Back when the original Samurai: Way of the Warrior [$1.99] was released on the App Store, we thought it was an incredible display of what the current iPhone was capable of. Awesome cell shaded graphics were combined with some of the most gory gameplay available at the time which unfortunately was sullied by a cumbersome swipe-based control scheme. However, this didn't stop Way of the Warrior from topping over 800,000 downloads and winning a number of awards including being listed among Apple's Best Games of 2009.

Samurai II: Vengeance [$2.99] was released last night as a universal app, and after putting it through its paces I can safely say that this is a worthy sequel in every regard. First off, if the cell shaded graphics of the original Samurai wowed you, to put it lightly, you ain't seen nothin' yet. The game looks great in screenshots, but seeing it running at 60fps on the Retina Display of the iPhone 4 or on the iPad is downright incredible. Utilizing the latest version of the Unity 3D engine, MadFinger Games has made the entire game world even more detailed, making me stop quite often while playing the game to just look at my surroundings to take note of just how great something like a patch of bamboo looked-- Something I really can't say for too many video games, console titles included.

Especially on the Retina Display, Samurai II: Vengeance looks like a comic book in motion and the game's camera always makes sure you're focused on the action. For instance, when you're fighting an array of enemies, it will pan in and out whenever you're executing any of the varied combo finishing moves. When you get a hang for the combo system, this results in an incredible display of swords flying, blood splattering everywhere, with the camera zooming in to show the blood spurt emanating from a decapitated foe, then (if you can keep it up) repeating the whole thing on the next enemy-- Only this time, you might slice them in half.

All of these combos are reasonably easy to pull off too, since the convoluted swipe system of the original has been replaced with a much more sensible virtual joystick and array of buttons. One could argue that the swipe system made it feel more like an iPhone game, and to some extent I agree, but actually being able to pull off the moves you want instead of what the original Samurai thought you wanted to do makes playing the game a lot more fun. Also, with your hands fixed in one position, you can actually enjoy the graphics and overall mood of the game instead of constantly obstructing the screen with wild swiping and tapping motions.

Unfortunately, with all this awesome comes a bit of, well, not so awesome. Samurai II: Vengeance is an extremely linear arcade style brawler to its core, which is great if all you're looking to do is slaughter wave after wave of baddies, but not so great if you like games with a little more variety than just repeating your most effective combos over and over. Some light puzzle elements are included, and there are a few gauntlets of fairly menacing traps you'll need to navigate, but other than that, it's just straight up bloodbath action which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. Personally, I found myself getting bored at times during the game especially early on before you see a little more variety in enemies and have some upgraded combos.

Speaking of upgrading, Samurai II has a barebones experience point system of sorts that allows you to buy new combos, upgrade existing ones, and add some extra pixels to your health bar. The rate that you unlock new things seems pretty good, but again I found myself wishing there was more you could do to customize your character. In comparison, Gameloft's Hero of Sparta 2 [$6.99 / Lite / HD] offers a silly amount of character customization through various unlockables.

The difficulty level of Samurai II: Vengeance, even when playing on normal, can be a little too challenging. There's no way to heal aside from when you're refreshed when battles are over, which can often result in an incredibly frustrating series of do-overs especially later in the game with some of the gauntlets of enemy warriors Samurai II throws at you. Also, instead of any kind of tutorial to speak of, the game begins with a completely overwhelming four screen slideshow detailing every function of every UI element. While this might not be an issue for the hardcore gamer types that populate the TouchArcade forum, I'm not sure how well it will go over with the general populace.

If you are the hardcore type, you'll be happy to know that the endless survival mode dojo has made its return, complete with Game Center-powered leaderboards. Also, each of the seven chapters has its own leaderboard, and if achievements are your thing, there are a bunch of those as well.

While Samurai II: Vengeance isn't going to knock Epic Citadel [Free] off its throne of having the most jaw-dropping graphics available on the platform, this is an actual game, and is a must-have if you're looking for another way to show off the Retina Display. I'd love to see more variety in the gameplay, upgrades, and a more forgiving difficulty mode, but otherwise Samurai II: Vengeance is everything a great sequel should be.

  • Rocco Menzel

    Since this is one of the biggest treasures the app store has to offer, I think this review is a little rude. If you want a puzzle game, this game isn't for you which was already clear playing the first part. And I think it's the wrong way to criticize one of the few challenging games out there for being challenging (but in the menu screen it looks like there is some space for a future easy mode).

