Back in the early days of March, we previewed an upcoming dual-stick shooter called Revolt. The video for Revolt showcased some very nice looking 3D visuals, destructible environments, and some incredible lighting. Even more impressive, however, was that Revolt was being created by just a three man development team. Revolt also looks to add a greater strategic element than what is found in most other dual-stick shooters, with careful weapon and ammunition management required to be successful.

Earlier tonight, Revolt [$1.99] finally went live in the US App Store. It features 8 story-based levels and a whopping 20 different survival arenas to blast through over 3 difficulty levels. A number of upgradeable weapons and armor are at your disposal to take out a range of different enemies and boss characters. In addition to these gameplay features, Revolt is a universal build with Retina Display support and Game Center/Openfeint integration.

Here is some early gameplay footage from a hands-on preview we did on Revolt back in March:

It should be noted that the developers don't recommend Revolt for owners of 1st generation devices, and warn that the game may not perform very well on anything lower than 3rd generation devices. Interestingly they also already have the first update completed for Revolt, as mentioned on their blog, and further versions will look to address performance on older devices as well as add new features to the game. We'll be taking a much closer look at Revolt once we've put it through its paces. Until then, you can check out the early impressions pouring into our forums that are so far fairly positive. Or you can just dive in head first and take advantage of the introductory price of $1.99.

  • Bryan Duke

    The preview video looks great. Downloading now...

  • Eduardo Cedillo Martínez

    Does this thing has multiplayer online?

  • Guest

    There is lag on my iPhone 4 as well..

    • Guest

      Also there are some framerate issues I hope will be addressed.

  • Celentt

    framerate issues and lag on my iPhone 4. This is disgusting and regret buying it because it was on TouchArcade. I want my money back Apple!

    • pasbal

      So; just go to your buy history and request a refund.

      • Celentt

        already did, got told in the next page to contact Revolt support directly. hopefully this gets processed.

  • Anonymous

    I assume you all have re-booted?

    • Celentt

      Yes. Twice. It's Revolt-ing and aim/camera control is horrible as it "Jumps" due to sensitivity issues.

  • Kim R

    lol I first thought the real Re-Volt was coming for iOS.. Well that would have been something 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Revolt! Imagine 8-player local or online multiplayer! One can dream...

      • Kim R

        oh yes! By the way! Maybe the PSX version works on psx4all?

  • Hoggy

    I think the preview video looks horrible. Sure, the graphics are somewhat nice, but the gameplay looks pale and unfinished. And the sound of that damn gun and the impact made me turn of the sound of the video almost immediately. Also, the controls seems utterly buggy (or perhaps the person playing is just horrible at the game).

    • Jared Nelson

      Well it IS a 7 and a half month old video of an early version of the game. Plus, trying to film yourself playing a game is pretty damn hard.

      • Celentt

        the game still plays the same as the 7 and a half month old video. janky controls. bad game

      • Hoggy

        @ filming yourself playing:
        Any professional uses a stand to film any promotional/commercial videos like the one above. So no, it's not hard. And I stand by that the game looks extremely pale and boring from that preview.

      • Jared Nelson

        Yes, of course we use a stand. And it's still hard to do. Go ahead and try it.

      • EzeKiel

        You are calling Toucharcade unprofessional? Hoggy, pal, you really have some nerves. First you say the game looks pale, unfinished (?) and boring; which is only your opinion and not everyone's else so the fact you say it out loud doesn't make it true. That's only your perception on the game.

        Then you rant about the video being filmed wrong or something. Then you finish saying "you are unprofessional, any professional uses a stand to film, you didn't so you aren't".

        It's dead obvious they did used one. Anyone could see that. Anyone but you, who seem to be SO SURE about things.

        Really hit my nerves when people has this "I know it all, you all are doing it wrong" attitude.

      • Hoggy

        The only thing I really have to say about you is that I dislike people who can't take five seconds to read before they burst out with name-calling and alike.

        I never once said that TouchArcade was unprofessional. I merely just pointed out that it's not a worthy reason to blame the recording conditions for a bad promotional video. Even so it might be distracting to have a video recorder below your chin, it doesn't exclude the fact that you can record it many times and choose the take that best shows of the features of the game.
        Take a look at the video above and the first few seconds of gameplay that we see. The player constantly misses his shots and the controls seem very inaccurate because of this. May this be because of the player or the recording conditions - it doesn't matter - it still gives me, the consumer, a negative image of the game and it was this I wanted to point out.

