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Releasing Tonight: ‘Reckless Racing’, ‘Angry Birds Halloween’, ‘Samurai II: Vengeance’, and Others

If you’re lucky enough to live in New Zealand, these games are already all available. Otherwise, as the world turns and it slowly becomes Thursday in your neck of the woods, all of these games should appear for download on the App Store. For those of us who get our games from the US App Store, this means 11:00 PM EST tonight, or earlier if you’re east of us.

Reckless Racing, $2.99 [Forum Thread] – We’ve had our hands all over Reckless Racing when it was previously known as Deliverace. The project got picked up by EA Mobile, and has seen several substantial improvements including multiple gameplay modes and even online multiplayer. Reckless Racing HD [$4.99] is also coming to the iPad, if you prefer your racin’ on the big screen.

Angry Birds Halloween, 99¢ [Forum Thread] – Rovio Mobile is apparently abandoning Chillingo with this self-published Halloween themed version of Angry Birds. 45 levels are included along with a new story of the golden egg of terror, and there’s plenty of pumpkins to smash. Much like the original Angry Birds an iPad version is available in a separate download as Angry Birds Halloween HD [$1.99].

Samurai II: Vengeance, $2.99 [Forum Thread] – This universal ultra-gory hack and slash is also being released tonight, and with how great the original looked, I really can’t wait to see this game in action on the iPad. They’re even promising 60 FPS frame rates at Retina Display resolutions on newer devices.

Other games being released tonight include Gameloft’s Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD [$9.99] and a sequel to Namco’s Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima [$4.99 / Lite] cleverly titled More Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima [$4.99]. Keep an eye out for more coverage and reviews on these games later this evening.