‘Pinball Magic’ Turns Your iPhone into a Pinball Machine…Kinda

New Potato, who brought us the Jackpot Slots [App Store] game / accessory for the iPhone, has just released another such bundle for the iPhone and iPod touch — but this time around, the game in question is pinball.

Pinball Magic is a gaming accessory that is intended to transform your iPhone or iPod touch into a realistic pinball machine, albeit a rather diminutive one. The pinball table-shaped accessory sports flipper buttons, a ball-launching plunger, a credit / select button,an animated LED backbox display, and foldable legs for easy transport. The device mates with your device’s 30-pin dock connector and delivers a pinball experience by way of New Potato’s free Pinball Magic [link] app.

Game features, listed by the developer:

  • Multiple classic and unique playboard layout
  • Advanced multi-level and multiplayer competition
  • Four possible multi-ball modes
  • End-of-ball and replay bonuses
  • Tilt detection, tilt warning and activation
  • Ball saver

Pinball Magic is currently available from Best Buy, online and at certain retail locations at a price of $39.99. And don’t bother downloading the game app if you don’t have the accessory — it won’t play at all.

[ via ChipChick ]