    • Jared Nelson

      People always bitch about getting honest reviews, then when they get them they bitch that it doesn't agree with their own opinion. I guess you just can't win?

      A game being pretty hard is a big deal though, especially on a mobile device where majority of players are more casual. If you like the difficulty, then great! But it's worth addressing for the larger population that doesn't consider themselves hardcore iPhone gamers.

      Final point: this review is actually really positive! He says it's a great sequel with amazing graphics, but just that it gets repetitious at times. It's not like he trashed the game or something.

      • Rocco Menzel

        I'm just deeply in love with this must-have. And especially for the joke of a low price, I think, everyone should try this game. And as you can see below, it's already working to scare people away... but ok, not my cup.

      • Scott Colbert

        So you would rather have a biased review? The comment below says it made him see it wasn't for him. And the game isn't for a lot of people. I like it a lot; but it IS repetitive. I also prfer the swipe controls myself. It's a must have for showing off graphics for the retina display, but not so much for gameplay.

  • starmonkey

    Thanks for the great review Eli. I always rely on this site for reviews and advice. Although this review convinced me NOT to buy the game, Im glad you made it clear that Samurai 2 isn't right for me.

  • Anonymous

    I like hack and slash but I'll be honest, the original bored me to tears after a few levels. Visually, it's well done, but I fell into the hype pool and found the game-play was a bit too basic. Never had any drive to continue playing. Hopefully the sequel is a lot better.

  • E_Domina

    This game looks extremely great. If only it wasn't too repetitive

  • awp69



    hmm.. I don't like to comment review, but this is exception..

    First we released something unique and people complain about controls. 10-20% of US people return game, just because they cannot use gestures... ok, our fault, we cannot change world..

    Then we release second game and 75% of users steal this game. It was on warez even before US release. WTF ? We are indie studio selling this game for fucking 3 USD and 75% of people steal this game ?

    Then review on TA. I dont get it.. You got game running on 60 FPS with stunning graphics, tuned gameplay and you still whining ? You are comparing it to tech demo running at 20 FPS ? Tech demo without any other character, AI, Physics,etc, WTF ?

    What you think that we should do ? We should invest more money to get you non linear hack and slash ? God of War is linear and nobody complain, same for Ninja Gaiden or other hack and slash games on consoles.. You are whining for game being repetitive ? OMFG this is hack and slash and they are repetitive ! Its hack and slash game ! Are you complaining to NOVA that is repetitive, where you are shooting only ???? Are you complaining about Angry Birds where you are doing same things again and again ? Are you complaining about RR where you are racing 5 track again and again ?

    Looks like its better do angry birds clone then something original and fresh... Or just racing with 5 tracks.. WTF you are expecting for 2.99 USD ?

    I'm a little bit disappointed with this review and comments.... Really.. We should reconsider what to do next time..

    yeah, and thank you for everybody who enjoy this game. Even its repetitive, linear, difficult !!!

    P.S. I respect developers of RR or Angry Birds.. They are really clever and talented guys.... And I salute to them !

    • NonameForNow

      Madfinger Games, when a reviewer is honest perhaps it should make you think how to optimize the points criticized, not how to talk with strong language. A dishonest reviewer is doing a disservice to 99.99% of people who read this blog -- i.e. everyone but you. I bought the original Samurai game of yours, and I found the graphics to be terrific, but the gameplay quite boring after a minute. Why don't you take this criticism to heart, look at it as a constructive building block, and use it to tweak the game play to enhance the game? You don't need to give up on the original idea of a straightforward slasher game -- I'm happy not every game makes me spend a minute thinking about a puzzle before the action starts -- you just need to try to go a bit further in the direction of "best of both worlds". Sleep over it a night, and then look back at the review... you will see it starts with a lot of praise for your game. Keep it up, and don't give up... and sorry for the warez.

      • MADFINGER Games

        NonameForNow, thanks...

    • Jared Nelson

      "this is a worthy sequel in every regard"

      "is a must-have if you're looking for another way to show off the Retina Display"

      "Samurai II: Vengeance is everything a great sequel should be"

      Honestly, Eli said some pretty fantastic things about your game. The criticism in the review is all justified by comparing to similar games or offering feedback on how things could be better. He never bashes the game just to bash it, as I've seen many times on other review sites. The review is more positive than negative, I just don't see why people are taking such offense to it. Also, I think it's in really poor taste for a developer to come on here and bash the reviewer for expressing his honest opinion.

