Top: Stunt Car Racer for Amiga. Bottom: Upcoming Fumes Stunt Racer for iOS

I am guessing some of you may have squealed -- like a small child -- just now.

Don't try and deny it. There are those out there who will certainly have had that reaction to the pair of screenshots to the right. Those presently excited individuals would be the oldschool gamers who recall the incredible excellence of Geoff Crammond's seminal Stunt Car Racer (aka Stunt Track Racer), originally released for the Commodore 64 in 1989, but perhaps most popular on the Amiga and Atari ST.

What's tha--ahh, you're still squealing! Well, then, I should put you out of your misery and say right now that -- no -- an official port of Stunt Car Racer is not (as far as we know) headed to the iPhone platform. But something pretty close, and quite solid looking, is.

Andrei Nadin, Senior Producer of Australian studio Sector3 has given us a heads up on their upcoming Fumes Stunt Racer, a "retro-inspired" (and not just generally so...) iOS racer with native support for all three iOS screen sizes. The game features 15 varied tracks, each full of huge jumps, banked corners, fast straightaways, humps, switchbacks, and drops.

Pretty much everything those of you who know Stunt Car Racer have come to enjoy about the best acrobatic stunt racer out there. And that's because Fumes Stunt Racer is a clear remake / homage to the superb Crammond original. And when it comes to Stunt Car Racer -- I'll be honest -- we fans will take it however we can get it.

We should be getting a preview build of the game shortly and I promise to personally provide a similarity / awesomeness factor on Sector3's title as soon as I'm in a position to do so. Until then, have a look at the studio's trailer video, and feel free to compare it to Crammond's original in action.

Stay tuned for more on Fumes Stunt Racer.

UPDATE: Nadin has gotten back in touch with Touch Arcade to provide a few details surrounding the game's update roadmap.

Coming in the v1.1 update:

  • Game Center Integration
  • OpenFeint & GameCenter Achievements (it already has Leaderboads)
  • 7-10 new tracks
  • Selectable number of laps (currently set to 3)
  • AI drivers
  • At least one new game mode against AI
  • iPod [music] integration

Coming in the v1.2 update which will follow:

  • OpenFeint challenges
  • In game leaderboards (pulled from OF / GC)
  • Responses to customer feebback
  • More game modes
  • Saving game state

The initial release of Fumes Stunt Racer is expected to arrive late this month, with the v1.1 update close on its heels.

And while you're waiting have a look at Edge's interesting historical piece, "The Making Of: Stunt Car Racer".

  • Hackmodford


  • Chris Lee

    Looks pretty cool!

  • DJCubs


  • Crish

    That were great times!

  • x999x

    omfg greatest game ever on my 'miggy 500... i have been waiting for SOMETHING to emulate this on the iphone, i never dreamed we'd get a full on version of our own with updated graphics!

  • Ben Ruddock

    Ok, I squealed at the sight of that first screenshot XD I have fond memories of that game on my dad's atari ST, shame it's not a straight port but looks cool all the same.

  • Anonymous

    HELL. YES.

  • Chris Jensen

    I didn't squeal, but I did mutter, in all honesty, "No f'n way." Geoff Crammond was the man in the Amiga days, Stunt car, World Circuit...ahhh, so many busted joysticks.

  • xStatiCa

    Looks nice. I can only hope it comes close to the awesome Jet Car Stunts app. JCS has racing against other users online by racing against their ghost car runs. JCS certainly nailed the jet and car physics for the fun factor. Hopefully this does too.

  • Oli Faulkner

    theres a sticky nostalgic residue in my pants right now from seeing this game again

    think that was the first true 3D game i played on a games machine. Also remember it being hard to keep the car on the track around the corners

  • E_Domina

    I did not squeal but i am still excited by this

  • Dyscode

    A jolt went thru me went I saw the screen shots!

  • Adams Immersive

    I played a ton of Stunt Car Racer. Now it’s back!

  • Random

    Sqeeee! =D


    Seriously tho - no vehicle damage? A core element of the original was that you could only drive so recklessly before your car was too damaged to go on, without that, I don't see much reason to try to take the jumps and corners at their optimal speed rather than simply flooring it the whole way...

    Still looks awesome tho 🙂

  • Fujibayashi-Allen

    Wow. This and the two cave shooters this year...
    Couldn't be happier that I bought the iDevices I have!

  • Ashergrey

    Gotta agree with Random here -- damage is a critical part of the game. The cracks and holes along the top rollbar UI still haunt me. Plus, do giant chains carry the car up onto the track?

