Not long ago classic iPhone tower defense game geoDefense [$1.99 / Free] version 1.5 hit the App Store, adding support for the Retina Display of the iPhone 4 as well as the framework for DLC level packs. The first of those level packs was just released this afternoon, and a 99¢ in-app purchase unlocks brand new set of 3 medium levels and 3 hard levels. Also, these levels are immediately playable once downloaded so you can dive right in without needing to play any previous levels. While a game as good as geoDefense getting more levels is totally newsworthy by itself, it also gave us an excellent opportunity to pester developer David Whatley who is quite literally floating around the Caribbean as we speak.

Last time we spoke with Whatley he was extremely excited about the potential of the iPad, and told us that a sequel to geoDefense was coming which would be exclusive to the device. Since then, several things have gotten in the way such as the release of the iPhone 4, a Facebook game called Fantasy University, launch day ports of geoDefense and geoDefense Swarm for Windows Phone 7, and the never-ending question of what will make a worthy sequel to a game with the notoriety of geoDefense.

According to David, the recent update to geoDefense had a lot of work done behind the scenes to eventually ramp up in to an iPad version of geoDefense which is going to be the next title to be released by Critical Thought Games. From there, they're going to be testing the waters of the iPad App Store to see whether or not sticking to their guns regarding the iPad exclusivity of geoDefense 2 makes sense or not. Whatley admits that not doing an iPhone version of the sequel would likely be a big mistake, especially given the size of the market.

When talking to David about geoDefense 2, he mentioned the amount of pressure he's under to deliver something that will impress gamers, but not stray too far from what everyone has since come to expect out of the geoDefense series. He wants to take geoDefense to the next level, but he's still not entirely sure what that next level is. The situation seems eerily similar to Galcon [$2.99 / Free] and its successor Galcon Labs [$2.99] which despite the popularity of the original saw a lackluster response from gamers as it felt too much like an expansion pack, and not enough like its own game.

If you've beaten every level in geoDefense over the last year and a half since its initial release, now is a great time to re-download the game and try out the new levels. Admittedly, I'm fairly rusty but so far the six new levels completely live up to the difficulty level we've come to expect of geoDefense and are highly recommended for any fan of the game.

  • Grubjelly

    Look to the dolphins for inspiration and guidance on this matter. How about a geo-styled game involving those air-rings with which dolphins have been spotted aryfully playing at considerable depths?

    • Grubjelly

      *artfully (if that's a word)

  • Dave

    geodefense and swarm were GREAT games. Loved them but it has been a while. I beat both long ago and I picked them back up today because of this add on pack...but the magic is gone. (yes...I'm surprised myself)

    Also, maybe it is me, but 99 cents for 6 levels feels pretty weak considering I bought the originals which had 30 levels each for 99 cents each.

    I wish the developer well. But I think he took too long to update these fine titles.

    • Ahiru

      word on that my friend...

      and for no achievements in neither (or are there now..? it's been a while since i beat them and never looked back), they don't have any replay value...

      i also payed .99c for each, and a simple level pack won't do it...

  • David Whatley

    Sorry about that, but Apple doesn't let me do less than .99. The game is $1.99 actually. Levels in GD take a long time to balance, and didn't want to delay any further. I plan to pump out a couple free ones too in a subsequent level pack.


    • LazyDay

      You shouldn't even have to apologize. It's 99 cents. I know times are tough, but really... 99 cents.

      Besides, you have to measure in terms of play time, not sheer number of levels. I would say that of those original 30 levels, the first 15 were pretty easy to breeze through and the last 5 or so took a really long time. If these 6 levels present a good amount of difficulty it's more than worth it, and a lot better than double that amount that aren't balanced and are either easy to beat or nearly impossible.

      But this shouldn't even be an issue. It's 99 freakin' cents.

      • Spacecowgoesmoo

        Agreed, you shouldn't be apologizing to anyone. DLC is always more expensive per level, and geoDefense levels take a long time to make.

      • Dave

        It's not about the's about the amount of new gameplay and the amount of time that has elapsed since the update.

        Also, DLC's don't have to cost anything if I remember correctly. There are tons of apps on the app store that continue to update their apps with new maps and gameplay etc at no additional charge. (and they remain in the top 25 - read here they make lots of money for their developers).

    • mike

      ...the easiest .99 I've ever spent.

      really, anyone complaining about spending a dollar on this needs to re-consider their life choices.

      if $.99 is a financial consideration, you've failed.

      It's a buck.. and it goes to a developer who's put together a damn good game or two for the platform.

      If that's too steep for you, then you shouldn't own a $200 phone with a data plan - you need to be thinking more in the 'free with plan' price range.

      Let's support a developer who's brought some good content to the table and toss a buck his way.

      • Josh

        Using a pre-owned iPod Touch 1g which i paid $100 for, so don't assume all gamers here are using crazy expensive iPhones with data plans.

        99c is fine though really, probably take longer to play through the new levels than it takes to complete No, Humans for example.

  • Brad

    These are probably my favorite games on the iPod... I like swarm better than geodefense though. I'm excited about the new levels, but I don't play many games on my iPod now that I have an iPad. Any idea when the iPad game might be out?

  • Alan Hart

    Darn it. Windows Phone 7 gets the Geo love before Android? I think I can guess how that happened...

  • Jason Kehoe

    Ever thought of putting Geodefense on the Android platform. It would be, hands down, the best android game available in the Android Marketplace.

  • Jim

    More levels please! Charge more if that will help.
    I'll gladly pay $2 a level!

    Also the simple levels like ascension are my favs.
    I can beat it with moat combinations of 3 individual towers (e.g)
    Some levels replay well- others are "beat it once and move on"
    And the ones with only one son --all snipers-- are kinda boring after you beat it

    • Jim

      Find some guys in india to pump out levels every week.
      Lotsa levels hasn't hurt angry birds any!!

  • GeoTime

    I've replayed GeoD more times than any game I've ever downloaded. It's far and away the best game I ever purchased on the iPhone. 99 cents is a bargain, but please: keep the levels coming.

  • soup

    yeah well worth 99c and i've actually just started playing it from the start anyway again.

    god i'd forgotten how hard it is 🙂
    fantastic game and forget about the moaning about the price !