iPhone mega-publisher Chillingo has announced earlier today that their casual physics-based puzzler Cut the Rope [99¢] has reached the one million paid downloads mark worldwide. This news comes just ten days after the game's release, and according to Chillingo this makes Cut the Rope the fastest selling iOS game to date.

Although they don't specifically mention details, it's assumed that the one million number is inclusive of both the iPhone and iPad versions of the game. But really, that's just nitpicking. The rate at which Cut the Rope has risen to the top is simply incredible. When we said during our original review that “Cut the Rope is one of those games that you could tell was going to be something special...” I don't think that we imagined it would be the kind of meteoric rise that we've seen in the past ten days.

Chillingo and developer ZeptoLab have noted that they are currently working on new updates for Cut the Rope that will add additional content to the game. Currently Cut the Rope is the #1 overall paid app in the US App Store, as well as most other major markets around the world. It rocketed into that spot within just the first couple days of release, knocking App Store phenomenon Angry Birds [99¢] from its perch at the top. If you have yet to pick up Cut the Rope, we really cannot recommend it enough as it's one of the most engaging puzzle experiences on the App Store and suits the platform perfectly. We'll be keeping an eye out for the promised updates to the game, and are anxious to see just how far Cut the Rope can ride this current wave of success.

  • E_Domina

    what do you expect. angry birds got old from week one

    • E_Domina

      yes, i did think this would be good but didn't expect too much when i first saw this. now when i play this, it's a bit easier than angry birds, but with updates and the sort, plenty of levels will be here. and there's already 100!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

    well deserved!
    Cut the rope is a really good game no matter the platform

    • Noah

      Aye... but they need to hurry up and release some expansion packs before people get super bored!

      I beat the game getting 3/3 stars on every level within a few days.

      What they need to do is something like this:
      - release a free expansion box every 2 weeks
      - AND allow the early-purchase of four (4) boxes immediately... the other option is to simply wait for the boxes to be released every 2 weeks.

      That way, you can either pay 0.99 cents to get content earlier, or you can wait and get the content for free.

      I don't know about you guys, but I'd pay for an early release of new content. 🙂

  • Donovan1209

    Knocked the bird from the perch (pun intended)

  • http://www.mugampi.com/ DeShaun Zollicoffer

    This game is one of my all time favorites! Congrats to them! 🙂

  • Yo bro!


    • Colbertj

      Unfortunately for Zepto that means 300,000 to Apple, probably 500,000 to Chllingo and leaving them 200K. Well, I suppose that's still pretty good!

      • Yo bro!


      • Anonymous

        Just doesn't have the same ring.

      • Mr Damien

        They should have skip Chillingo...

  • billy butterbrickle

    After downloading CtR it crashed on the iPad so i never actually got a chance to try the gameplay. Maybe it's worth a second look. I thought angry birds was very boring.

  • Epoverb1

    This game really is great, I can't recommend it enough.

  • chris

    yeah i bought it, its a relaxing game. i can see why its such a hit. has the same appeal angry birds dose.. puzzles seem to do really well for us humans. 😀

  • g69onguitar

    You actually feel bad when he doesn't get his candy...It brought real emotion...Angry birds didn't that.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSH34UP6R2TTHTDQ2UQIUCHGNU andrzej raczynski

    this is a fun game, ton of polish, i still prefer angry birds over this though. just not willing to pay $5 for the hd version of that when i already bought the standard version, this is at a good price.

  • lulzing

    i'm willing to pay anything for this. even sell my house for it. shame on u guys

  • http://www.couponcodes4u.com Amilliah

    Am amongst 1 million paid visitors.... growin' addicted to Cut the rope... it rocks!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I prefer Angry Birds too, but only because I found Cut The Rope too easy. The game can be completed in around 1-2 hours, so fingers crossed for some great updates.

    • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

      Agreed. I just blew through this, but still like it a lot. Angry Birds is better imo.

  • Bryan

    Angry birds totally rocks this game. Cut the rope isn't bad but I beat the game with 3 stars in about 45 minutes which is kinda weak for a puzzle game. Pick up angry birds if you haven't already game will keep you busy for quite a while and the updates are always coming in on that game.

    • Wulf

      Hmm.. I still haven't got all 3 stars and I've been playing for hours xD I think it really depends on each individual. Angry birds on the other hand, sometimes I play a level for the first time and get 3 stars just like that... Especially in the recent updates :-/ can't be bothered playing it anymore

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

      I highly doubt you managed to finish the game with 3 stars in 45 minutes.
      Even if you averaged 1 minute per level you would finish the game in 100 minutes....

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N3ZZDGYS2FW2DOFMPXV3SGSGY4 k88dad

    The promo vid is fantastic. More challenging levels would help. Regular updates and this could become another Angry Birds.

  • HelperMonkey

    Trainyard has won my attention from Cut The Rope. It's a better true puzzle game in my opinion, but CtR has real personality, which counts for a lot when making the sell.

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  • Zuhair

    what i think is that this game is fucking easy with respect to andgry birds... You can even pass the level by just dropping the candy in the mouth of the creature with out even catching any stars.

  • http://twitter.com/_yerro Chris Lee

    This is definitely a great game, but it is WAY too easy. Finished it in a day 🙁

  • Chandrsdasaet

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