Gameloft's Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus [$6.99] hit the US App Store mere moments ago. I spent most of the day today playing through the single player game, but need to wait for the multiplayer community to pick up a little bit to get a feel for the seemingly extensive online multiplayer before posting our full review. What I can say right now is that if you're willing to disregard the fact that Modern Combat 2 plays like every other modern military-centric first person shooter, you're going to be in for a treat. Much like Modern Warfare 2, Modern Combat 2 hops around between characters and combat scenarios, and while it all feels a little disjointed, it is a lot of fun. Quick time events have been implemented, you often play with AI-controlled team mates, and the Retina Display-friendly graphics look great in action.

As far as online play is concerned, you'll be able to play in 10 player multiplayer games both locally and over the internet. Four multiplayer modes are included: Deathmatch, team deathmatch, defuse the bomb, and capture the flag. As you play online, again much like Modern Warfare 2, you gain experience for nearly every action you do, and then rank up through 72 different ranks each with their own associated rewards and weapon unlocks. The few games I've been able to play have been largely lag free, and a great time.

Stay tuned for our full review which will be up ASAP, but in the meantime, if you're looking for people to play online with or want to check out reader impressions stop by the thread on our forums.

  • GodSon

    I think its safe to say that all around this is THEE best game Gameloft has put out to date! Simply amazing!

    • buahahaha

      do you need to have the brand new ipod to have this game?

  • iPhoneGamer

    Easy and instant buy. I loved the first one!

  • Flacofromny23

    Let me tell you this is even better than N.O.V.A n that's hard to beat. God damn what an amazon game. Was playing since 12:10 to 1:53 I gotta go to work in the am but Jesus great game. All I been playing is online. 10 players. Playing team. The flag is kind of lame. Kill them all is amazon but the team is the best. Great freaking job gameloft. Wanna see android phone to get games like this when that happen then I worry about the iPhone. Add me Elflaco23

    • 123456fakeemail

      i think i met you on that game. add me: yjin

  • TowerDefender

    Is there an Ipad version? I have a 2nd Gen itouch so it'll look ugly on it :(... but I do have a very new ipad :D.

  • Orination

    "...God damn what an amazon game"

    I think it's more of an ebay.

  • Tom - mooedia

    Instant purchase, with initial feedback sounding very promising im seriously looking forward to getting stuck into this (especially the online multiplayer! come on!)

    There are loads of excellent titles coming on and due out, its a great time to be on the iOS platform!

  • lulzing

    is this ok on the 3g?

    • ya boy

      sorry, buddy, wifi only

      • Ihkjhjk

        but hey, the campaign is great. especially the visual effects (blood, slow deaths, etc), and you can mob online on wifi, and even manage your music while you kill!

  • William_zhang1995

    best multiplayer game on idevices to date...simply...amazing

  • William_zhang1995

    best multiplayer game on idevices to date...simply...amazing

  • scarl

    Is there no Ipad version released??
    Now I must wait, but I dons wont buy twice.

  • scarl

    Is there no Ipad version released??
    Now I must wait, but I dons wont buy twice.

  • Fresh2Death

    Greatest multiplayer ever(iphone)!!! Even rivals most console multiplayer!

  • Paco


    • Fresh2Death

      I don't think so

    • Fresh2Death

      I don't think so

  • Archimedes

    Do we have gyro-controls with iPhone4? I want to buy but I'm spoiled and can't play without that anymore.

    • Theorioles33


  • Alejandro Tornero

    Downloading, I loved the first one... I believe in Gameloft πŸ™‚

    But listen Gameloft... It's time to go further.... Give us a game with improved graphics like Citadel or Rage. And, why not, with polished scripts. You have it all to bring us a full next-gen console experience.

    ..Downloaded. πŸ˜‰

  • Archimedes

    Ack, ignore my previous comment. Visited forum and yes, it has full gyro controls. Hurrah! Downloading now : )

  • Archimedes

    Ack, ignore my previous comment. Visited forum and yes, it has full gyro controls. Hurrah! Downloading now : )

  • DOOM

    The first three things every review should mention on toucharcade; whether or not a game has retina support, gyroscopic controls and if it will be released on the iPad. I see the same comments almost EVERY release besides the occasional "More than .99 cents? NO BUY FROM ME!"

    • Bryan

      Should be safe to assume any Gameloft game will have an HD version released at a later date. :p

  • Nicholas Pfent

    They have done a BRILLIANT job cloning Modern Warfare 2 for a handheld. It's shocking how much of the console experience is translated onto a handheld. Not perfect, but for $7 you get the most immersive FPS experience on the App Store.

  • andrzej raczynski

    so i take it unless you're into multiplayer this is a waste of money/time?

    • zack101

      not really, it has a whole load of single player levels and i think it is mostly single player(quote description: '12 battlefields') but with a better online

    • Poo

      Why would you think that?

      1) There is a massive campaign mode, with varying environments and situations and a story to go along with it.

      2) the multiplayer is an awesome addition! I can't understand why you WOULDNT want to play on multiplayer?

      • Tom - mooedia

        Exactly, the single player missions are excellent but if you fancy trying the online multiplayer out it adds replay value to the game. Getting stuck into the single player campaign and replaying that is all well and good but there's nothing like firing up the multiplayer and battling with people all over the world.
        Thumbs up Gameloft, this is an excellent title and the nearest thing to COD : MW2 we are gonna get. (come on Activision, give us what we want! your all about making money right? Well pull your finger out and create a fully fledged Single Player and Multiplayer campaign on the iOS platform! It'll do well!)

  • br1an

    iPad, please.

  • E_Domina

    it still looks pretty good on 2nd gen devices. and it's amazing how gameloft is able to top of each game with a better one nearly every time

  • BruteOutlawz

    This game has really blown me away, runs smooth on my ipod touch 2g, Looks really nice. Online is smooth and fun. Not much else to say. buy buy buy πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    For all those asking about an iPad version, it does work on an iPad; but isn't an iPad specific game. It does support the retina display so it should have no trouble working with an iPad without any graphical issues. Loving what Gameloft is doing, and hope that they licence the Unreal Engine from Epic. Its gonna be Epic for iOS users !


    • TowerDefender

      Yeah, but I'll wait for an Ipad specific release -_o

  • Geert

    It's breathtaking on iPhone 4.

  • Biikbaboy

    Kudos to Gameloft for not restricting older idevices. πŸ˜€ Unlike the other two companies.. -_-

    *cough*EA and Epic*cough*

  • Chen Zhang

    Seriously when will Gameloft try a bit hard at improving their underlying engine? They should have earned enough money.

    • Pooper

      I think Gameloft already did improve their engine. Modern Combat 2 has much different graphics from their old games. This just proves that they don't need the Unreal Engine to get superior graphics.

  • iccellphone

    very nice app, I like war game app, and I would love to try this Modern combat: 2 black pegasus.