The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital posted some interesting details today regarding a potential acquisition of Chillingo by the hand of gaming giant EA. Neither company needs any kind of introduction around here, and it's really amazing to see all these huge multi-million dollar deals flying around lately over iPhone games. Price estimates of the purchase range from $80 million to $200 million, and there apparently are a number of companies interested in Chillingo ranging from DeNA, Activision, Gameloft, and oddly enough, even Microsoft's gaming unit.

We're waiting for comment from both Chillingo and EA.

Update: Reuters is reporting the sale price to be $20 million, but the full details have yet to be made public.

Update 2: We just heard from Chris Byatte, General Manager (former President) of Chillingo and got a brief comment on the buyout. In his words, "The acquisition will allow us to marry our expertise in identifying and cultivating the ideas of independent developers with the publishing power and reach of EA mobile. It is going to be BIG!"

We expect to get more details soon, as both Chillingo and EA seem to be inundated with requests currently. An official press release explaining the acquisition can't be too far off.

[via All Things Digital]

  • GodSon

    This would make to be a great addition for EA. Chillingo would definitely bring a lot to EA's current iGaming division. I'd love to see it happen for the sake of iGaming alone!

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmmm, how many times have EA bought another developer and turned their products to utter garbage? Sure Chillingo is just a publisher not a developer, but still. I'm wary.

  • Ken

    I hope no.

  • kalel39


    thank you.

  • Guest4

    The acquisition of Chillingo by EA could be good for the company. I'd much rather see Chillingo in the hands of EA than Gameloft since I get the feeling Gameloft would have them produce quick and expensive games, making you wonder what the product could have been.

    • FPSFan

      You think EA would do any different?

      I sure hope this doesn't happen.

      • Guest4

        I believe EA could do better because of the quality and content of their games compared to Gameloft's. Still, I'd rather see Chillingo stand on it's own but with Chris Byatte exclaiming things like "it is going to be BIG!" It pretty much tells us that the acquisition is a done deal.

      • Silentcorp

        EA over the last few years has put forth a pretty big effort to lose the "evil corporation" moniker they've had for the last decade. A lot of their games have a ton of quality now, and they seem much more suited to give developers breathing room to make great games. Now Activision on the other hand....

      • Guest4

        I'm not necessarily against EA taking over Chillingo, but at this time it is a concern whether they will do good or not. Many people complain about lack of updates to EA's games (I for one don't really mind), so of course they're going to be upset with this situation. However, many of the games are good enough to stand on their own without needing major content updates. I'm hoping that EA will be smart enough not to seize full control of Chillingo and instead just let them keep about their normal business, just with a stronger backing.

  • Cbautista1985

    NOOOOO Dont do it chillingo

  • TheFamousEccles

    Chillingo is one of the best publishers, (if we forgive them for the Seed fiasco,) and I hope they remain independent. Even if I didn't like them, as a consumer I don't want to see the merger of two of the biggest companies on the App Store. That surely wouldn't be good for the quality of games in the future.

  • Boom
  • Flacofromny

    That sucks thatchillingo went with EA. I would it prefer gameloft or even apple to buy them. Apple needs games.

  • Zuzax

    I wonder how well Angry Birds would have done at EA's usual price points of $7.99 and $9.99 (HD).

  • FPSFan

    They're sleeping with the devil for cheap. It is a sad day for mobile gaming. At least if you're going to lay down with dogs, make it for some serious cash. $20 is less than the price of 1 AAA game at EA.

    If ngmoco can get $400mm why couldn't Chillingo get at least $75mm? I guess having a strong line up of many titles is not as valuable as having 1 big seller and a CEO who's clearly a better negotiator.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Because ngmoco is a developer -and- publisher with incredibly popular titles that they own 100% of. Chillingo is a publisher, and at the end of the day their business consists of little more than publishing contracts and media contacts. It's an apples to oranges comparison really.

      • Homap

        seriously, how much do you get from ngmoco?

      • bensashi

        What are you implying? He made a completely valid point. A lot of people here are confusing the huge distinction between publishers/developers. He's not knocking Chillingo or promoting ngmoco, just pointing out why there would be such a huge gap in the acquisition prices.

      • Emi Hoffap

        my comment is not just about what Hodapp has previously said.
        Most of the ngmoco apps in this site has been reviewed by Hodapp.
        ALL of them were positive reviews.
        When Hodapp talks about ngmoco, it sounds like Ned Flanders talking about Jesus.

