The game that put Crescent Moon Games on the map, Ravensword: The Fallen King [99¢ / Free] is on sale this week for 99¢. Originally released in late 2009, Ravensword was incredibly anticipated on our forums, and we really enjoyed playing through it. Since our initial review, the game has been updated with more items and quests, and provides an incredible amount of content for a buck.

Give the lite version a shot, or swing by the thread in our forums which has been going strong since last November. Either way, if you're at all interested in open world RPG's, picking up Ravensword will probably be the best dollar you spend today.

  • Brian

    I think I paid $7.00 for it when it was released. I was/am happy to support these developers. Definitely a must buy for a dollar.

    • tsharpfilm

      I agree. It's one of the best adventure games in the app store. I have no regrets about spending $6.99 for it. And for $0.99, it's an absolute steal!

  • Adams Immersive

    I wanted this game so much I thought I had already bought it 🙂 But I hadn’t gotten around to playing it yet, and then I couldn’t find it in my library, so this sale is welcome! Guess I never actually bought it yet.

  • Xeliorones

    No regret too to have bought it quite more, and yes 1$ is a steal.

  • dyscode

    If the quirky Melee Combat System is still as arbitrary as in the demo I might find it hard to even spent $1 for this.
    Unfortunltely the movement controls and the environments are quite cool, so it´s not that easy to just dislike it and go on.

    • Adam

      Really? It's a dollar dude! Crappy games are worth a dollar, and crappy this game is not. It's easily worth more than a buck even if your not thrilled with the controls. It blows my mind how some people hold on to their little dollar bill with such a tightly held kung fu grip. I'd gladly give them a dollar without even getting a game in return if it meant I got to support a couple hard working indie developers.

      • dyscode

        It´s not really about the dollar but when there are many other REALLY BETTER games around. I have no trouble with the prices of Somersault or Street Fighter, since these are a hell of fun to play. But Ravensword the Combat Engine really sucks IMHO.

        Heck, like I care about 1$. 😉

  • http://touchrcade keith

    is it worth .99

  • Justin

    How does it run on a 3G? Is it slow/choppy/otherwise limited? Looks like a great way to escape to a nice little fantasy world for a while, esp. for $1!!

    • Brian

      I found it playable on my 3G. It did run more smooth if I did a hard reset before engaging in a long session.

      Definitely worth the dollar.