When Sega first started releasing its emulated games like Sonic the Hedgehog [$5.99], Golden Axe [$2.99] and others, everyone wondered where Sega's array of classic RPG's were. Sega responded by releasing Shining Force [$2.99], leaving commenters and forum posters happy, but asking for the Phantasy Star series next... Which is exactly what Sega is delivering this Thursday.

Much like Shining Force, Phantasy Star II is a turn-based RPG that works marvelously with Sega's emulator. Text entry is a little dicey, but otherwise navigating the game world and engaging in battles works wonderfully. The emulator also does a great job of saving the game state when you quit the app, making Phantasy Star II surprisingly workable as a pick up and play game.

I still need to spend more time with Phantasy Star II, as like most RPG's the game is quite epic, but so far things are looking very good with this classic Genesis game on the iPhone. Just like Shining Force, all the down sides of Sega's emulator fade away when you're playing a game that doesn't require precise control or high frame rates. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive review when the game arrives on the App Store this Thursday.

  • booch138


    Phantasy Star Series is my favourite RPG of all time, from the very first one, to the PSO-esque ones now-a-days

  • mchart

    Eh, I'd be way more excited if they released Phantasy Star Online for iPhone. Which, would be a perfect fit for the platform. In fact, i'm suprised they haven't done it allready.

  • Mindfield

    My wife's gonna love this. She loved playing the Fantasy Star games. Definitely gonna look forward to this.

  • dumaz1000

    Phantasy Star IV is probably the greatest game Sega has ever produced. This, meh, not so much.

  • http://www.aldonn.com Aldonn

    Why not release the first one first?

    • mchart

      The first one was on the SMS, not Megadrive. My guess is that Sega is to lazy to pay someone / do the work to get a master system emulator up and running for the iPhone. Which, I don't really blame them because there aren't that many good Master system games out there besides the original PS, Fantasy Zone, Afterburner, and a couple of others I probably forgot. Most of the games were later given the 16-bit treatment on the Megadrive anyways.

      • ecco6t9

        There was a limited Mega Drive release of the 1st one in Japan, also it wouldn't really be too hard to get the Master System to work with a Genesis emulator.

  • Caleb

    One of my relatives got me a SEGA bundle of old SEGA games back then for the PC and it included this particular game. I fell in love with it along with Shining Force and it became the first Phantasy Star game I played. Afterwards I tried PSOnline for the GameCube and even though it was a different genre, I still loved it. Nowadays I'm waiting for the newest PS game Phantasy Star Portable 2. Amazing how playing one epic game in the series started it all.

  • obot

    Is it the best RPG ever? No. Does it fill me with a sweet sweet nostalgia as the first RPG I ever fell in love with? Yes. Yes it does.

  • Loner

    Hell yes! I've been waiting on this forever and will buy it no matter what the price is.

  • http://www.stormchild.net Stormchild

    One of the greatest RPGs ever. I was completely entranced by this when I played it as a kid. I'll be buying this one for sure.

  • Macatron

    Now that they are finally releasing their RPGs on the iPhone, maybe there's a chance that we'll FINALLY see Shining in the Darkness. I doubt it will happen, but how cool would that be!?!

  • Klopfdreh

    Yeeeaaaa!!!! Thats great! Phantasy Star II is the Best RPG! I'm so happy to hear that it is comming to iPhone, soon! I hope this port will be good so that all who don't Know it can enjoy it.

  • Jon

    Great news - an instant buy for me. I've actually had this game on three different systems: Genesis, Gameboy Advance, PSP, and now Ipod Touch. Hopefully they will port 1,3,4 as well. This is easily is one of the best RPG's from the 16 bit era. Lots of fond memories for this one.

  • http://digitalherogames.com Uberarcade

    I played PSII all the way through on the Sega Genesis. To me it is the greatest rpg from back in the day. I am happy to see it show up on the iphone.

  • Dayv

    I'm probably in for this, but how about some PS III?

  • PostaL

    NINTENDO! Pay Attention!!

    Now follow SEGA's example and release some NES Games like SMB, Zelda and Metroid for the iphone!!!

    Purdy Please? 🙂

    (I know it's not gonna happen, wishful thinking)

    • Klopfdreh

      I think Nintendo will Never release those games on iPhone because then there would'nt ne any reason to buy a nds.

      • PostaL

        Totally agree.

        Still saddens me.