Back when Gameloft's Modern Combat: Sandstorm [$4.99 / Lite / HD] was first released, in our review we called it one of the most impressive gaming experiences we've seen so far on the platform, but it wasn't long before it was inevitably bested by other first person shooters (some even released by Gameloft themselves) on the fast paced market of the App Store. Gameloft ups the ante once again with Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus [$6.99], a game that is by far their most blatant carbon copy yet, but is executed so masterfully that it hardly seems to matter.

If you've played Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2, you'll know exactly what to expect out of Modern Combat 2. Single player consists of a similar mixture of combat scenarios that follow the typical plot line of hunting terrorists. Objectives are varied and involve some light stealth elements, protecting caravans, escaping from or infiltrating enemy installations, and others. However, just because this has all been done before in other games (and even to some extent in the original Modern Combat), it doesn't make playing through the single player campaign any less fun-- in fact, it's a blast to play through.

The default normal difficulty is incredibly forgiving, with the same health regeneration that has practically become standard in first person shooters. Modern Combat 2 also has an aim assist system that will snap your crosshairs on to nearby targets, taking a lot of the frustration out of controlling the game. In addition, an arrow on the top of the screen constantly points to where you should be going. Of course, if you don't need your hand held, you can crank up the difficulty and turn off all the assist systems-- resulting in a surprisingly challenging campaign.

One of the best things about Gameloft games is their incredible consistency when it comes to all the little things that you don't usually notice unless a game lacks them. For instance, you're able to completely customize your controls and the locations of interface elements on screen. You can control your music without leaving the game or even visiting a submenu, it saves your progress when you close the game for any reason and resumes instantly, and when you pause, it displays the time and your battery level. Modern Combat 2 has all this and more, adding to the near-perfect technical execution of the game. Also, if you're playing on an iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod touch, you'll be able to enjoy optional gyroscope controls and full Retina Display graphics.

Unfortunately, this also means if you play a lot of Gameloft games, you'll also notice many similarities that can ruin your immersion. For example, the quick time event sequences used for your spider sense in Spider-Man: Total Mayhem [$6.99] has since turned in to slow motion interactive cut scenes where you need to tap specific areas of the screen to do things like avoid an explosion, an incoming knife, or grab a ledge. Quite of a few of the events that take place in the incredibly scripted single player campaign feel recycled, and it seems like far too often you're using the familiar mounted turret gun to defend against an oncoming swarm of bad guys. However, once again, all these mechanics go together so well in Modern Combat 2 that they're not much of a distraction even if you stop and notice them.

Much like Modern Warfare 2, the single player campaign in Modern Combat 2 almost seems secondary to the extensive online multiplayer included. Gameloft is boasting MC2 as providing "the most comprehensive FPS multiplayer experience on the App Store," and that's a claim that is hard to argue with. It's almost like Gameloft internally distributed copies of Modern Warfare 2 and simply said, "Make this, but for the iPhone." Initially, you might groan at just how obvious the similarities are, but all that will quickly wash away when you realize just how awesome it all is and how an experience bar with tons of unlockables serves as an unbelievable carrot on a stick, keeping you playing for hours on end without even realizing it.

Seemingly every positive action you make in an online game awards experience. Headshots, kills, assists, revenge kills, and other things result in an explosion of experience points in the center of your screen. Eventually you level up, unlocking new ranks, weapons, and kill messages which work just like the Modern Warfare 2 title and emblem system and displays little tag lines on the screen of the person you killed. (However, unlike Modern Warfare 2, endless drug references are nowhere to be found.)

Multiple game modes are included, and all are a lot of fun. Both standard and team-based deathmatch makes an appearance, as well as a capture the flag and diffuse the bomb game mode. Whatever you play, it will be with up to ten players at once either locally or online. Online multiplayer works incredibly well, and aside from a few rogue disconnects I haven't had any issues playing game after game.

It remains to be seen how much post-launch support Gameloft will provide Black Pegasus. I'd really love to see Game Center supported for matchmaking, as finding friends online with Gameloft Live is a chore and I've really been looking forward to not needing to worry about what everyone's Plus+/OpenFeint/Gameloft Live/Crystal/Agon/etc. names are. Also, I'd love to see more multiplayer maps or even additional ranks and weapons to unlock either via some kind of DLC pack or available as a free update.