      • MADFINGER Games

        Jared, Why developers cannot express their opinion ? Every reviewer can write anything about the game and we as developers have to shut up ? That's not fair.

        Anyway I know that its not bad review. I was really looking forward to review on TA, maybe this is why I'm disappointed.. and huge amount of warez! The game was hacked when was released in NZ..

        Anyway I don't want to start fight with TA.. Its good server and informative. You are doing good job, but you could do better ( as we could do better games 🙂

      • Scott Colbert

        Devs should keep quiet about reviews because though I like your games, I don't like devs who think a review needs to kiss their ass. You've lost any future sales from me because of unprofesionalism. There are too many indie devs who know how to act, without rewarding childish behavior.

      • imusic

        I've gotta say, ditto here. Though you haven't lost my business; I do love your games, and I'll continue to buy them as long as they're fun and well made. But I must say,... your response to this review: very unprofessional.

      • ScottColbert

        In hindsight, probably I was a bit too harsh in saying I won't buy other games in the future. I guess attitude adjustments are possible even for myself.

        As a publisher, I tend to notice A lot of this kind of behavior from writers; so much so that when I get submissions, I google them to see what I can find out. Chances are if they act the fool online, they'll be a pain in the butt to work with, and I'll reject them no matter how good they write. I AM NOT calling madfingers a pain in the butt, by the way. We all make mistakes and get carried away, and future postings by him will dictate which direction he chooses to go.

      • deadclown

        I'll tell you why you don't get to express yourself.

        You already did. It's called: the game itself.

        No matter what you create; whether it's a painting or a novel or a paper airplane....the creator's input is invested in the product. Not in his criticism of the critics.

    • Eddie

      My honest impressions as a first-time player (Samurai 2 is my first MadFinger game) :
      1. It doesn't run at 60 FPS. There are noticeable frame drops and slow downs on both my iPad (which also has some screen tearing issues) and my iPod Touch 4 (firmware 4.1). Annoying, but not a disaster in any way - just wanted to say that it's better to be honest than to overhype your game.
      2. It really starts slowly - the first two chapters (I only had time to progress up to the 3rd chapter) feel indeed repetitive and a bit boring, with identikit enemies and a single viable tactic (hit and run). A blocking system based on timing hits would've been a welcome addition.
      3. It looks ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I love the game's mood and presentation, the care for details and the clever way you embraced the engine's limitations.
      4. The unlocking system is nice, a single gripe though - looks like there's a set limit of how much karma you can get in any level, which means I feel a bit "on rails" and I can't get everything at once. Maybe adding some harvesting / levelling up areas would help ?
      5. Big Kudos for making this an Universal App. I hope this will help sales.
      6. Overall, this is a great little game - and the best next thing to Onimusha on iPhone/iPad. Still, it's a niche game - with a target audience that's way smaller than the one Reckless Racing or Angry Birds have. This target audience is composed mainly of hardcore gamers, which are notoriously picky and hard to please. Jabbing back at them won't do any good IMHO.

      Congratulations for a good game, and I hope your hard work will pay off !

      Still, if you want to make money first, I'd suggest taking a good look at what Cut the Rope and Angry Birds did - offer unique experiences based on the strengths of the iDevice platform, offer a lot of bang for your buck, incredibly well polished and appealing to a very large segment of population (not just hardcore gamers).

      • MADFINGER Games

        The game drop FPS when reporting achievements. Its because Apple 4.1 dont report them in asynchronous mode and we are trying to do it by ourselves. It should be better in iOS 4.2

        We are pretty honest about FPS, it was tested always with FPS counter and game never drop under 55FPS even in intense fight.

      • John Linneman

        "1. It doesn't run at 60 FPS. There are noticeable frame drops and slow downs on both my iPad (which also has some screen tearing issues) and my iPod Touch 4 (firmware 4.1). Annoying, but not a disaster in any way - just wanted to say that it's better to be honest than to overhype your game. "

        Actually, it does run at 60 fps...but not on all devices (as has been noted). On my iPhone4, the game holds 60 fps at least 95% of the time. There are definitely drops here and there, but with other tasks running behind the game, it's easy to understand why.

        Oddly enough, however, the iPad version DOES NOT run at 60 fps. It seems as though it should, but it most certainly does not. A much smoother experience on iPhone4. I have not tested it on a Touch 4G yet, however, so it could really go either way.

