Chillingo Acquired by EA for $20 Million Dollars [Updated x2]

The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital posted some interesting details today regarding a potential acquisition of Chillingo by the hand of gaming giant EA. Neither company needs any kind of introduction around here, and it’s really amazing to see all these huge multi-million dollar deals flying around lately over iPhone games. Price estimates of the purchase range from $80 million to $200 million, and there apparently are a number of companies interested in Chillingo ranging from DeNA, Activision, Gameloft, and oddly enough, even Microsoft’s gaming unit.

We’re waiting for comment from both Chillingo and EA.

Update: Reuters is reporting the sale price to be $20 million, but the full details have yet to be made public.

Update 2: We just heard from Chris Byatte, General Manager (former President) of Chillingo and got a brief comment on the buyout. In his words, “The acquisition will allow us to marry our expertise in identifying and cultivating the ideas of independent developers with the publishing power and reach of EA mobile. It is going to be BIG!"

We expect to get more details soon, as both Chillingo and EA seem to be inundated with requests currently. An official press release explaining the acquisition can’t be too far off.

[via All Things Digital]