        Now he's mentioning about a software house that developed "incredibly popular titles".

        Touch Pet Dogs? Dropship?

        ngmoco is not that bad, but it's the most overrated THING in this universe.
        the reason why this company is this popular in this site, is known by most of the users.

        Well, I've been previously banned for talking about this, so expect this comment to disappear in like 2 minutes.

      • Jared Nelson

        Seriously, people must lead such incredibly boring lives to dream up these fantastical conspiracy theories.

      • Hofap

        fantastical consiracy theory = writing reviews for a company that pays thousands of dollars for advertising in your site.

      • ImNoSuperMan

        Hi there. Link me negative reviews of ngmoco apps from other credible sites please.

  • Surge

    I was actually just thinking the other day that Chillingo has a lot of stuff going for it on the iDevice platform, they do have some really great games. Its sad to see a great company get bought out by a behemoth that does not care about its products.

  • Ezequiel2517

    Well... may you live in interesting times says the chinese curse... I wonder what's going to happen to the indie studios now that the only indie publisher was absorbed by the biggest company in the industry...

    • Gene Chris

      the "only indie publisher"? Crescent moon would like to have a word with you.

  • Eastboundstudios

    A lot of these comments seem misguided.

    Chillingo is a publisher. They put games on the store that other people made, and promote them for a % of sales.

  • StoRmX_42

    Nooooooooo !!! Chillingo is gonna be commercial !!!! Stay independant... You dont need this !! ...

  • araczynski

    nothing good comes out of being under EA's boot. outside of the sellers getting rich.

  • E_heinemann

    This is horrible news. EA rarely updates their games, and then yanks them off of the app store when the new years edition comes out. So much for buy once and download whenever you want...

  • pholly

    I hate EA, they ruin everything they touch. I didn't realize how many great games were published by Chillingo, now I'm a sad panda.

  • Parker

    Damn.. sucks that EA bought them, they seem to make everything into mobile garbage. Hoping that this doesn't happen... Chillingo was one of my favorite publishers.

  • MW

    oh no! I actually liked Chillingo, now EA's gonna give it their garbage touch.

  • Anonymous

    Chillingo is still going to remain under their brand, EA will just be the parent company. Read EA's thoughts here:

  • Frobots

    I hate EA

  • Me

    8 lb gorilla? what?

  • Davide Pasca

    How good can this be for independent developers ? ...not very !

  • Novaro

    Wait, won't Chillingo continue to do their publishing? Only EA gets the profits now?

  • Dyscode

    It´s funny the games industry managed what the music industry just isn´t capable of: embracing the digital market and give way to masses of musicians who found they can just do fine with self marketing or small labels.

    Which on the other sides is actually BAD for independent developers because the OLD STRUCTURES just managed to re-establish themselves, where a need for them was NOT THERE in the first place.

    The App Market never needed PUBLISHERS. But they are back!

    Congrats to them and condolences to everyone else involved.

  • Stan Winstone

    Why so cheap? Should have held out for tons more dough- EA has billions....

  • ekiwi

    Great news as under EA's guidance it'll undoubtedly result in more ethical business dealings and treatment of developers by Chillingo.

    • Anon

      Could not agree more. Very unhappy with Chillingo, as they do nothing to help, yet are quite happy to take a huge chunk of sales. As a publisher, they are ineffective at best and incompetent at worst...

      • ekiwi

        Attempted to bs us into a deal and 'renegotiate' after. Have since heard too many reports of some pretty dispicable business tactics. All water under the bridge but job one EA - change the management. As for Angry Birds and Cut The Rope well yeh, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Peter Mostoff

    Maybe this will help EA actually update their apps! I can not believe that out of all of their games they haven't taken the time to update Tetris to at least multitask!! It should get the full treatment of multitasking, retina display, and game center integration seeing as how it's such a popular game and such a classic but it hasn't been updated in almost a year!

  • Montyseth

    guys i thinks figure must be more than 20 million dollar. they are not disclosing the right amount

  • Dinokiller

    If you can't beat them, than buy them!
    That sux, EA produces expensive crappy quality games, Game loft the same. Only small indy devs stive to innovate because they have to in order to survive - not having unlimited amount of money like EA or Gameloft has

  • Harinder B

    Being an EA employee ... what more can i ask for ... 🙂

    • E_heinemann

      A new job?