        Further, your quotes are completely wrong. I never typed anything like that.

        Also, I never once said that my opinion was the general belief, only that it was just that; my opinion. I even begin my first post by saying "I think the preview video looks...".

        And no, I'm not "so sure" about things; I probably couldn't even come close to develop a game of this caliber, but I find that it is my right as a consumer to explain and give feedback to the developers in any form possible so that they have the chance to improve.

      • EzeKiel

        Your quote was: "Any professional uses a stand to film any promotional/commercial videos like the one above. So no, it's not hard."

        My quote being inexact doesn't changes the central point of what you said. I simply didn't feel like copy/paste your comment before; now I just had the cheerful wish of it.

        You argued that the fellows here at Toucharcade didn't used a stand, and that any professional uses stands to shoot commercial/promotional videos (which, this isn't because it's just a review or preview of the game made by them, not the company. Again, you half overlook things and you take things for granted.)

        a) they are the toucharcade crew filming. Not the developer. Fail.
        b) you can't do something remotely similar to any of this (site, video, app, etc) as long as you don't want to. Will, my lad, is a powerful thing. You can do anything you want in life. So yes, you CAN do it yourself. Like Jared said "go ahead, try it out yourself."

        Let me tell you, and everyone else, that developers aren't special people chosen by the god (capcom) of videogames. They are people, like you, like me. So don't expect perfection, and don't demand it either.

        Professionalism? just a word. That's a game right there, and a video. THANKS both, Toucharcade and the Developer for letting us know about that game. That's the job, so job well done.

        That's all there is. A big Thanks and nothing else. The rest, is just blah blah blah.

  • dekon

    @ Hoggy
    I think both (controls&person) 😀

  • Tadad1

    After 4 levels can't say I have really noticed any issues with frame rate or controls, graphics are nice, sound effects are fine but I just find it boring. I had heaps of hours of fun with Guerrilla Bob, iDracula, Minigore etc. Not sure what it is with Revolt but its just not entertaining. Maybe I am just over dual stick shooters.

    • Bruno Del Frate

      These are my thoughts, too... I don't think it deserves a mention on Toucharcade's homepage.

  • john denton

    Is it just me, but why doesn't the grenade button do anything?

    • bLaiSe

      You have to drag your finger to the area where you want to throw it.

  • Bryan

    Dual stick? Yawn.

  • TowerDefender

    Hmmm is the guy playing bad at this game or is he having trouble aiming within the first part of the gameplay vid? That makes me wonder if the controls are smooth.

    • Mike

      Controls are smooth. I don't see how they can blame it on the fact that they're recording with a stand and putting the blame on that. There's no harm in admitting you suck. 🙂

  • Mike

    I was very disappointed at first with the lag, even after rebooting. I went back to try and play some more and the lag magically disappeared. Seriously! I'm on iPod touch 3GS. Also, I recommend playing the game on hard difficulty. Otherwise it's way too easy. Happy fragging!

  • Jeremy

    I've only played through the first level and tutorial but noticed the frame rate issues during explosions on my iPad. Given how long it took this game to come out, I was hoping it would be a bit more polished, but it sounds like the dev is planning to continue to update and improve the game. These guys should definitely be giving lessons in lighting to a lot of other developers out there, and I think they have a good foundation to continue building on.

  • Cookies

    Finally! Been waiting for this game for too long, but I can't help but wonder if there aren't already better games like it that have come out in the mean time, Gorilla Bob for example.

  • barbicoh

    it's kinda laggy on my 4th gen ipod touch and then at some point the display hangs completely but the game is still running so when the action resumes my character and the enemies have changed positions and I have to predict/assume what happened during the brief pause and it is disorienting

  • JimmyMcFats

    The game is good. Graphics are nice. Destructible environments. AI does it's job. My one quip is the grenades. For the love of me I can't 'nade-spam when I need to. They come out randomly when I swipe. You guys need to fix the Grenades - they just aren't intuitive during battle.

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