        Love the game, by the way.

    • The V

      And then again, some of us actually PREFERRED the swipe method over virtual buttons. Same goes for the "repetitive" hack and slash over deadly obstacle avoidance and platforms. But I guess I am one of those dang casual players who want it simple (and easy).

      Also, originally I hadn't planned on purchasing the sequel precisely because it changes the control system, but since I actually got the first one free on sale, I guess I should show my support. 2.4 Euros isn't much, after all.

      The V

    • Starmonkey

      Wow. I can't believe you said all of that. Just for this unprofessional and selfish rant, I probably won't ever buy a game from you again. This really bothers me that a "professional" developer would cuss out a reviewer for not giving his game a perfect 10. I'm in utter shock right Now.

      • MADFINGER Games

        Maybe.. As i said in another post. Its good review.

        I was criticize two main things only :

        1. comparing it to tech demo (which is not fair)
        2. repetitive and linear

        anyway I toned down my original post.

      • EzeKiel

        Hey MADFINGER, I DO appreciate you had your own view on the review. So, as a reward, I will buy every game you post from now on, and as a bonus, I will buy one extra game in behalf of starmonkey who is in "utter shock right now" (can't really figure how that would look... he must have fall of the chair after reading your post, making noises and having seizures... too strong for him.) for every single game you post on the appstore.

        That's how it works. Balls get recognized and prize goes for "the man" for speaking up. Even when everyone say it's childish, I believe it's makes you a Conan.

        When the world started to give golden stars to people who just shut up what they think and kiss arses?

        Get mad you son of a **** get mad, get furious! that's how changes are done.

    • gfxdaddy

      I thought this review gave the game high praise and it was a good review--your comments MADFINGER were uncalled for and showed a lack of professionalism. This review pointed out the highs (of which there were a LOT) and the lows (of which there were only a few). There is no perfect game, even the best console titles have flaws pointed out. What you should do is take suggestions made and--if you think they are viable--use the criticism to make Samurai 3 an even better game. The review even ended "this is everything a great sequel should be". What more do you want? Lies?

      For what it's worth, although it has managed my expectations, this review HAS convinced me to buy the game because I trust this reviewer's honest and unbiased opinion.

    • Sac

      Well this is TA. There aren't many professionals here. I'm glad you stood up for your game and didn't let these type of people run over you.

      • gfxdaddy

        I humbly disagree buddy. If making videogames is their profession, then they are professionals. And as professionals, the comment was highly unprofessional- as you can see, a number of members here are saying they refuse to support this developer. That's what a lack of professionalism does. I personally think the game looks great and will purchase it--but I guarantee you, if any developer came at me like they did, they'd lose my business. With regards to your statement "this is TA- there aren't a lot of professionals here", please speak for yourself. I for one am a professional interactive/graphic designer/illustrator and I know a few other professionals on this board.

        Again, I think it's a good game but it's clear that the developer made a mistake that they hopefully have learned from.

      • imusic

        There's a saying in the business world (this won't be word-for-word... so sue me):

        "Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have."

        And though I take contention with the notion that Mad Finger somehow isn't a "professional company," their response to this review was certainly less than professional. While not everyone here at TA is a "professional," many of them are working to become so and try to act accordingly.

  • juno

    I don't be mad, Madfinger. I love Samurai II

  • Mohammad Fauzi

    this game looks pretty awesome to me ..

  • albert

    screw the tutorial. i just go straight into the game and have a whack.

  • Afterlife0614

    Oh my, for me, it's not so REPETITIVE at all as most of you says!!! I have already this game and i just regularly visit TA to read great reviews and this is what i found, c'mon, all of you whining must re-think all the things you just said.. A big percentage of iphone games ARE repetitive, admit it!! If you want a game that is not linear, go make one!

    I bought this game and this is the most polished game I've ever had.. Definitely Apple Game of the Year Again.. Cheers to Madfinger games!! Don't worry about these whiners, they are only a small percentage of your fanbase.. Good luck!

    • Benshever

      "Go maybe one yourself". That is such a poor argument. You all are being totally ridiculous and out of hand. Can y'all not take any criticism? Are we not allowed to day anythnping bad about a game?

