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Retro-Inspired ‘Fumes Stunt Racer’ Heading to App Store [UPDATED]

Top: Stunt Car Racer for Amiga. Bottom: Upcoming Fumes Stunt Racer for iOS

I am guessing some of you may have squealed — like a small child — just now.

Don’t try and deny it. There are those out there who will certainly have had that reaction to the pair of screenshots to the right. Those presently excited individuals would be the oldschool gamers who recall the incredible excellence of Geoff Crammond’s seminal Stunt Car Racer (aka Stunt Track Racer), originally released for the Commodore 64 in 1989, but perhaps most popular on the Amiga and Atari ST.

What’s tha–ahh, you’re still squealing! Well, then, I should put you out of your misery and say right now that — no — an official port of Stunt Car Racer is not (as far as we know) headed to the iPhone platform. But something pretty close, and quite solid looking, is.

Andrei Nadin, Senior Producer of Australian studio Sector3 has given us a heads up on their upcoming Fumes Stunt Racer, a “retro-inspired" (and not just generally so…) iOS racer with native support for all three iOS screen sizes. The game features 15 varied tracks, each full of huge jumps, banked corners, fast straightaways, humps, switchbacks, and drops.

Pretty much everything those of you who know Stunt Car Racer have come to enjoy about the best acrobatic stunt racer out there. And that’s because Fumes Stunt Racer is a clear remake / homage to the superb Crammond original. And when it comes to Stunt Car Racer — I’ll be honest — we fans will take it however we can get it.

We should be getting a preview build of the game shortly and I promise to personally provide a similarity / awesomeness factor on Sector3’s title as soon as I’m in a position to do so. Until then, have a look at the studio’s trailer video, and feel free to compare it to Crammond’s original in action.

Stay tuned for more on Fumes Stunt Racer.

UPDATE: Nadin has gotten back in touch with Touch Arcade to provide a few details surrounding the game’s update roadmap.

Coming in the v1.1 update:

  • Game Center Integration
  • OpenFeint & GameCenter Achievements (it already has Leaderboads)
  • 7-10 new tracks
  • Selectable number of laps (currently set to 3)
  • AI drivers
  • At least one new game mode against AI
  • iPod [music] integration

Coming in the v1.2 update which will follow:

  • OpenFeint challenges
  • In game leaderboards (pulled from OF / GC)
  • Responses to customer feebback
  • More game modes
  • Saving game state

The initial release of Fumes Stunt Racer is expected to arrive late this month, with the v1.1 update close on its heels.

And while you’re waiting have a look at Edge’s interesting historical piece, “The Making Of: Stunt Car Racer“.