In a surprising move, 2K Games has dropped the price of Civilization Revolution from $6.99 to Free for one day. We looked at the game back in August when it was first released for the iPhone:

Civilization Revolution is the latest iteration of Sid Meier's dynasty of games where the player is simply tasked with the goal of building an empire to stand the test of time. Like previous Civilization games, Revolution is a turn-based strategy game where you take command of a primitive civilization from their meager beginnings to complete world domination. Civilization Revolution was originally released in 2008 to strongly positive reviews.

Pick it up for free while you can.

  • Ben Of Bodom UK

    This is so unexpected and awesome. I've been debating whether or not to pick this one up for a while, but it seems 2K just made up my mind for me!

  • Indy

    Not available in the NZ store πŸ™

    • Morgan

      Civ4 was appalling ported, still no mention of Civ5 for Mac, and CivRev is still unavailable in the NZ store. Not impressed.

      • Jindo Fox

        What's the relation to this game, other than the name? Or do you just like to randomly complain about free games?

      • Morgan

        All made and licensed by the same companies. And yes I do complain about free games when I can't get them due to said companies not making them available in my country. I can't even get it if I pay for it, since afaik there is no way to create a fake US store account anymore.

        I've emailed them about CivRev not being available in NZ when it first came out and I basically got told "tough s**t". Mac support for the Civ series has been appalling in recent years and when they finally make an in-house Mac (well, Apple) version of one they can't be bothered selling it outside of the major markets.

      • Alexander Bell

        @ Morgan, I just made a US store account to download this. It wasn't a big deal from Japan.

    • Aviatora

      I'm in NZ too, and I've always wanted to buy this game... Looks like I'll have to log into my fake US iTunes account to dl it πŸ™‚

      • gotmecivrev

        You can still create an account as long as you don't enter your credit card details. It does limit you to free apps only tho

  • Anon

    Surprising? Hardly - FAAD announced that a mysterious $6.99 game was going to be free today. It wasn't random much at all.

    • Joe

      Maybe not surprising to the hardcore nerds like yourself who have been trying to guess what $6.99 game FAAD was going to make free for the last few days.

      To the laymen iPhone gamer, i.e. the majority of people who read the front page here, it is definitely surprising to see such a well known brand from a huge publisher go completely free.

      Soooo... what was the point of your comment again?

      • OmegaSol

        Point was I think he was trying to be an elite jerk because somehow out of the very many 6.99 apps he knew exactly which one it was. Ugh children

      • Anon

        There's only 16... sorry you can't count pass 10?
        and before you call people names you should realize authors should add updated information when they haven't done their research to begin with. There's no mention of FAAD on this post compared to the other ones that's all.

  • thebleeptruth

    Events like this are what make me happy about owning an iPod Touch and an iPad!

  • JCat

    Faints -- amazing freebie. That was the world giving back for my recent purchases. lol

  • Pholly

    I love FAAD, most of the time πŸ˜€

  • Tkun

    I thought it was going to be Split/Second. Comments at FAAD's website led me to believe that, oh well, maybe this game is good too.

    • Jordan

      I thought so, too πŸ™

  • SPham

    Available in Japan, just have to pay the full price. Is it free in the US only? Fairly disappointed since it was so hyped and this is the first time I haven't been able to download a freebie.

  • Metalbear

    Downloading now. πŸ˜€

  • deadclown

    I love the DS version. I still don't get the controls for the iPhone version, though. I mean, I guess I do, but they seem far worse than the d-pad based controls. Am I missing something?

  • San D

    not available in india either, meh

  • TKO

    Okay, so it seems to be out in the US, UK, Australia, Japan .. but nowhere else? C'mon! It's been out for exactly one year. One of the *biggest* franchise, from a major publisher, and still isn't global? That's just slack.

    And if you're not even gonna set it as free in all of the markets you distribute it in ..having trouble understanding how this internet things works? Or just don't care about the fans you'll annoy?

    • Metalbear

      It's out in Canada

    • Mintey

      It's out in Finland... Γ–.Γ–

    • Michael

      Most ironic thing is that its developed by 2K Games China, but its not available in China or HK app stores. Sad. But anyway, I bought it a year ago from the UK app store with the UK credit cards I still open alive! Wohoo! Great game, almost endless replayability. Not for all gamers, but its a good strategy game.

    • SPham

      its out in Japan but you still have to pay for it

  • Bazinga

    Down here in South Africa there is no Games section in the App Store. A handful of crappy cheap titles in the entertainment section but that's about it. But hey at least Apple's allowed is unrestricted access to all the fart apps we could ever want. Sad.

    • jack

      just make the second free US account. fake the address. should be no problem if you don't add credit card..

      meanwhile, enjoy the fart apps.. xD

  • BadBumble

    Tunnel Shooter is also free today from
    Which is a pretty new game. Shame I've already bought it =)

  • sikis

    very very good web sites thanks a lot admins πŸ™‚

  • David Horinek

    Thanks for heads up πŸ˜‰

  • Synther

    Payed 4 euros for that πŸ™

  • bang - awesome online flash games!

  • Joolz

    Free in belgium here , dling now


    not available in Thailand either, so sadddddd

  • Troklo

    Available in Austria downloading now

  • paul

    This is such an awesome game, it's great that they are giving it away for free. Looks like it's been available to download for more than a day now... can't complain and I'm recommending it to all my friends to download.

  • kdix

    Free in Germany

  • BikiniBabe

    Thanks for the headsup! TouchArcade rocks!

  • mee

    Also not available in the Swiss store …

  • Joachim

    wasnt available in norway either. πŸ™
    not even to buy.

  • cinh

    It's still available in Germany.

  • Puzzel

    Honestly, not much gameplay for that price.
    Free is ok tho, give it a try.

    But don't be disappointed if you expect a full civilization clone. It is still civ revolution: the revolution is - you will get much less gameplay for a solid amount of cash.

    "Awesome game" - it would have been 10 years ago.

  • Anny soll

    Bedankt voor de info. de belgische kaart geeft wel een goed beeld van onze staat.

  • isaac

    I wonder if they will develop this for the Android platform?
    The differences between iPhone apps store and Android Market place make this a killer app.. everyone on Android expects apps to be free.