Back at WWDC we met with Fish Labs to see the sequel to Galaxy On Fire 3D [$2.99 / Free] running on the iPad. Before getting any deeper than this, it's important to know the roots of the Galaxy on Fire series so you can fully appreciate just how far the game has come. Both Galaxy on Fire and its sequel originated from J2ME games that weighed in at under 1 megabyte each in their original form. Galaxy on Fire 3D saw an incredible leap from the J2ME game, and its sequel makes even bigger advancements. Before looking at what the game has become today, take a good look at the original screenshot to the right, in all its J2ME glory.

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a space conquest game, with a massive galaxy map to explore, multiple factions to align yourself to, a dynamic economy, and tons of other neat features that all add up to an impressive amount of depth. The original Galaxy on Fire was something special, but the sequel seems to be exceeding the original in every way imaginable.

Generally speaking when we do a preview post like this, we'll just cherry pick two or three of the coolest screenshots that developers send us, but that isn't really possible with Galaxy on Fire 2. That just really wasn't possible with the batch that Fish Labs sent us, especially with them all being rendered at iPhone 4 Retina Display resolution:

Galaxy on Fire 2 is in beta testing right now, and Fish Labs expects to release both the iPhone and iPad versions of the game simultaneously in October. For more information check out their extensive developer blog or the thread in our forums. There is also some iPad gameplay footage in our last preview at WWDC, but that was so long ago it's hard to say how representative that even is of the game right now.

I can't wait.

  • PahnCrd

    This needs to come out now so I can buy it and play it in that order.

  • Remon

    Looks like an exciting version of the not so exiting warpgate to me. instant buy!

  • Charles

    I can't wait. [2]

  • forex

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  • Alienmario
  • Joe

    I just hope this one is more fun than the first. The first game had some good space combat, but the missions got repetitive quite fast.

    • Lucas

      did you ever play the java game?

      • Joe


      • Johnny California

        In one of there post on there site... they mentioned that there going to rework and add a lot of new features from the java game... graphics, mecanics, story, missions, etc. So i dont expect the game to be a direct port from the java but a true evolution from it!!!!

  • Johnny California

    This game oozes with Epicness!!!

    • Johnny California

      ohhh and this game better work for the ipod touch 2nd generation!!!! I dont want hear non of that crap about 3rd generations and up!!!!

      • schland

        Wont be much fun on 2nd Gen ipods. This is cutting edge.

  • chris

    looks great, instant buy for me too.. im a sucker for this type of game. that and puzzle games.


  • Maniacfive

    This is a tough one, ipad or iphone 4? If there's a way to link progress between device ala Warpgate I'll probably instabuy both the second its released as I really enjoyed the first one. But if there's not a way to link, and assuming its not universal...

    Oooooh decisions decisions! Either way, can't wait.

  • Crish

    Thats Fishlabs: You won´t hear much from them until they pull the cat out of the hat. GoF was fantastic when it came out. The second one was even better and now this. It´s just amazing.

    BTW: Toucharcade, if you happen to talk to one of the guys like Michael, tell them to port Deep 3D. Would be great, too.

  • Stefan

    I hope so much, that it finally gets a throttle control. The fixed speed was killing all the fun of GoF1 completely.
    Space Combat with a fixed speed leaves no room for any maneuvers, tactics or anything. It's the same over and over again. Gladly I got the free version, so I discovered this NO-GO before spending money and beeing completey disappointed. It is not mentioned anywhere and it kills gameplay fun totally, sadly. All the nice graphics do not help over such a HUGE failure in gameplay. What is that for a kind of space combat, where you can not stop your spaceship?! Go faster/slower or anything? Complete crap … You approach the enemy, try to hit it, flyby, turn around and the same again, over and over. Because there is no room for real dogfight with a fixed speed. 🙁

    Please, please, please fix the GIANT flow in GoF2, so it will be playable and make fun!!!
    Ok, economics, story and that and stuff could be interesting as well, but when space combat and generally flying in your vessel is broken, because a simple a control is missing, it's not worth buying, because that's the main part of the game.

  • Fishlabs

    Even facing the thread of losing a glowing fan, approaching the enemy, try to hit enemies, flyby, turn around and the same again, over and over is exactly what a dogfight is all about. Slowing down means instant death. Last but not least we want to keep the controls as simple as possible and using the boost wisely is all that you need to fly tricky manoeuvers 😉

  • Tower_Defender

    October is so far away :(... I bought a gift card just for this game over a month ago :D.

  • Steve-O

    Until EVE Online is brought to the iPhone perhaps GoF will sate my epic sci-fi space rpg fix. Checking out now in advance of GoF2... 🙂