As I mentioned previously, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is Gameloft's most blatant clone yet. However, there is absolutely nothing like it on the App Store. Without a doubt, this is a game that absolutely every fan of Modern Warfare 2 should have on their iPhone. The single player, while entirely cliche, is extremely fun to play through and the online multiplayer is incredible. Our forum members have been going crazy over the game, and as it stands, Modern Combat 2 is the king of iPhone first person shooters. For now, anyway.

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  • E_Domina

    The multiplayer wont work. it says connection lost bu the connection is perfectly fine

    • Mark

      Gameloft said on their twitter account that they will fix this I think. Just try connecting again, it should work after a few tries.

      • Eli Hodapp

        No, that was regarding the ranking bug some people are experiencing where their rank goes back to 1... Which apparently is just a display bug they're fixing. Haven't had any connection issues myself.

      • E_Domina

        so you are saying 50 times is a few? it still doesn't work

    • Weele

      same its reall depressing as its my favourite game

      • Mark Anthony

        hahah that's true guys' 🙂

    • Snarfsnarfjohnny

      same with me

    • ishooter

      yeah same thing happened to me...whats wrong?

    • fsafsdf

      i know it sais it sometimes when your divice still is connected to wifi but it does have to do with your connection. it happened to me on a not horrificly slow but not very good connection several times but it hasn't happened once on my connection in my other house, which is really good.

    • 330357551


    • Jmlaw1227

      same happened to me after i bought the game and tried to play on line, i turned phone off waited a min turned back on and it worked.

    • Nilufar Alimaksumova

       Hey, having the same problem here and trying to find solution, maybe you found one? Can you share it coz otherwise getting crazy as I got used to it. tried to redownload, opened new account, nothing helps.

  • the letter y

    Death by barrel. Can anyone give a hint as to how to avoid getting hit by it?

    • Anonymous

      Shake harder.

      • Mark Anthony

        just pressthe two coner of the screen and shake it side to side up and down dude' 🙂
        it is hard for the firsttimer as i experienced before hahah 🙂

    • recrad0

      tap the hand icon...

    • Mark Anthony

      just pressthe two coner of the screen and shake it side to side up and down dude' :)it is hard for the firsttimer as i experienced before hahah 🙂

  • Tikicobra

    I'm loving the game so far, but the thing I hate about Gameloft is that they never update their games. They added multiplayer to the original Modern Combat and retina support to their older games, but both of those were pretty much necessary anyway. I doubt we'll be seeing any new weapons or ranks, but I can always hope.

    • Decoy Octopus

      you got a campaign and full multiplayer experience for $6.99. Stop Whinning!

    • Invisibleone

      the extra ranks and weapons and attachments would be insane

  • Shookso

    I've found lots of glitches which are starting to get pretty aggravating. :
    It is a good game, and the multiplayer is fun, however, many of the weapons are unbalanced (RPG anyone?).

    • Dhk2898

      Hey but at least it doesnt have crosshairs.

  • wwhatford

    Truly phenomenal work. Have to pinch myself that this is one a PHONE! Only one thing needed to make this game even better - turn on the gyroscope and get thee to a swivel chair!! 😀

    • Phillip Alan Platt

      This is likely nothing compared to what we are going to see come out of the UE3 sdk. :drool:

      • E_Domina

        only downside is that 2nd gen devices won't be able to process the unreal engine

      • Lindberg

        Do we know anything specific regarding games build on UE3. Any titles?

    • Euler

      That is how I play it, you really need to be able to spin or just be standing up, unless you want to have to drag back around with your finger.

  • Freddy22

    IPAD Version..please please pleaseeeee!!!!!!!

    • Sodmm

      It is coming.

  • EastsideStompers

    I think I'm in a minority. I love playing these GL FPS', but for the campaign. The online multi is so boring; Bang ban...repeat Ad nauseum....

  • iccellphone

    very nice app, I like war game app, and I would love to try this Modern combat: 2 black pegasus.

  • Billy

    I keep going back to rank one once i go back to the main menu or i exit the game, why is that?

    • Tom - mooedia

      I think there is a bug which Gameloft are frantically trying to fix on this so will have to see when this gets sorted.

