Just in time for Halloween comes word of an official Evil Dead game coming to the App Store. For those that don't know, Evil Dead is a campy 80s horror movie directed by Sam Raimi (yes, the director of the Spider-Man movies) that follows a group of college kids as they spend the weekend in a remote cabin in the Tennessee woods. They accidentally unleash demons into the world by using The Book of the Dead, and all manner of Hell breaks loose. Main character Ash (the "King of All B-Movies" Bruce Campbell) spends all night fending off his friends as they each become infected with evil spirits. Evil Dead has become a cult classic horror film in the nearly 30 years since it was released.

We literally have no details about the upcoming game, but are impressed with how faithfully the game represents the original film in this trailer:

We're eager to find out any more information about this Evil Dead game that is coming to our iOS devices, but so far the developers are remaining hush about any specifics. What's interesting is that the trailer seems to use the actual audio directly from the movie itself, and what is shown closely mimics the events in the movie as well (though with Nintendo Mii-like characters). Also, this comes after the announcement of an Army of Darkness (the third movie in the Evil Dead trilogy) iOS game coming next year, but it doesn't appear that the two games are related aside from subject matter. We'll bring you any more news on this game as we get it, and until then I'll just pop in my Evil Dead Necronomicon Edition DVD and patiently wait.

  • Yongky Kuncoro


  • Joe


  • Frobots

    LOL. Loved it !

  • Dyscode

    How Cool!!!!! But Exactly HOW they want that to get approved by Apple?

    • Adams Immersive

      Theoretically, Apple has different age ratings that would allow this (for people age 90+ or whatever). And really, it’s only a small step more violent than lots of games already approved. Samurai/Samurai II come to mind.

  • Sentientdead

    Me Love!

  • Keslus


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  • Damien

    "but are impressed with how faithfully the game represents the original film in this trailer"

    What ?? you are impressed by this crap.

    Man, the characters are made by only 4 polygons and the mouth is not even animated when they speak. I am a big fan of the movie but this trailer just suck.

    Not to speak about the forest who looks like a forest in games 20 years ago on megaCD ...

    • Anonymous

      Here speaks someone with no appreciation for artistic license. Have you played the Lego series of games? They're not exactly Avatar quality either, but the cut scenes are excellent.

      • Damien

        I love the movie, but I am not a fanboy like you sorry.

        Ho yeah, and I hate those license game like lego star wars and other bullshit that only use license to sell.

      • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

        Cool story bro.

      • Anonymous

        Shows how little you know, huh. The Lego games are really quite fun. Of course ideally you'd need to be playing with a friend...

      • EH

        The Lego games have pretty much universally positive reviews for a good reason. Traveller's Tales has always rocked, including back in the Amiga days.

      • Thaurin

        Damien's Lego comments betray him. I love those games, and I'm probably the biggest Bruce Campbell fan out there. And I loved this trailer. It's his loss. This is gonna be awesome.

      • Damien

        Yes, indeed, you seems to be the biggest fan of evil dead here as it seems you have no brain like zombies in the movie.
        They swallowed your brain ...

      • Apple

        LOL What a dumb comment.

      • Circusmort

        ahhh - they're not zombies - they're possesed…

  • Damien


  • Anonymous

    "Tool Shed!"

    This is hilarious- love that the characters have that cartoon look - kind of like the Lego series of games, but with its own style. Boy is this one bloody son-a-va.. lol

  • JohnSee

    Who knew something so cute could be kinda freaky lol 😀 i would love to see the actual gameplay 😀

    I honestly hate it when devs keep the release info private, there are the best games being released the week, Age of Zombies, Beast Boxing and Revolt on the 31st/1st and well without release information, i cant really "save" for it, or even know when i should be looking out for it

    • EzeKiel

      Save for iPhone games? that's something new. What they use to pay you with; magic beans? ask money next time. If you have to save for an iPhone game, maybe you should not be playing at all but looking for a job or something.

      Honestly, I paid more of parking lot + fuel + new window for my car today than most of these kids here on games through the whole year.

      And then they want moving mouths and XBOX graphics.

      • JohnSee

        You are so cool

  • Jeff

    This looks really bad

  • http://twitter.com/silentrocco Rocco Menzel

    Not appealing, although I love the movies.

  • Devoutin

    That looks scarier than the movies. I loved the movies though. Id play it.

    • Keslus

      That's what I was thinking.. Having these cartoon characters go through that situation with the gruesome sound effects make it more disturbing than the actual movie. Maybe instead of making CGI movies about zoo animals they should make it about horror..

  • Anonymous

    Who's laughing now?

  • shadowsfall

    Well that was gory o.o

  • Anonymous

    WTF? A classic 80s B horror movie turned into a game featuring Mii avatars? That's almost offensive.

  • E_Domina

    Ha ha ha. the mii's will die

  • Sl1pstream

    Not impressed. The art style they chose actually allows them to play with the facial expressions of the characters, they didn't even move their lips in this trailer.

  • Urthop

    So, I'm not entirely sure if they meant to make a comical satire of the movies, but I know I couldn't stop laughing at how bloody silly this looked.

  • Julian

    The IP for "Evil Dead I&II" and "Army of Darkness" are owned by two different movie studios and as a result will be developed separately by two different mobile game developers. This trailor looks great I very much look forward to playing the game.

  • JimmyMcFats

    Can't wait. I want to buy it right now!!!

  • Bba4

    Hum... That maybe why Warner and Orion recently started harassing the terrordrome guys...free pc game with ash, freddy, jason and other...All made by fan. http://www.terrordrome-thegame.com/

  • Enjoymate

    Evil Dead Game is now UP and Running on the Internet.


  • Bad Ash

    You shall NEVER reach the Necronomicon. We shall feast upon you souulllloulllllssss.


    Wait. It's a trick. Getanaxe.