Happily for the sports fans out there, there's no lack of full-featured football / soccer titles in the App Store. And, that list grew by one this morning when Gameloft released Real Soccer 2011 [App Store], the latest iteration in their mobile soccer series, featuring revamped graphics targeting the iPhone 4's Retina display.

The game features 350 teams across 14 leagues (compared to 245 teams and 8 leagues in RS 2010), with the licensed names of nearly all real-life players. A History Mode sets up notable games of the past for the player to jump in and play and, like Real Soccer 2010 before it, the game features WiFi and Bluetooth multiplayer play modes, as well. The ability to upload memorable replays directly to YouTube from within the app has also been maintained in this release.

While I've only spent a very brief time with the game as yet, the detail afforded the playfield by the iPhone 4's high resolution display is impressive. While Real Soccer 2010 received Retina display support in a recent update, this latest from Gameloft features reworked graphics created using motion capture technology for enhanced realism, the studio indicates.

  • switchit

    Still no gamecenter support from Gameloft?

  • Sticktron

    Hopefully the gamely has improved. The two best sports games IMO (PES and NHL2k) are eyesores on new gen iToys. We'll see!

  • Boklau

    lmfao the commentators are so shit.

  • Carnage

    Is this game running under Epic Citadel? I want Epic Citadel. Epic Citadel.

    They should port this game to 1990 where it belong! why they don't make it into the Epic Citadel Engine so we can all enjoy those next gen hd ultra dma sounblaster16 graphics?

    I want reflections and sparks on my games!

  • amroc

    I'd love to see GameLoft make an action game designed with the touch screen in mind.

    Just one, go on GameLoft, *Please* Just give it a go.

  • pampas15

    It is horrible, is much better the PES or FIFA 10 and also this game doesn't bring the real names of the players, I don't recommend it

    • Carnage

      Everyone! pampas15 doesn't recommend this game. Thumbs down to gameloft. They should buy pampas a new pick up or something so they get his blessing forever.

    • T10

      Yea but it gives you an editor mode where you can change the names of teams and players. I think the games pretty good, way better than real football 2010 at least, probably at the same level as fifa 10. Hopefully fifa 11 is way better

  • Holdapp

    really really bad... and look at the size of the ball! that's huge.

    what the heck, this is worse than PES 10 and FIFA 10.

    Save your money.

    • Carnage

      Size of the ball? really? this has to stop. You guys have reached a new level of stupidity.

      • Holdapp

        you're clearly working for Gameloft.
        You're either one of them for pr.

        There's no reason to defend this VERY BAD game.
        It's so sad. Really.

      • T10

        My guess is that you havent even played the game and youre judging it by previous versions. And size of the ball? Really? You cant even notice it in the game... The games a huge improvement on the previous versions so kudos Gameloft

  • Arcunico

    You're right Carnage

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    gollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :):):)

  • Daf100

    Gameloft's Real Soccer 2011 is still a pretty good contender to the soccer/football games on the app store, and I'm sure there are people who enjoy it.

    But as for me, I've never been able to get used to the fluidity of Real Soccer 2011. X2 Football 2010, though lacking on content, has an excellent flow to it and I really love the game.

    I still respect Gameloft though (unlike many other people).

  • Mundm

    It's still not avaible in the german store.

  • meldas

    As a huge EPL/La Liga fan, I'm very disappointed with this game..... The only "real life name" I saw was David Villa...
    Maybe I'm just too used to PES and Fifa which uses real people in real teams in real uniforms.....
    However, for the people who don't give a f*** about names and teams and just wants to enjoy a casual soccer game, go ahead. But I'm personally going to stay with PES because it irritates me when I'm controlling a character with a name that doesn't seem to belong in the team...... and especially when I'm playing barcelona and they have weirdass uniforms.

  • http://twitter.com/diego_rispo Diego Rispo

    i m still waiting for a real soccer game whit a good gameplay and sparkling graphic! (fifa?)

  • TGR

    0:37 hahahaha

  • dumas1000

    Shut up about Epic Citadel already. Those Unreal Engine games are going to cost you a fortune; at least 19.99 a piece, and possibly even more then that. If you believe you are going to be able to purchase a fully featured, fully developed Unreal Engine game for 6.99, you are an idiot.

  • Acidbottle

    looks so clinical and clean, dont like the visual style at all. i still await a good footy game for the iphone, one that has full licences to boot!

  • Anonymous

    I will only buy this game if every match ends in a 0-0 tie. Otherwise it isn't realistic enough for me.

  • Orangeduck21

    lmfao fifa 11 gud haha. buy this. oh no the balls the wrong size i might cry. the players have the wrong names CHANGE THEM. at least it has no bugs like fifa 11.