John Carmack, technical director of Id Software and founder of Armadillo Aerospace, has a lot on his hands these days. Aside from building rockets, he's also been hard at work on Rage, an upcoming first person shooter. Not much is known about Rage yet, aside from a few details that have leaked out along side the various game trailers over the years it has been in the works.

Carmack went on to surprise everyone at QuakeCon this year when he showed the game running at a solid 60 fps on an iPhone 4. Rage is still in development for both the PC and iPhone, and won't be released until next year. In the meantime, John Carmack has stopped by our forums and is asking forum members what things they commonly see developers doing wrong in iPhone games. He's compiling these suggestions in to a list that Id Software is going to do their best to adhere to them in future titles.

If you've got something you'd like to see become standard in iPhone games, please leave your comments in John's thread.

  • Metalbear

    Excellent! I can't wait to see how he handles this. πŸ™‚

    John Carmack is totally great, I'd love to get his opinion on game developement so I can finally get the ball rolling on my Tower Defense game.

  • Why do they do it!

    what a borderlands rip off!

    • Anonymous

      How about you educate yourself before posting.

      • slise

        Second this

  • Eddie Marcovich

    Looks like borderlands atleast the trailer

    • Why do they do it!

      thank you!

  • Bobbrown

    I'd like to see more time and attention dedicated to the controls. The big sticking point with a touch screen is that if the controls are not perfect (and they almost never are) the frustration levels rise rapidly.

  • The Student

    It's nice to see marketing minded companies emerging in the appstore

  • Matoto

    What apple devs screws up ? cloning games like gameloft studio , and now here's a clone of borderlands...

    • proto

      yeah, this is such a clone of borderlands, you can tell because both games have guns and uh....sand.

  • Crowskee

    Technically we could call Borderlands and all FPS a clone of Doom. πŸ™‚

    As always, id is a class act. Good to see them wanting the little peoples opinion. Cant wait to play Doom with cars, er Borderlands, ummm wait.... πŸ˜‰

  • jordz

    borderlands is a rip off of doom