sale for the Halloween price drops, it would be a while and picked it up at $2.99. Three days later it drops to $.99. Just ugh. I'm all for supporting the developers, but this kind of absurdly fast price drop stings and makes me want to just wait it out instead of adopt early.

    Devs should learn from the Hook Champ people. Do a single sale at launch for the devoted fans/buyers, and then set your actual price for a good long time, if not permanently. If the game isn't garbage, it'll sell, and the people who supported you upfront won't be pissed less than a month later when you give it away for 1/3 of the original price.

    I'm certainly not picking this up for the iPad until a sale happens now, because EA has proven that it inevitably will happen, and I'd be a fool to buy it right now at full price.

  • Daivos

    Normally I would be annoyed having paid $2.99 for an app and then miss the price drop only a couple weeks later. But not so with this game.

    I love top-down racers and Reckless Racing is a superior execution. It was well worth the $2.00 extra for what has been my favorite game over the past couple weeks.

  • Silver Surfer

    I don't understand why the price drop is for iPhone only. This seems to becoming a trend; great sales on iPhone versions while the iPad price is jacked up. What's the message here - if you can afford an iPad you can afford to pay more for apps?

    • Rasmus Andersson

      No, the message is that there are a shitload more of customers that have an iPhone (or iPod Touch) compared to the people that have an iPad.

  • GiHubb

    It is a little annoying, I bought it a day after launch for the full price but in the end, it's only $2 people!!! A beer costs more! And you buy these without any second thought!

  • GiHubb

    It is a little annoying, I bought it a day after launch for the full price but in the end, it's only $2 people!!! A beer costs more! And you buy these without any second thought!

  • Anonymous

    I've picked this up for 59p, and its good, however, a coupla things irritate me.

    As this is retina display enhanced, why does the iPad version cost more/not go on sale at the same time? The old, 'Art Assets for the iPad are higher res and take longer to develop and increase costs' doesn't really fly now.

    And two, with Open Feint, Agon, Crystal, Plus, and Game Centre already available, I've gotta sign up for ANOTHER leaderboard account? Seriously? And why does that require my email address, not just a username and password?

    That said, I do like a lot about it, if not the publishers decisions on price.

  • Anonymous

    I've purchased both Reckless Racing and Lil Racerz. Both have similar standard controls. Both are still on my iDevice as they have different appealing features. I rather like the detail on RR, but I like the variety of tracks on LR. The limited screen size on the 3.7" display restricts how far ahead I can see, but RR seems better on that regard as the turns don't just pop into view like LR. LR does zoom in and out depending on your speed, but it doesn't help if you slow down because the view zooms in. Can't wait for more tracks on RR.