This evening Rovio Mobile released a Halloween themed supplement to the original Angry Birds [99¢ / Lite / HD] with the somewhat obvious title of Angry Birds Halloween [99¢ / HD]. There's not a whole lot to say about it other than it's another 45 levels of Angry Birds set in a Halloween theme. There is a new spooky theme, ghost pigs, and pumpkins to smash everywhere.

I'm not sure what else needs to really be said about this. Angry Birds has been at the top of the iTunes charts for quite some time now, and even complete strangers at gas stations who see me fiddling with my iPhone seem to know about the game. We posted a review back in December of last year when the original game first came out, and since then its been updated a ridiculous amount. It's hard to say if this special Halloween edition is going to see the same update love, but both the original Angry Birds (if you don't already have it) and Angry Birds Halloween will likely be the best $1.98 you've spent today.

If you at all enjoyed the original Angry Birds, you need to download this Halloween special.

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  • Peter Mostoff

    Already loving this new one. Wondering if maybe there will be a Christmas themed one too? Easter with painted eggs? Haha. Bring em on. I'm happy to support these devs.

    • Tdavie7

      yup, I bought the iPad version as soon as it was on the Canadian app store. $1.99 thats it. Cheaper than the microbrews I buy.


  • Angryorphanz

    You not make them a DLC to the original, then I would buy it

  • Nickmorgs

    I realise that i'm in a minority here but I just don't get the fascination with Angry Birds. Even when it was first released it did nothing new. Nothing that couldn't be found in other physic type games and usually better.

    I took the game off my phone after a few days. I still revisit it every now and again in the hope it has improved.......

  • Anonymous

    So Doodle Jump gets a free Halloween update, and Angry Birds charges .99c?

    Yea that's cool. 😀

    • Steve

      Doodle jump just replaces a few graphics. The game is basically identical with each update. New Angry Birds levels are totally different content that need to be planned and built.

    • Bryan

      Also doodle jump took away last years halloween theme to keep it under 20mb and with all the ridiculous updates angry birds done they deserve another round of 99 cents