      • EzeKiel

        Would you take in consideration someone like you when making a business venture? do EA and Ngmoco knock at your door every day asking for what you think it's professional or unprofessional on their public relations? do they ask you personally to come visit Ubisoft at Canada and advice them what to do with their games? Do they go for a beer a couple of times a week with you?

        If all that is a yes; then your opinion would matter, like the ones of many reviewers out there (Gamespot, IGN, etc).

        In the case you answer no to all that; then you may just get used developers to ignore all your requests (and mines too, because I fall into the NO group).

        You talk about how it is; I tell you how it's gonna be. The review was great, this guy always gives honest and really to the core reviews, the developer felt like he was taking business from him, he stood up, he rant a bit, they worked the thing out, everyone happy. Now, I know it happened in a public place but... shhh you know; not your conversation.

        I would have emailed the guy if I was a developer, or called him by phone if I had something to say (which I"m not, because it was a fair review honestly...), but... you know, he posted it here. It's not unprofessional, it is just the way he wanted to take back his pride: in front of everyone where it got raped.

        But again; not our conversation guys... if I can blame him for something, is just for including all of us in their conversation. But that's not my problem either so...

        Let them work it out, in the meantime, I will buy this one because I just want to play it. That's all I wanted in the first place. All this mess that came out of this review is not really something I was looking for when I came to TA to read the review.

  • Michael Robson

    This game rules. I love the controls... great great control. And props to the dev for giving the player the power to move the buttons around. Every game should have that!

  • ben

    i love it madfinger! thanks for ur hard work!

  • Chris

    Well, I WAS considering purchasing the game until I saw the dev's comments. Since he's being such a big crybaby about a reviewer's honest opinion that wasn't even negative in the first place, I think I'll skip this one.

  • Thelastpixelartist

    Beautiful looking game, but it's not exactly fun or entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    So this comment isn't strictly about the game, but...

    You wrote, "For instance, when you're fighting an array of enemies, it will pan in and out whenever you're executing any of the varied combo finishing moves."

    Just as some friendly advice on improving your credibility as a writer (which is already considerable, given your obvious skills and background in your field), a camera technically *can't* pan in or out. A pan is a left or right rotation from a fixed point, like a tripod or a set of XYZ coordinates in a 3D environment.

    To go in or out you have to zoom (if it's only the lens and not the camera moving) or dolly (if the camera physically - or metaphysically in the electronic world 🙂 - changes position). If the camera itself (and not simply the focal point) moves left or right, it's called a truck. If the focal point moves up or down, it's a tilt.

    So if the camera moves:
    left or right = Truck
    forward or back = Dolly
    up or down = Crane

    If the camera doesn't move, but its focal point moves:
    left or right = Pan
    forward or back (in or out) = Zoom
    up or down = Tilt

    I realize most people wouldn't care, but I like your reviews, and reading this one I just went, "huh?" So I thought I'd mention it. Please take it as it's meant - nicely.

  • Jas

    Great review, that made me want to buy the game. Until I read the dev's utterly unprofessional post, which made me change my mind.

  • Визитки срочно

    thanks for ur hard work!

  • MadKat

    How do you enable Game Center for this game? its not showing up on my Game Center games list

    • MADFINGER Games

      sorry MadKat, there is small bug and 3GS device will not show gamecenter... We are already submitting update to Apple

  • Mak Akas

    oh, yeah ... "small Bug" my behind 😉 Gents (meaning MADFINGER Games) it was a good thing I didn't get the chance to read you original rude comment before it was removed ... Otherwise, I'd be swearing like a whore now - anyway, after playing the game and reading above comments, my take on a quick review:
    1. Don't care if you count 600 fps on sea level. The game feels sluggish and unresponsive A LOT of the time - with catastrophic consequences on the player's inability to control the character and perform combos with the correct timing. And that's on an almost clean, spring fresh iPhone 4. Good grafix, yes. So go sell paintings...
    2. It is A HELL of A LOT EASIER to complete the game on the Hard (samurai) mode! While on Normal it sometimes feels like the whole universe is against you (7-8 foes rushing on top of you at-once), on Hard mode they seem more relaxed, they time their attacks, they appear in proper order and give you ample time to evade and perform artistic, slo-mo beheadings and body-splits.
    3. On Both Modes the Gameplay is buggy. A lot of the times your Samurai gets stuck on the spot. On other occasions, while you're practically on top of a health Barrel and try to smash it, he leaps half a playing-field away to some poor bastard (and misses) even though you were facing the opposite way. When trying to avoid spikes and traps, running with sword in hand, suddenly the game decides it's time to sheath your katana, stopping you in mid-run, and continuing in a-deadly-casual-stroll-under-a razor-pendulum way. Dead. AGAIN ...
    4. Combining 1-2-3, adding the terrible English (badly translated?) storyline from the cutscenes - and, while I'm at it, someone plz comment on the actual cutscene Artwork, why don't you? It's horrible !!! Drawn by a 10 year-old ?!? The original was excellent, in-line with the actual gameplay visuals and strongly reminding me of a Lone-Wolf-and-Cub manga style - and realizing there's very little difference, if any, between Normal & Hard modes, the final product feels extremely rough-around-the-edges, rushed, half-finished & unpolished. On a plus note, you give us button customization - and Dojo mode. Good for you. But the rest, well ...