  • Anonymous

    No review on the controls? I find the gyroscope aiming to be incredible (you can line up your sights with touch control, then move your finger to the fire button and tweak your aim with the gyros). Feels a little bit like the tilt sniper aiming in Killzone 2 (one of the best uses of tilt on the PS3 in a core game, strangely), but far more useful. I don't know if I could really enjoy the game without the gyros, since it relies on down the sights aiming so heavily... The down the sites aiming is a terrible idea for the touch screen, but hey, CoD had it, so I guess MC had no choice :/

  • Kapone1992

    bug rank fixed without new version download yeeeaahh add me: EKAU

  • Lezan_tt88

    its not f**kin workin

  • Antartoms

    O have had the same conection lost problem as the person who posted the first comment if you manage to fix it or get any information on why please email me at I was thinking maybe the connection issue is due to the fact I'm trying to log in from the uk? Where are u trying to log on from?

    • Michael_chadwickjr

      me too! haven't been able to play multiplayer as it says connection lost every time I try and connect.

      • online_shooters

        same here....any ideas to why this happens?

  • Kapone1992

    hummm i've been playin perfectly well in mexico now im rank 22 i guess, but i dont know why you guys keep having the same problem..

    its a great game i like it more than miami vindication but this issues make me wish had my money back..

  • Euler

    I've been very impressed with the multiplayer. I think I'm only level 11 now but have been playing it a lot. With other fps shooter multiplayer games on the iphone, I would just get them to try them because I just thought it was great that it was even possible, but then in the end they didn't make me want to play more than a few rounds. With modern combat, I end up having to make myself stop playing because I could play for a long time. All the unlocks are great, although the trade off between AK-47 and MN106 seems unfair. With the AK-47 you have greater power but the muzzle rise is hard to control, where as the MN106 has no muzzle rize but seems to take 2 clips of ammo to kill someone if you can't get a headshot.

  • Danhustle

    Everytime i try to play, It quits to my home screen right after it reads out themission. I havent even played it yet!

  • 6pounder

    I downloaded the game on my computer . Then i put it in iTunes to sync it in my ipod . After that it says that the sync was completed and i saw the game on the background of my ipod ( in iTunes) ... then i opened my ipod and it wasn't there O.o . Whats happening?

    i have a iPod touch 2G with 4.1 And Jailbreaked with GreenPoison

  • Thein

    I just do not know how to avoid that falling roof in one of the "Popovich" missions. I had the same problem with an incoming knife, exploded doors etc., but these I finally passed (just an accident). What is the principle of these "inter-parts!? Can anyone help me? Thanks

    • Syed Khadir

      Hey Did u have any luck with this.. I am stuck here... 🙁 Falling roof or Elevator I dont know its just going down and there is no way out.. 🙁

  • Anuly

    i'm at the tank battle with nikitich and i have the tank at just under 1/2 health. The RPG rounds are no longer coming up and the tank isn't shooting at me. what's wrong?

    • Eb

      collect 9 or so rockets but don't fire any. then fire at once

      • Jc

        i stand in the middle and continue to collect the rpg loads and nothing seems to work

      • Jc

        i stand in the middle and continue to collect the rpg rounds and nothing stops that tank

  • gpp

    In tracking the supplier part 2 after I put the gps tracking device on and I go into the next room the door closes behind me how do I get out. This is the time when there is a timer counting on the screen.

    • HB

      You need to kill all the soldiers and then the door on your left will open.

      • Me

        I'm on that freight elevator going up and everyone is shooting me from all directions. No cover. How to survive?

      • Emad Elhadad

        run fast whn you get in to the right corner that will cover your back then start shoot from the left and the right when solders appears

      • Emad Elhadad

        run fast whn you get in to the right corner that will cover your back then start shoot from the left and the right when solders appears

  • Wuwu

    guys i found the slution
    just restore or update your ipod
    make sure u transfered the purchases so u can sink it later

  • Mark Anthony

    woah i mean just press the two lower coner of the screen and shake it side to side up and down it can be left to right or right to left dude' 🙂
    it is hard for the firsttimer as i experienced before hahah :)i asure u that' 

  • Quintenvandeven

    i keep disconnecting pleeaaassee send how to fix this to:

    • guest

      you need better wifi 

  • Jerrod Timmons

    it keeps saying "lost connection" did i get banned?

  • Gutemberg

    Please someone give me a promo code of this game. thank you very much!Here's my email:

  • Avan Bath

    How do we play music in the game?

  • Shane Lai

    I'm connecting from malaysia. Everytime I connect to a game, I manage to play it shortly for like 30 seconds at most. Then everything freezes except me and everyone is just frozen and their guns are still shooting. Then I get disconnected. I tried everything but it still wont work. It cant be my connection cause I can play Modern combat 3 fine.