Late last month we posted some spy shots taken on the streets of Manhattan of what appeared to be Angry Birds [99¢ / Free / HD] plush toys. Today we got tipped off to a YouTube video showing a much smaller version of these toys in action:

These toys seem to be somewhat similar to the Woot screaming monkey toys that are often sold during Woot offs. I was excited for a set of plush birds, but knowing that they actually do something, I'm even more excited. Judging by the reception when we posted the previous photos, I'm not alone on that either.

  • Sam

    I saw one of these toys in action weeks ago. I think some were given away at a Nokia event.

  • borgqueenx

    awesome! i wanna have some plush toys now! the angry bird shirts are 18 euro's but thats way to expensive for just a tee...

  • andrzej raczynski

    JFC, strike while the iron's hot i guess. forgot all about woot, last time i checked they made up a bunch of other focused mini woot sites, got to be too much of a hassle wasting time checking each of their pages and waiting for stupid wootoffs... guess i'm getting old and tired of all these web fads.

  • Aros2k

    Only the bird toys will be sold, the rest of that stuff is other toys

  • Dylan

    It would be better if they had all the different birds, each weighing different amounts and being different sizes. Then having a launch aparatus that has a strength dial on the side to increase or decrease its tension (launch strength. Depending on which bird you use and the strength of the launcher, it could make for a really interesting and skill based real life angry birds game you can play at home!

  • Parade Rainstorm

    Wow a slingshot. How dangerous! i thought toys like this ended in the 80's with rocket shooting bobba fett. You'll shoot your eye out kid. Good luck Rovio

    • Surf

      Uhhhh, it's a slingshotted stuffed animal? Geez the way parents pamper and baby their kids these days is rediculous! No wonder so many kids these days are annoying little brats.

      • Parade Rainstorm

        On the contrary I think toys should be made much more lethal and i hope this the first step in that direction. Children should have AMPLE oppurtunity to kill themselves with toys prior to reaching adulthood, reducing overpopulation and increasing overall worldwide intelligence.

  • EBear

    I just got some of these in the mail.
    It's an Angry Bird Plush toy. The legs are like rubber tubing and almost sound like the slingshot being pulled back in the game.
    They are about 4" tall.
    When the legs are pulled back and the bird is shot it gives off a SQUAAAWK!

    I would expect this to be out soon.

    This is one company that seem to be in touch with the customers.

  • Defs

    so dumb. costs 10x the price of the game, im sure.

    also, the birds dont free the pigs. they want to attack them for stealing the eggs!

  • Bear

    NOW on EBAY!!
    Angry birds SLINGSHOT toy on EBAY 10-8-10

  • Terrazzo Restore Ft.Lauderdale

    Today we got tipped off to a YouTube video showing a much smaller version of these toys in action.

  • Marble Care Fort Lauderdale

    Today we got tipped off to a YouTube video