New Potato, who brought us the Jackpot Slots [App Store] game / accessory for the iPhone, has just released another such bundle for the iPhone and iPod touch -- but this time around, the game in question is pinball.

Pinball Magic is a gaming accessory that is intended to transform your iPhone or iPod touch into a realistic pinball machine, albeit a rather diminutive one. The pinball table-shaped accessory sports flipper buttons, a ball-launching plunger, a credit / select button,an animated LED backbox display, and foldable legs for easy transport. The device mates with your device's 30-pin dock connector and delivers a pinball experience by way of New Potato's free Pinball Magic [link] app.

Game features, listed by the developer:

  • Multiple classic and unique playboard layout
  • Advanced multi-level and multiplayer competition
  • Four possible multi-ball modes
  • End-of-ball and replay bonuses
  • Tilt detection, tilt warning and activation
  • Ball saver

Pinball Magic is currently available from Best Buy, online and at certain retail locations at a price of $39.99. And don't bother downloading the game app if you don't have the accessory -- it won't play at all.

[ via ChipChick ]

  • cranker

    what about one for the ipad ?

    • rudi

      exactely what i thought. it is to small for the iphone, but bigger it will make sense.

  • Chris K

    Wait, so Apple doesn't care if people make game controllers for their apps? I thought they wouldn't allow free use of the dock connector to apps!

    Why the heck isn't there a gamepad attachment for iOS already!?

    • Adams Immersive

      a) Apple has allowed and supported custom controllers (and other dock hardware) for quite some time now.

      b) Good question! The market is huge—you’d think some creative ideas would have hit production by now. Well, this is a start!

    • T. Benjamin Larsen

      1. in order for a gamepad to be successful it needs to be supported by the majority of developers.

      2. For developers to support a third party solution they need to see that people buy the thing.

      3. People won't buy a gamepad until they see some support from developers.

      You do the math. 😉

  • Metalbear

    Seems like a waste of money. Sorry, no deal.

  • fafner

    I'd consider it if it at least told me what classic tables are in it

  • Dave

    Still waiting for someone to come out with a generic handheld controller, like this:

    • chris

      id buy one of them!

      i already bought the irig for my guitar.. im a sucker for such.. this pinball machine while cute.. would be better suited for the ipad!! at least you could use regular happ buttons.


  • Skeezxo

    Now that Bluetooth keyboard input is supported nothing is stopping someone from making a universal Bluetooth controller that simulates key presses. Devs would have to support keyboard input, but they should be doing that anyway.

  • AlpacaLips

    Buy it today for $39.99!

    Or wait a couple of months and snag it out of their clearance bin, because NO ONE will buy this. Unfortunately, even if they knock 75% off it will still be vastly overpriced.

  • Benjamin

    There are several good pinball games for the iPad and iPhone that don't require the silly little plastic table. I don't think this thing is going to fly.

  • AIM-R8

    How about a mini arcade cabinet for Street Fighter 4?

  • Mike Kenendy

    Here is a review of the Pinball Magic Mini Pinball Accessory:

  • Kwyn

    Yeah, really! How about letting us know what tables are in the app!?!?!?!

    Even as a pinball junkie, I can't see puttin up $40 for a pinball app that doesn't tell you anything about the tables.

  • Ginger Yellow

    It would be pretty cool if somebody made a Visual Pinball/PinMAME app that worked with this.

    • Mike Kenendy

      Ya, that would be incredible. We can dream!

  • sam

    Is there anything stopping people making their own apps using this plug-in controller? If there were loooaddss of versions of pinball to choose, perhaps people would consider

  • DeanKeith

    If Gameprom adds support for this device in their pinball tables I'd consider it.

  • robotplague

    While I'll probably never buy it I'm totally intrigued. I'd love to find it in a sale bin at some point and snag it up on the cheap.

  • Anonymous