  • Coelers

    I'm not impressed..

  • Seon - Sector3

    Hey guys, Fumes is inspired by Stunt Car Racer (amongst other retro titles)... It is NOT a port or direct remake of Stunt Car Racer. Over time more cool stuff will be added like racing against AI and other players times, including divisions etc. and some of these new features *might* be like things that were in SCR and some wont.

    It is our aim to have Fumes stand on its own.

  • Brendonian

    Does it have moving sections of track? A GREAT feature of Stunt Car Racer was that you needed to time your arrival at some of the jumps to match the ramps reaching the peak of an up/down movement cycle. For that matter, does Fume even have gaps that you need to jump over?

  • Martin_Pendle

    Looks cool, perhaps a bit of Jet Car Stunts influence in there too looking at the graphics. Should be an improvement over Racer Coaster which is more like the original visuals.

  • Blades

    Excellent, this will be a buy for me for sure.

    @Seon-Sector3 Unfortunately, many will compare or will want it to be exactly like the title of old. And you won't be able to please everybody. But I'm pretty sure, for the most people here, it will be a absolute buy the very first day.

    There was an App called Racer Coaster, that I bought, and he(author) tried to do the same thing. Unfortunately, he hasn't updated ANYTHING since he has released it. Very sad. But this(your app) already beats it to a pulp. Looking forward to it. And because your APP resembles Stunt Car Racer, be prepared for the Die Hards to criticize it to death...

    Most everyone else will just enjoy it!!

  • Seon - Sector3

    Yes, of course there are gaps, and some massive jumps 🙂 but no moving ramps or platforms in v1.0. I might add that v1.0 is just a base for us. v1.1 is already in production and we have a road map beyond v1.2 at this stage too.

    We are also keen to have v1.0 out and in players hands and hear everyone's feedback to help us shape v1.2 and beyond. It's one of those games that will really evolve around player feedback alongside the developers interests.

  • Anonymous

    kthx I'll stick to Jet Car Stunts.

  • Akira01

    Crammond is a genius:
    Stunt Car racer
    The Sentinel
    Formula One

    A pure genius

    And Fume Stunts Racers looks like a real winner !!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the awesome comments folks, and yes Crammond is cool - I loved Sentinel.

  • nlex

    Cool !

    But why don't they got an official license ? have you asked them ?
    Is theres some license imbroglio ? Who own that license ?
    I would like to know more…

    I would prefer a real license, WITH A RETRO MODE ! 😀

  • Greg Alexander

    F**K YES!!

  • Brendonian

    I'm glad to hear it's going to have big jumps. This is definitely going to be a must-buy for me. My biggest concern is that the video doesn't convey the same sense of physics as Stunt Car Racer. I've just watched a video of the original on YouTube, and I love the way the car bounces over even small bumps in the track. And when it takes off, the impact on a big landing feels great: lots of movement in the wheels, a big bounce off the ground again, even the sound of the engine overrevving when the wheels are off the ground. All of these things make SCR more exciting. I hope Fume can capture some of that 🙂

  • Zevzoq

    As far as I'm concerned, as long as the feel of the game is right (crucial) this could beat JCS for one reason alone - first person perspective...

  • Omibear

    Will this support older devices such as the iPhone 3G?? Minimal requirement for firmware?

  • Rob

    Wtf i nearly choked on my sugar puffs when the vid started, bring it bring it, you have updated it perfectly

  • Rob

    Oh and just tweak the physics, get this right and you will be rich DEV.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhhhhhh! I loved that game!

    Fumes looks pretty sweet, just hope it includes the chain lift up to the track as already mentioned, it would really tickle the nostalgia receptors!

  • Rfgsdrfgsrf

    great!! instabuy but please add one AI opponent like i nthe original

  • br1an

    Looks cool. I'm sure this is on the "to-do" list but the vehicle tires need to have a blurred texture applied to them once they start spinning in order to avoid that odd, strobing effect they currently have.

  • Mky

    Oh YEAH! I remember the days of hooking up 2 Amiga500s together and going head to head with SCR.

  • dodgeyhack

    I hope it'll include the fly speed bug!

  • Torturedturnip

    Oh my god i think i need an iphone!  I'm amazed no-one has tried this before - the Amiga SCR is still as much fun as it ever was (a real physics based racing game with mental tracks, what's not to like?) This would make a fantastic console game - same physics, PS3 graphics - oops i think i've just spaffed.   Shame King Crammond scrapped SCR Pro before it was finished 🙁