‘Tunnel Shoot’ for iPhone, iPad – Free Today Only

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Backflip Studios’ CEO Julian Farrior let us know that his studio is handing out the neon glow of Tunnel Shoot [App Store] for free, today only. The game is a universal application that renders at full screen resolution on all iOS devices. We took a close look at the title when it went live in late June.

Tunnel Shoot is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a tunnel shooter in the vein of N2O: Nitrous Oxide for the Playstation (and is somewhat reminiscent of the iPhone’s own Boost 3D). The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible, travelling down a neon-vector tunnel while dodging obstacles, blasting enemies, and collecting green gems for points. You’re placed in tilt-control of your craft, with a tap / hold mechanic for firing your blaster and bombs.

Your ship’s blasters, when first activated, fire bursts of three bolts per shot, but as you hold down the fire “button," that soon drops to two bolts, and then to just a stream of single bolts. Let up on the button and your blasters quickly recharge and it’s back to three bolts per shot. (Read: don’t just lay on the fire button, folks.) You start off with one bomb which, when activated, flies down the tunnel destroying all enemies in its path. More are accumulated along the way. Your damage bar replenishes over time, and fairly quickly. A nice touch is that when you get blown up, the force of the explosion sends a destructive shockwave down the tunnel before you respawn.

We very much liked what we saw in Tunnel Shoot and recommended it as an instant buy for anyone who calls themself a shooter fan. If you haven’t grabbed it yet, don’t miss today’s offer.

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