Originally released in 1985 by the now defunct Data East, Road Blaster is a LaserDisc game in the style of Cobra Command [99¢]. Road Blaster was one of the last LaserDisc games ever released, and is set in a Mad Max-like post apocalyptic world where you play as a vigilante on the road hunting down a biker gang in attempt to bring them to justice for the death of your wife. Along the way you will need to do all kinds of tricky driving maneuvers before finally facing off with the gang's leader.

The only time this game has been seen outside of Japan is in the Sega CD port which not only suffered from the same horrid video compression of all Sega CD games, but also got renamed to Road Avenger. Revolutionary Concepts have completely remastered the game, and when it is finally released, it will play at 60FPS at full iPhone 4 or iPad resolutions. They've also completely redesigned the dashboard of the car, added in tilt controls, and made a whole list of other tweaks.

Check out this comparison between the original arcade and iPad versions of the game:

Road Blaster is currently in the final stages of development, and is expected to be released on the App Store sometime next month.

  • Brian

    Good thing they redesigned the indicaters.

  • http://www.yourpersonalrobot.com your personal robot

    I absolutely LOVE they Cobra Command!
    Can't wait for this one. Playable animes FTW 🙂

  • slothy

    ummm. yep. I will definately buy this.

  • RSTv

    All ready had both in the Sega CD, let the new generation experience them again.

  • Shnitzel

    this looks epic

  • Zonko

    Good news, I played this a fair bit back on my Mega CD, then again later on my Saturn.

    I hope Data East keep these old laser disc games coming. Time Gal next please!

  • http://www.revolutionaryconcepts.net Revolutionary Concepts

    There are more screenshots in the forums guys 🙂

  • http://www.whatis180.com ron

    I knew it was coming eventually 🙂 Looking forward to picking this one up. Do Time Gal next!!

  • John

    This will go on sale within a week. Wish we could get more original content and less ports from Revolutionary concepts as well, banzai rabbit was great.

    • http://www.revolutionaryconcepts.net Revolutionary Concepts

      Thanks John - I think 😉
      Pricewise we're gonna shake things up so will actually not be possible to discount :p
      Also glad to hear you enjoyed Banzai 🙂 If you like original/new stuff the title after this one will really 'light your fire' 😉

  • JCat

    Ipad supported too! Now that's what I'm talking about. 🙂 All over this one at release.

  • Josh

    I am loving these laser disc games. They need more. Give us more.

  • Simeon

    Looks great!

  • mgabrys

    Post apocalyptic? I thought it was just a biker-gang revenge game. Those highways sure look good after a nuclear attack. So do those untouched cities.

  • http://www.farango.com/ r4i

    I have both this game I wish I get more original print in future

  • Chinito77

    This was one of my favorite FMV games second to Time Gal. Revolutionary Concepts gets my money since they take the time to improve games rather than just dump a port. Looking forward to it!