    Come to think of it, it's like the original !!! The swipe system left a lot to be desired, but I got drawn to the game and still play it for a good half-hour laugh.

    Time to go - if anything, poor Eli was very sympathetic in his review and let you off the hook easily. Maybe all he needed was a little more playing time to discover for himself all the little bugs, mistakes, omissions and incosistencies. Oh, well ...
    (And to imagine all this drivel comes from a guy who finds most of the action games on the iPhone difficult? Insane 😀 )

    OOps, sorry, one last thing ( A BIGGIE) : It's over in 30-35 mins, on Hard mode.
    And I'm going back to it, for the 20th time. Can't give you a more honest review than this.

    • EzeKiel

      35 min for an iphone game seems fine to me mate. Maybe you want to escape reality or something? this is not the way. It's just a phone game. Costs what, 3 bucks? what you expect, to be playing until next October with it?

      Jeez... it's just to play for a while... go ahead and try to get a game of this QUALITY on psp or DS or even XBOX, you will have to really open your wallet all the way through.

      This is just meant to be played on a subway or while you get your car fixed or something; on the airport, etc.

      About your opinion of the artwork being drawn by a 10 year old. That's just offensive and plain to insult the developer. It's like a "Gammer vs Developer vs Reviewer" game here that is making me sick. I'm not developer, just a gammer, but I come from a time when the tree walked together.

      The Developer, The Reviewer and the Gammer. Same thing. Kids these days think one has to spit on the other.

      "On a plus note, you give us button customization - and Dojo mode. Good for you. But the rest, well ..."

      I believe you have a serious case of "I hate the developer" syndrome. My advice: take a damn pill, stop playing games for a while and go out to a park or something. Cut some flowers. Paint a wall. Wash your pet. Help an old lady to cross the street.


      Jeez... take a pill and get some rest buddy.

  • Mak Akas

    Update on v1.1: They've fixed some bugs, and introduced others !!! Now Hard mode feels harder, but you get the feeling that, while enemies spawn more randomly and in larger numbers, the real difficulty lies in the fact that they've made your Samurai's movement slower and more sluggish, and the-seemingly random- slow-fps hiccups have increased dramatically, and not just when you'd expext the game to ...ehmmm ... "report achievements". Love it or hate it, too easy, too hard or just the right difficulty, beautiful to look at nonetheless, but ... STILL feels unpolished, unfinished business.

    • Nashi

      Frankly...This game is selling like hot cakes.So nobody cares about your little rant here.

      Yeah the developers attitude was wrong.But your hate comment against the dev is just ridiculous. Get a life mate!

      • Mak Akas

        "Hate" comment ? My honest opinions ? Seems like the appropriate place to post my "hate" comments. though, doesn't it ? Whether or not I need a life, this space is for ppl to voice theis opinions about game stuff - wonder what u'r doing with your life, trolling around, telling folks to "get a life"... :O
        Okie, dokie, last you're gonna hear from me on this - after all, it IS selling like hot cakes. Let's hope they improve it eventually ...

      • Nashi

        Honest opinion huh!? You should reread your initial comment.
        Your "review" is more than just biased. It's simply a rant.
        Dont dish it out if you cant take it back my friend!

  • Ogghead

    Samurai II: Vengeance is a real keeper. It's fantastic. Very challenging on Medium--I've spent about 90 minutes trying to take down the final boss so far, but I know I can do it...

    The cel-shaded graphics are just gorgeous, and there's quite a bit of strategy and skill to the fighting. It was well worth the dough for my iPad. I liked the original Samurai; I love this one. Best fighting game out there.